Power Time Sessions

July & August

Sun is in Cancer & moving into Leo

Summer energy of tending crops

encouraging the very best to emerge .

Power time session - 30 minutes each

You have a special purpose and manypower time ways of learning and walking that path. I am delighted to offer power time sessions of time spent with me during July and August! 

Choose your power time session from: 

1) Tarot – readingtarot

2) Tarot – tuition

3) Intuition development

4) Astrology – chart chat/taster sessionastrology

5) Astrology – tuition

This is your chance to ask a question or two, know more about your own intuition, learn something new for tarot of astrology!

Maybe you’d like to work with a new (to you) tarot spread. Or know more about how the houses give information within the birth chart.

Would you like to work with strengtheningpower time your intuition? Perhaps you bought a dowsing pendulum and would like to know how to use it!

The tarot cards have a wealth of extra depth when we look at , for instance, the Court cards as telling us stories within themselves!

And then astrology and the elements of earth, air, fire and water. We could look at how each zodiac sign corresponds to an element.

I am delighted to sit in my travelling tent and wait for you to enter and ask me your questions!

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As always, with Love, from Alison x