Power Hour

Chart Chat

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve fallen out of love with yourself?

Unsure if you’re still ‘you’?

Want to reignite that deep connection with yourself?

Connect to the core of you? 


We are all gifted a magical map of the stars when we were born – our birth chart.

It’s a road map packed full of themes, talents, strengths, weaknesses and direction.

But I had a chart drawn up years ago and it doesn’t make sense?

But it doesn’t apply now does it… time has moved on?

But it’s in a drawer somewhere ‘cos I looked at it and didn’t know what to do with it…


Where do I start

Let’s draw up that birth chart for you and look at where the stars and zodiac signs are positioned!

Your map of the stars illuminates the important aspects and themes of your life. The conscious and the unconscious. The secrets and the talents. Your soul direction and calling. You’ll love ‘you’ again!

I am making available a small number of power hours to begin to unlock the coded information unique to your time, date and place of birth!

So why, on this earth (!)

Wouldn’t you want to know more?

When you hear the phrase “It’s a Full Moon in Aries” I want you to make the absolute best use of the extra push of fiery energy being sent directly to you.

Or perhaps you are told that Mercury is retrograde in the sky (he may or may not be as you’re reading this but bear with… ) and you immediately cancel all plans and hide under the duvet…

The planets send us different types of energy

all of the time to influence our birth map and our choices.

And that Mercury retrograde may very well be inspiring your own birth placed Mercury into writing that novel or learning something new…

By understanding how your own map of the stars is set up you can begin to make best use of the energies.

A Chart Chat

  • You will have your chart as a download to print and keep with you!
  • I will explain the positions of the Sun, Moon and stars
  • You will have an idea of how to apply what’s going on with the planets right now!
  • When you hear that the Moon is in a certain sign of the Zodiac you will know how to work out the relation to your own birth placed Moon and with an idea of how to use the energy!

This is not…

about future transits or in-depth interpretations – that’s for our longer consultations and deeper soul shadow journey work.

This is…

The beginning of understanding the real, powerful, magical and purposeful ‘you!’

Who am I

My name is Alison Smith

I have 30 years of experience as an astrologer to help you use your birth chart and the stars

Use the button below to book your session with me for a whole hour of chart chat power at a crazy ‘2021 November only’ price of $149!

And I will explain to you how to use your chart. In practical and ‘normal’ language.


Alison is a wonderful insightful woman. She shares with compassion and fun. You feel her enthusiasm when you connect with her. I love her very own and gorgeous insights into my birth chart, she got me and her intuition is helping her deliver the messages I needed to hear. Thanks to Alison I am able to understand myself much better further my strength and accept all the parts I felt were not good enough. She truly helps you to become the wonderful person you are always meant to be. I highly recommend working with gorgeous and fabulous Alison, she will give you much needed insights too.

Caroline Palmy