Premium Starry Support

You are called to serve

And you serve

And you also have your own wounds

And shadows

Do you realise? YOU are a precious and amazing person - born under the perfect map of stars

Are you standing in your own power?

And owning your power?? 

Are you already working so deeply with your shadows?

And yet are you sometimes left wondering just what is going on and how you ended up giving more and receiving less?

And then you feel wounded all over again?

Would you …

Reclaim your imagination, your inspiration, your power. 

‘Starry Support’ is a premium service and only for you as you commit to being … more.

We deep dive into uncovering past wounds or blocks affecting your reality now. 

We deep dive into understanding your path to walk.

What is your core purpose? 

Are you a coach or sensitive who supports the well-being of others? 

Are you called to work in service to others?

Do you spend more time helping, caring, advising, supporting than you do time for yourself? 

The planetary body Chiron is known in mythology as the wounded healer – his own wound could never heal and so he made a contract to heal others.

Where does your own calling to serve originate?

Do the wounds you carry relate to this lifetime or to past lives?

The position of Chiron in your chart, and also his position in the sky (relating to your chart), has much information for us to work with for your best self. And to help you serve your self and others as you raise your vibration.

And, of course, your Moon sign together with transits of other planets will show how your sensitivity shows up in the world.

Is the Moon in balance with your zodiacal Sun Sign? Would you like that balance on a daily basis? I would love to help you achieve that.

During this session we will work primarily with the areas of your chart relating to how you how you serve and support whilst being served and supported (with room to evolve) by the Universe.

We will uncover the depths of Chiron in your chart.

And we will look at upcoming transits – how can you prepare yourself.

It is an investment in your self.

It is 90 minutes of VIP support and I will send your birth chart out in advance.

It is an investment in your own nourishment and evolution. 

Before we meet I will use your birth data to set up your chart and this enables me to build a picture of what we need to do to help you continue your path with love.

£369.00 for 90 minutes of VIP support! 

Live your life with magic while you help others to!

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Are you ready to be inspired and to marvel at this amazing Universe in which we live. Are you willing to begin to understand your path? And why you are drawn to certain choices?

I have a number of discovery calls available for your questions about how your unique birth chart can unlock the path to be the best you!

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