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Are you waiting to unlock the magic of the stars?

Your path to …

Your special purpose?

Your unique birth chart?

Bring your shadows into the light?

Your alignment … with you!

Astrology - Your Hidden Treasure Map

Do you wonder why you are here? On this planet and at this time?

Are you getting it right?

What if I were to tell you that you were born under a unique map of the stars and planets? And that no-one else has the same  map as yours!

You probably know what sign of the zodiac the Sun was in when you were born … Did you know that your Moon sign has much to tell you about the way you live and love?

What if I were to tell you that you are special and powerful in a unique way and that your map of the stars makes it so?

I would like to introduce you to your Hidden Treasure Map. Your unique birth chart with the keys for you to unlock your best self. You can begin to uncover the energies available for you to confidently walk your path.

Why? How? What? !

Would you like to:

Gain insight into how others see and perceive you …

Or would you like to:

Gain insight into the parts of your chart for career and money … family and your relationships …

Your chart chat includes a chart (or map) of the stars and planets for the moment of your birth. Together we will see how the stars and planets have potentials and opportunities for you. 

Before we meet I will use your birth data to set up that chart and this enables me to build a picture of where you have begun your journey and the paths that you have taken and, indeed, can take.

If you have a particular question, do let me know. This is an introduction to your chart and a chart chat and I am delighted to offer this service to you.

This is your moment!

£149.00 – let me introduce your Hidden Treasure Map with a wonderful treasure trove of transformation!  

45 minute chart chat – recorded of course!

Live your life with magic!

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Astrology - Inspiring conscious change!

Would you like to step out of your life for a moment or two to readjust and look at other choices?

And then start each day with a new sense of purpose?

You may have deeper questions about how your map of the stars impacts your business decisions or your money stories or just plainly your daily life! 

Do you fit in? 

Are you feeling under pressure to achieve?

Do you have a sense that the planets are waiting to deliver messages?

We live in an amazing Universe and it is never still … always moving and creating different patterns in the sky.

Each planet, star and asteroid has it’s own unique orbit with great energies for our benefit every moment of every day. Here are just two of them.

Saturn takes around 28 years to return to the same position in the sky. And that one planet has impact on our lives as it cycles around. Each 7 year segment has implications for us with work, money, business. By working with Saturn the challenges become easier and the rewards great.

Shall we look at another planet?

Jupiter takes around twelve years to return to the same position in the sky. Jupiter is the planet of bounty and also of aligning us to our true purpose. By knowing what Jupiter is doing in the sky we are able to look at the magic within.

And those are just two of the planets within your chart!

We will use your own unique map of the stars and apply the stars in the sky now to find out your choices and even new pathways. The planets make patterns with each other and with you to inspire energies for choices and change.

Your planets are waiting for you. And the sky is always unfolding its’ mysteries ready for you to listen.

Your astrological consultation includes a chart (or map) of the stars and planets at the moment of your birth.  

During our consultation we will look at significant planetary positions and how they affect your birth chart and you! 

Make sure that, if you do have a specific area you wish us to concentrate on, you let me know.

This is a deep dive into your own personal astrology and brings with it much to help you transform yourself.

£297.00 for your one hour astrological consultation!

“I felt quite anxious when I met Alison, partly because I had got lost, and partly because I had lived through a difficult few years and seemed to be going back to having to deal with more emotion. I wanted a more settled future.” LT

LT – after her consultation: “Alison gave me confidence to understand how my life had been affected and how I could manage my future.” 

Live your life with magic!

“It’s not a lot of time out of your life but it reinforces your own thoughts and feelings. It’s the difference between you living the life you’re scared to live so putting it off or having someone give you a tiny push in the right direction to get you to your final destination sooner.”  CS. Wales.

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Premium Starry Support

Are you ready to stand in your own power?

Do you want to? Own that power I mean? 

Are you ready to work with your shadows?

Are you sometimes left wondering just what is going on and how you ended up giving more and receiving less? And then you feel wounded all over again?

I can help. Reclaim your imagination, your inspiration, your power. 

‘Starry Support’ is a premium service.

We deep dive into uncovering past wounds or blocks affecting your reality now. 

We deep dive into understanding your path to walk.

What is your core purpose? 

Are you a coach or sensitive who supports the well-being of others? 

Are you called to work in service to others?

Do you spend more time helping, caring, advising, supporting than you do time for yourself? 

The planetary body Chiron is known in mythology as the wounded healer – his own wound could never heal and so he made a contract to heal others.

Where does your own calling to serve originate?

Do the wounds you carry relate to this lifetime or to past lives?

The position of Chiron in your chart, and also his position in the sky (relating to your chart), has much information for us to work with for your best self. And to help you serve your self and others as you raise your vibration.

And, of course, your Moon sign together with transits of other planets will show how your sensitivity shows up in the world.

Is the Moon in balance with your zodiacal Sun Sign? Would you like that balance on a daily basis? I would love to help you achieve that.

During this session we will work primarily with the areas of your chart relating to how you how you serve and support whilst being served and supported (with room to evolve) by the Universe.

And we will look at upcoming transits – how can you prepare yourself to be even more in your own power. 

It is an investment in your self as it is styled for you. It’s 90 minutes of VIP support and I will send your birth chart out in advance.
It is an investment in your own nourishment and evolution. 

Before we meet I will use your birth data to set up your chart and this enables me to build a picture of what we need to do to help you continue your path with love.

£369.00 for 90 minutes of VIP support! 

Live your life with magic while you help others to!

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Questions? Book a discovery call with Alison!

Are you ready to be inspired and to marvel at this amazing Universe in which we live. Are you willing to begin to understand your path? And why you are drawn to certain choices?

I have a number of discovery calls available for your questions about how your unique birth chart can unlock the path to be the best you!

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