Imbolc and the light returns!

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Has it seemed like a long Winter? January was more about dreaming for you? It just didn’t ‘feel’ right to make your plans yet …

and now …

February 1st …


Imbolc & the light returns!

Warmth & Light.

Take a breathe!

The festival of Imbolc tells us that the light returns!! Would you like to be inspired & more creative?


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Have you felt lost in the ‘noise’ of the January ‘must do’s’?

And your shiny new diary is still in a drawer somewhere?

Quite normal for us a human beings!


We are creatures of rhythms and gentle unfolding energy.

And our Earth is now turning into a different season.

Imbolc and light returns


Are you ready now to feel happier, motivated and inspired?

just as the earth (your home) begins to wake up into warmth. 

Our ancestors watched the early mornings to see the sunrise offering more and more light as January turns into February – so can we.

Have you been feeling as if January hasn’t been the beginning of your year? That shiny new planner is still closed and you haven’t had the heart to open it much less actually write in it! You’re wondering where your own creativity has gone … it disappeared and went to sleep sometime late last year …

This is normal. Really!

We are attuned to the rhythm of the planet and have been for thousands of years. And the Winter has been about our dreaming time.

A living graceful pattern, made by the Universe, is unfolding for us.

And so you have been busily percolating and brewing deeply during this time. And now it is time to emerge!


There are eight turning points in the rhythm of the year – festivals that have been celebrated and honoured for aeons.

Our first for this year is Imbolc which is usually celebrated on the first day of Imbolc light returningFebruary and sometimes called the snowdrop festival!

Imbolc gives us our hopes and thoughts of light and warmth returning with the promise of new growth and delicious dreams inspired.

Would you take time out to connect with your inner self, your dreams and wishes? To find ways of motivation, inspiration and to feel happier about the days lengthening?

Why is Alison offering this?

I am Alison Smith and have watched the stars, the rhythm of nature and our planet, the turning wheel of the year for over 20 years.

Here’s some words from an inspired client …

“Alison has a profound knowledge and love on all topics of Astrology, on the planets, and insights from Greek Mythology, it makes so much sense, when I hear it from her.

Thank you Alison you have a true gift with how you bring the wisdom of Astrology forward.”

My mission is of our connection with the planet and our amazing Universe. For us all to see the wonder of the stars above and to bring that sense of joy-full-ness down from above to us here below on planet earth.

I want to help you find your own unique connection – your pulse to the pulse of the earth.Your inspired creativity.

Imbolc – The Light Returns

During our hour together we will celebrate the new growth beginning to appear, look at some of the astrology around this time, think about how our ancestors made sense of this festival and spend time connecting with our own stories and how we wish for them to unfold during the coming months of growth energy.

In a nutshell … how you can find your own way to feel happy, motivated and inspired with the natural rhythm of our Earth.

Imbolc – The light returns


February 1st 3pm-4pm (UK time)  Online using Zoom 

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