Alison's expertise has helped ...

” … the slow intake and understanding of what you said and replaying the video in snippets (the only way to do it, you shared so many insights with me) has made me feel like a new woman.   I texted my partner earlier this morning, to say “I feel like I have been asleep for years and I have just woken up!”   You play a phenomenal part in that for which words can’t express how grateful I am!”


“Alison is an insightful, perceptive and accurate astrologer. I have had two readings with Alison at times in my life when I’ve felt I’ve needed some guidance, and both times proved to be hugely helpful. The readings not only helped me to see the bigger picture of what is happening within the universe, but also helped me to understand myself much better, why past events have occurred and importantly how to make the right future choices. I’d highly recommend Alison as someone who can provide some real wisdom and excellent guidance.”


“I have had several personal Astrology Readings with the amazing Alison, she is so insightful and always checking in, whether I understood it all. 
When I felt the call to open my Circle of Love I of course loved to receive Alison’s insights on when to best start, so I booked a Business Reading. 
I can highly recommend working with Alison, the business reading was so insightful, full of wisdom and guidance, so I got clarity, when to start my circle and what to watch out for.
If you plan on starting your business, or simply opening up a circle of starting a course for your business, please book a business reading with Alison, you will learn so much from it, and get clarity and insights you would have never thought about. 
I was in awe with all the insights I received and could move forward with clarity and a new found passion for my circle. I am happy to announce, that it is a vibrant place and the timing was just perfect, thanks to Alison'”

“Alison is so passionate about astrology and her passion is infectious. She has a very intuitive way of interpreting and when she explained my chart, it really felt right. So much of what she said resonated with me and explained why I feel and do things the way I do. Her reading is future oriented which means you can use it in your daily life! Alison brings astrology to life and I fully recommend her!”


“My session with Alison was very illuminating. I sat and listened in awe as she read my chart and walked me through what she saw with clarity and compassion. There was a moment I began to cry, it was so spot on. Ever since that session it’s opened my eyes to the power of astrology, I’ve dove in big time as I’ve found and feel that it’s connecting me to aspects of myself that had long been dormant and hidden. It’s brought joy and wonder into my life and I’m very grateful to Alison for her guidance, I will be back for more!”

“It was exciting and great to look at my birth chart from a whole new perspective.

It gives me great clarity and confidence to know that my chart can give guidance and supports me to know that I am on track with things or make a few tweaks to get even more focus!

She delved right into the heart of my situation and I felt so on track when I left which gave me a happy, peaceful feeling.”


“I was lacking in confidence about making decisions and understanding my soul path, which I had been facing for about a year before I met Alison.

She exudes reassurance, clarity and empathy and helped me to understand me more.

Alison was very supportive from the minute I met her. She reassured me that I was exactly where I needed to be. ”


“Alison is very professional and considerate when she is working out your chart.

When she is explaining the different stages she does so in a respectful and caring way, her voice is so soothing it relaxes you straight away and gives you confidence. ”


“I thoroughly enjoyed exploring my birth chart with Alison. It enlightened me about a few things that were a bit of a mystery and was easy to understand.

My main desire was for information regarding rapid changes when taking on a second life that I did not see coming. I have received clear results at a time of great change for me.

You have enabled me to clearly see the path ahead.”


“The first session I had with Alison blew my mind – in such a good way. Everything she said to me made me feel like a massive jigsaw puzzle was coming together – the pieces were magnetic and the force of them strong.

Over the past 3 years, I have embarked on a lot of personal development, however, this was the missing piece. Understanding why I am me and that being me is absolutely the right way. Alison gave me permission and confidence to follow my path.

So much so, that 2-3 months later, I booked another session – I had a strong sense that I needed to confirm that the path I decided to follow was the right one.  This second session, being more specific and in depth, gave me such confidence to keep going  – to understand what this year will mean to me and my business has been invaluable.

The opportunities that have come my way have truly been wonderful – but Alison taught me that I do not have to accept them all – only the ones which, after exploration, fit with me & my purpose.

I cannot recommend Alison highly enough. Her skill is incredible and I will never hesitate in booking sessions with her again each time that feeling arises. I always know when that time is.”


“Turning to the planets for clarity with my business and the way I was feeling was something I had not considered before.

Having astrological coaching with Alison helped me to see that there were other things happening above me.

My own chart was giving me clues how I was working in my business and how I was feeling in my health, the two felt very interlinked.

Alison helped to contain the way I was working, feeling, being and put some structure into place.

Her knowledge of this realm is wide and vast and as she interprets and guides, she gives clues and tips to help you move forward.”


What you do is unlike anything I’d ever dreamed of, it’s not a lot of time out of your life, but it reinforces your own thoughts and feelings. It’s the difference between you living the life you’re scared to live, so putting it off, or having someone give you a tiny push in the right direction to get you to your final destination sooner.