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‘Follow the Star’ – a talk for aligned decisions

Do you consider the season of the year when planning long term projects? Just take a step back a moment and think about what you do, quite naturally, for your garden (or window box) in the Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter again …

The Sun gives us light, heat and the calendar. In this talk we will use the Wheel of the Year to show how, by being aware of the seasonal wheel of the year, you can ensure your business is aligned for growth.

Let me share with you the amazing routines that we can use actively in our business to install a sense of natural rhythm and balance.

After this talk you will:

  • Feel grounded in your business and ready to take an action step inspired by your own connection to the seasons
  • Connect your business so that it is integrated into the pattern of the seasons
  • Think less about planning and more about using the energy of each season in practical and inspired ways.

Cosmic Support for your members – A monthly package 

Having information about cosmic energies is so useful for visibility, business launching, self-care, decision making, balance and knowing/feeling aligned with purpose… Just working with the lunar cycle has such opportunities and much more to unfold by working with the planets and stars.  
I believe it is better to work with the flow and not against it. Information & knowledge gives us choice after all! 
And so I am offering a monthly Associate Coach package to a very small number of business coaches with paid memberships.
What would be included for your members?

We would create a crafted bespoke offering for your members aimed at including choices from astrological energies (Sun and moon in particular) to work with the intention of your group.  

As an example you could provide on a monthly basis:  

🗓 A calendar of significant dates for visibility and/or trade and commerce.

 🎑 Access to my moon cycle  intention setting videos

 🗝 A one hour live Q & A or masterclass on subjects designed to offer cosmic ideas to help your membership move forwards


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