Power Your Tarot!

Power Your Tarot

Do you have questions which could do with a different perspective?

Together we will delve into issues you’re facing or plans you’d like to make – what part of your life needs more light?

Or perhaps you’d rather use your time with me to polish your tarot skills and find new ways of using the cards and a new spread!

Summer offer £97 / 45 minutes

Tarot 101 with Alison

Tarot 101 with Alison is an online course with bite-size lessons to advance your tarot skills!

This is my tried and tested method, gathered over 3 decades of teaching the Tarot, and by following the process you will soon be using any tarot deck that you own with confidence.

Just added – pendulum dowsing!

Discover more of your own exciting journey here on planet Earth!

What I Do

I help next chapter women become more empowered in making wonderful best choices!

It began with Tarot, expanded into Astrology, Intuition & listening to Nature as I nurtured my soul in her dance …

My Philosophy

I believe in simplifying the alchemical mix of astrology, earth energies, tarot and intuition for manifestation.  

And my passion expands into our crucial roles as stewards of Earth.  This has led me to be a part of the regenerative textiles movement exploring slow growing fibres. Nature being natural!

My Approach

I’m known for my practical take on earth energies using nature, astrology & intuitive tarot!

Years of experience

Successful Readings


Happy Clients


I’d like to thank you for our lovely meeting today. You clarified so much and gave me deeper insights and an alternative perspective for my life. Invaluable and again, thank you.



The significance of Mercury in Aries

The significance of Mercury in Aries

The significance of Mercury being in Aries – Mercury is a fast moving planet and, astronomically, between us and the Sun. His mythological history stretches back much further than we as mere mortals can remember however something that is held deep in our memories about Mercury is that his role is of Messenger. 

Walking in Rhythm with Imbolc & Little Spring

Walking in Rhythm with Imbolc & Little Spring

As the wheel of the year turns the very first festival to appear in our new calendar year is Imbolc which falls at the beginning of February. It is recognised as the real start of Spring and so heralds the beginning of ‘little Spring’.

How location of birth uncovers our Roots & Ancestral Memories

How location of birth uncovers our Roots & Ancestral Memories

When drawing up a birth chart we need to know three things:  Date of birth, time of birth and location of birth. And I’ve come to realise that there is so much more to the location of ‘the where’ of our birth than the geographical point. 

Not everyone always knows this information and I cover ‘I Don’t know my Birth time’ here.  However all three pieces of information (date, time, place) hold keys to so much around our arrival here on planet earth and the potentials we arrive with and will unfold for us!