Shine Your Magic Club

Astrology for women 

Are you ready to step into your next chapters

To be the real you?

Would you like to be the first to know when the inner circle opens again?

Why Join?

There’s useful astrology targeted to help you make the best use of planetary energies …

And a monthly moon planner!

A ‘once a month’ group zoom call with Alison to discuss the sun moving into each sign of the zodiac

and the stars for the month!

A community of women with missions to unveil

And a safe place to explore what your Saturn return, Chiron return, Jupiter return IS for YOU!

You are not separate – you are connected

You are not alone – you are belonging

You are not lost – you are already home

Beauty, wonder and magic is here in plain sight

And I wish for you:

clarity in confusion, calm in chaos,

harmony from the skies & empowerment from the earth

Meet me, Alison Smith, your Guardian of the light, the dark and all shades between!

I’m a practical astrologer of more than 30 years and have made it my quest to make sure that we go through our transition into our Wisdom Age as seamlessly and gracefully as possible.

To unveil our true and deep purpose and then to use it!

Join the Shine Your Magic Club!

A community of Women who join together to emerge from out of the shadows to take their wisdom out into the world

Using the moon and solar cycles, just as our ancestors did, to find alignment with the earth and the stars – we will use the New & Full moons PLUS the Solar festivals!

Targeted astrology from me to use the planetary energies to expand what we do

Planetary Energies and Life Changes

I know that you are working through some big life changes right now.

There are astrological patterns of Saturn and Chiron which we can use in transition towards our next big chapter.

Big energies, taking a long time to unfold, designed for our best OUR BEST choices!

“Alison, working with you for my Saturn Return was very helpful. This gave me something to focus on, a light at the end of the tunnel. I have felt a shift for quite some time now, and now know the reason why. I just needed the prompt to realise what it was, to give myself permission to do something about it.” AE