Summer Solstice

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I hope you enjoyed the Solstice! 

You Belong here ...

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Yes this June is an odd month in, what can only be described as, strange times

The World, our home, is being reset

Planet Earth is undergoing a change right now for ourselves and for future generations.

Are you fearful of what is going on? Or excited?

Hearing the mixed messages and struggling to make sense?

To understand …

And yet you’re still putting meals on the table, making sure the recycling is ready on the right day … and running a business or even businesses …

is there more?

And now it’s June and the mid-point of the year

Would you like a massive mindset/purpose return for 60 minutes of conversation with your birth chart?

The moment of your birth is unique to you and the pattern the stars made at that time is a special star map made by the Universe … just for you!

Your Personal Star Map has answers about the ‘who’ ‘why’ ‘where’ when’ & ‘how’ of you

Nothing magic – just a personal hot line you have with the stars given to you at birth!

This month of June offers you the chances to really put a foundation in place for the second half of the year and beyond. As I write this to you Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are all retrograde. By the end of the month will they still be???

That information alone is enough to add into your birth chart and show you a star map for you to use    

The summer Solstice for 2021 is at sun-rise on the 21st June when the Sun goes into the sign of Cancer ….

You belong on planet Earth right now

The sign of Cancer offers you recognition of how, and where, you offer nurturing to yourself and to others – especially in your soul career

And, maybe the most crucial part of this most amazing time we are living through is … your purpose is being activated

Why not begin here, with your star map, and find out just how powerful this energy is when you tune in and use it for your own higher purpose

Join me in conversation about your birth chart and the map of the stars for June. Together we will unravel choices and ways to anchor yourself in your talents

And maybe … just maybe … you will fall in love with your journey here on planet Earth all over again … Anchored in who you are

You will take away your birth chart suitable to print. And information about your soul purpose. Plus an idea of just how the stars at Summer Solstice offer you uniquely wonderful choices for you and your soul based career

You belong here right now.


Together we will anchor that in for you so that you move into the second half of 2021 with real intention & purpose

60 mins of intensive deep dive into your star map and the Summer Solstice astrology for £149   

These Summer Solstice Star Map 1-1s are only available during June and, due to some pre-booking that happened, I only have a few spaces left!

Who am I?

Here’s a part of my story … In 1999, a total eclipse year you may remember (!), I was at my most lost. A good friend stepped up and offered me a working ticket to a festival to join up with a group of astrologers. I’d already learnt astrology & tarot some years previously and the language and the insights all made so much sense to me that I needed to share it!

I borrowed a tent and went. I gave chart readings. I had a moment of absolute ‘knowing’ that I was doing the work my soul called out to do.

And that pathway has continued for me 20+ years on and my professional career as an astrologer is also my soul calling.

What’s your soul calling?

As always, with love from Alison x


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