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Your Magical Life – Living in harmony with the Elements


The four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water are the building blocks of astrology and also of life. As you travel the path with the elements so you seek to find alignment and an amazing sense of how we all fit into the puzzle of our life on this planet.

This is an entertaining guidebook which I hope you’ll enjoy!

I’m Alison Smith and I’ve watched the stars, the rhythm of nature and our planet, the turning wheel of the year for over 20 years.

My mission is for us all to see the wonder of the stars above and to bring that sense of joy-full-ness down from above to us here below on planet earth and to walk together with the rhythm of the Earth. To be connected with each other and our amazing planet. That’s when the magic happens!

Enjoy reading the book!!

PS – I originally wrote a version of this book for a friend who had stayed with me for a few months in the 90s and then moved to her own place. At that time it was called “Eating well for Rachel” and was mainly recipes and household tips with spiritual connections. The book has since been altered and has developed into offering thoughts and ways that we can live magically with the elements. And the original book now forms the appendix with thanks for a gorgeous friendship with Rachel

As always with love from Alison