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Saturday March 21st

Spring Equinox & finding our balance

Online Masterclass

How do you keep your balance in this crazy and ever changing world?

Are you like a swan? Gliding along the surface whilst paddling madly under the surface?

Is your mind too busy?

No time for body let alone spirit?

Join this master-class to celebrate life!

Learn more about Spring Equinox and how it can help you find balance.

I will introduce you to my top method for clearing the mind.

Tune in to ways our ancestors have used the Equinox energy to bring about that balance of mind, body & spirit!

Equinox = equal light and dark.

A balance in nature.

spring equinox

We are creatures of rhythms and gentle unfolding energy.

And our Earth now turns into a different season.

Imbolc and light returns

Are you ready to balance body, mind and your spirit? 

There are eight turning points in the rhythm of the year – festivals that have been celebrated and honoured for aeons.

And Spring Equinox focuses on being visible in the world as our true self!

Why is Alison offering this?

I am Alison Smith and have watched the stars, the rhythm of nature & our planet and the turning wheel of the year for over 20 years.

Here’s what people said about the last masterclass for our snowdrop festival of Imbolc in February:

“Alison has a profound knowledge and love on all topics of Astrology, on the planets, and insights from mythology, it makes so much sense, when I hear it from her.”

“Like I was tuning into times gone by when they honoured the land and were much more connected to it.”

I want to help you find your own unique connection – your pulse to the pulse of the earth. Your inspired creativity.

Spring Equinox

A masterclass to help you through the maze of current times.

  • Learn about ways to honour the festival.
  • Practise my top method of finding your space to quieten your mind.
  • Leave with a renewed sense of what to do for the coming season for your body, mind and spirit.

Spring Equinox


March 21st  3pm-4:30pm (UK time)  

Online using Zoom & will be recorded. 

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