Why? Why would you want to know more about you?

Why? Why would you want to know more about you?

All about you!

Why would you want to know more about … you? How could it possibly be of help to know how others see you? Or, indeed, how you relate to others – your language if you like.

Would it be useful to understand your deeper purpose? I was recently asked whether astrology has the answer to our soul purpose. And yes. By looking at where certain stars were at the moment of birth so much is unlocked for ‘why’s and ‘hows’ and ‘deep purposes’.

Your Birth Chart

Why would you want to look at your birth chart? What’s so special about the day, month. year, time and place of your birth? Well for one thing … it’s absolutely unique to you! Even twins (with an accurate time/s of birth) will have subtly differing birth charts.

I’m guessing you know your Sun (star) sign? Most people do and newspaper sun sign astrology is still very popular having been started in the 50s. And, when done well, has much to offer.

However a full astrological chart has so much more to give you.

Why would you want to know more about you

At the moment of your birth all of the planets and stars were around the planet Earth and they were occupying signs of the zodiac. You may well have been born with the Sun in (for example) Pisces however you also have access to so much more planetary energy. The Moon will have been somewhere … and all the other planets too!

Already we can see that your birth day shows us where the planets and stars were in the sky. And then … and this is where it gets exciting! … your time & place of birth gives us a placing for the horizon. So we know whether the Sun & Moon (and other planets) were above or below the horizon at the time of birth. For instance a Noon birth will have the sun high in the sky, visible to all. A midnight birth would be the opposite.

And when we plot the positions of the stars, planets, signs of the zodiac as a map we get to that amazingly wonderful uniqueness of you as a human being. The chart is divided into 12 segments (houses) each containing a sign of the zodiac and relating to an area of you. Your character, wealth, career for instance. Any planets or stars falling into that house will give us more information.

And now!

As if that wasn’t already enough, we add into the ‘mix’ the whereabouts of planets and stars right now. And that is when we can begin to understand ourselves and the choices, potentials and possibilities that the Universe offers to us in this brilliant lifetime.

You may have gathered by now that I absolutely know, with every little bit of stardust that makes me, that we are all truly empowered when we listen to our charts, the rhythm of the universe and the symbols we meet along the way.

And I know you too can listen to, and experience, exactly the same information at all times. Information from your own inner landscape, from the stars and the planets and information gleaned from the messages and symbols that our eyes and ears become aware of.

Just take a moment to consider how much richer your life would be by receiving the unique information that the Universe wants you to hear.

And, as the Universe is constantly on the move, so the effects of the planets and stars toward our birth chart is unique for each of us. By understanding our charts and what is happening now so we can listen to the rhythm of the Universe for our own personal story.  The Universe wants the absolute best for us and sends us planetary energy of help!

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With love from Alison x

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Energy building, moonlight growing and time to act

Energy building, moonlight growing and time to act

And so the energy builds …

Energy building, moonlight growing and time to act. Quite a bit to accomplish today then! With yesterday’s New Moon in Gemini, and today’s focus on the planet Mars, it truly is a day when we can all actually GET something beautiful and gorgeous DONE!  Does that seem a little ‘not quite Alison’ to put some words into big letters? As if I might be raising my voice?

I have struggled over the years (and which I have written about previously) with certain aspects of my own astrological chart.  Read here more about what having a twelfth house Sun has meant! However I also have Mars in Libra and not in the most ‘active’ part of my chart. Working with my progressed Mars has been both a challenge and a delight however more of that in a future blog.

Mars is not the most energetic red planet of action for me personally. And so I know to use my Mars energy in other ways. For instance Mars gives me the ability to speak my truth and to walk my walk. When I know that an action is necessary to help me serve better, Mars is there helping me and also gives me the ability to always earn money in some way. I roll up my sleeves and get on with the job I am tasked to do. Now there are other planets and parts of my chart that also assist with that but Mars is the main player. Does this resonate with you?


Today is Tuesday and so the day we honour and celebrate Mars energy in all of his beauty and actions. Whichever way we each of us experience this!  It is also a day of energy building, moonlight growing and time to act.

And so I use big letters to say … What  ONE  action will you TAKE TODAY to stay on purpose with … you?

And, in view of the current astrological patterns that the stars are making in the sky, make it a loving action towards yourself and/or others!

As always, with love, from Alison

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New Moon in Gemini and choosing our words carefully!

New Moon in Gemini and choosing our words carefully!

New Moon in Gemini and choosing our words carefully!

Before I talk about the need to be choosing our words carefully I think I should explain about the picture. Not the usual Monday is ‘Moonday’ photo! I am tucked away in a hotel writing and creating great content for you. I love to get away from distractions when I have blogs and articles to write. And (yes – I can remember ‘way back when’!) these days hotels have WiFi and hot chocolate and places where I can plug my laptop in and just create! And hot chocolate. Has to be done!

choosing our words carefully

Do you have a special place where you can escape to and write or doodle or dream? Do let mw know where it is … or even send a picture!

Today has the New Moon in Gemini which is, amongst many things, the sign of communication and people. And yet there are aspects of the chart that lead me to say …

a) we should be choosing our words carefully.  Great, kind, thoughtful, considered words will beam out around the world and connect you to your neighbours.

b) choosing our words carefully also has the ‘other’ side of ensuring that the words we use need to be well thought through.

Does this make sense? There is a bigger picture at work here. It’s a day to love your words and choose compassionate kindness. There is more on this subject tomorrow however … for now …

For you

New Moon is a time to vision and begin new thoughts – especially as the Moon is in Gemini which is ruled by the Planet Mercury! A Gemini Moon is also a Moon of receiving as well as giving and so you may well find that your own insights and intuitive messages are increasing. Be gentle with yourself.

I send you love. As always!

From Alison

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A pleasing day with Venus and the Moon in Taurus

A pleasing day with Venus and the Moon in Taurus

Venus and the Moon

We welcome a pleasing day with Venus and the Moon in Taurus. The Sun is in Gemini and Mars in Cancer. Yes there is much else going on today in the sky however I saw those particular planetary aspects and felt that we have some choice, some joy, some enjoyment and, actually, the opportunity to take sheer pleasure in our surroundings and in each other.

The Moon

When you go outside to see the Moon you possibly won’t! The Moon is dark as it is waiting to become New tomorrow and so we can also consider that there is so much going on under the surface for understanding ourselves and each other. And that is magical key to understanding this dark moon time. Nothing obvious but rather a chance to look beneath and understand depths.

a pleasing day with Venus

And you!

However back to today and it is a pleasing day with Venus and the Moon in Taurus. I invite you to take time today to enjoy your home, nature outside and the amazing universe in which we live. Ponder on the wonderful nature of living here on planet Earth. Be thank-full as you look around at all that you have achieved and love. Are there actions to take today to beautify some area of home or garden. Venus in Taurus loves the greenery in nature and gardens and recognises the glory of natural abundance. A dear friend of mine used to say that a weed is a flower blooming in it’s choice of place and that really sums up Taurus energy in this instance.

Sun and Sunday. Venus and the Moon in Taurus. Enjoy!

As always, with love, from Alison

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Welcome to June & the month where much will begin the process of change!

Welcome to June & the month where much will begin the process of change!

Welcome to June

Today is special – Welcome to June! It is the first of the month. It is a Saturday and the day we celebrate the planet of Saturn. This is the month with a Solstice and June 2019 sees a fourth major planetary body going retrograde. Today we enter the dark of the moon awaiting the birth of a New Moon on Monday.


Do you walk outside with bare feet to feel the earth and the grass? To get in touch with nature through the soles of your feet? I know you are thinking “well there’s a place for bare feet and it’s not …” and that is so true. But remember the feel of sand between your toes when you were at the beach and also that amazing sensation of dewey grass? Our feet love to be free and, actually, that gives us the sense of freedom too.

Welcome to June

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I’m loving the chart for today as it has Mercury in Gemini opposite to Jupiter in Sagittarius. A real welcome to June for sure and so a great chart for writing and communicating this means being very real with our conversations. However (!) Jupiter is also making a square aspect to Neptune and so we really need to:

a) be sure of what we’re reading and writing – be curious and ask questions.

b) be aware that there could be mis-information and mis-communication – and also an opportunity to delve deeply and really understand something for ourselves.

c) doodle and use our imagination to dream of plans to be made and new beginnings – let your imagination run free.

Saturn calls to us all to be considered in our actions today. And the whole chart ask us to enjoy some time of going within as we await that glorious new Moon birth.

As always, with Love from Alison

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Friday day of self care as we move from month to month

Friday day of self care as we move from month to month

Your day!

This is your day of self care. On a Friday we focus our minds on the Planet Venus who is our Goddess of beauty, love, abundance, greenery, growth and harvest. Venus is Beautifully in Taurus encouraging our sense of well-being for ourselves and for others.

day of self care

This is the last day of May as well and we are about to enter into June. The Sun is already in Gemini where it will be for the first three weeks of June.

Today the Moon is about to change sign and move into Taurus. Whilst this is happening we may find emotions are charged early on today. However … remember that Venus is already in Taurus …  and so there will be a calming effect once the change of sign has happened. This is your day of self care after all! And the Moon will be conjunct to Uranus as well and so you are being given permission, or opportunity (!), to look at your way of self-care.

For you!

Be independent in your quest for peace. Find ten minutes today to connect in with nature in your own unique way.

As always, with love, from Alison

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