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Chart chat - finding your hidden treasure!

This is an ‘introduction to your chart’ chat and I am delighted to offer this service!

  You probably know what sign of the  zodiac the Sun was in when you were born …

Your Moon sign also has much to tell you about the way you live and love.

You are special and powerful in a unique way and your map of the stars makes it so.

I would like to introduce you to your Hidden Treasure Map. Your unique birth chart has the keys for you to unlock your best self. You can begin to uncover the energies available for you to confidently walk your path.

Why? How? What? !

Would you like to:

Gain insight into how others see and perceive you …

Or would you like to:

Gain insight into the parts of your chart for career and money … family and your relationships …

Your chart chat includes a chart (or map) of the stars and planets for the moment of your birth.

This is your moment!

£97.00 – let me introduce your Hidden Treasure Map with a wonderful treasure trove of transformation!  

30 minute chart chat – recorded of course!

Live your life with magic!

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Are you ready to be inspired and to marvel at this amazing Universe in which we live. Are you willing to begin to understand your path? And why you are drawn to certain choices?

I have a number of discovery calls available for your questions about how your unique birth chart can unlock the path to be the best you!

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