Your business is special & deserves the best … because you are!

Business Magic

with Alison – Practical Astrologer

Expand your strengths for creating offers, money, & more visibility by stepping into the soul alignment of your personal astrology + your business astrology.

Queens planned the dates of their coronations (and battles!) using knowledge of the stars and planets.

Business Magic is a One Month program with 2 consultation calls plus messenger &/or email support.

You too can reign supreme in your business as the Queen you truly are.

I’m confident this program will unlock secret ways for business and I have calls available in my calendar where we can discuss more!


Your birth chart (map of the stars for the moment you were born) has information that directly feeds into your business!

Selecting the right dates to launch a business, project or product directly influences visibility.  

YOUR business also has a birth chart.  It was birthed by you and so has it’s own rhythm that connects in to the stars.  REAL LIFE!!

Your connection with this earth means you talk to other people, sell to them, teach them, help them …

And you can amplify that by seeing what extra planetary energies are available to give your words an extra ‘ooomph’.  If you’re around my world for long you will know how much I love using the word ‘ooomph’ in connection with star based energies as it fits perfectly!

Do you listen to the heart of your business – your heart? Are you on the best possible career path for your true self and, more crucially, are you growing with your business?

As an experienced astrologer, I’m always surprised that few business owners make use of the amazing energies that the sun, moon and other planets offer.

You + Your Business = powerful energy

You + Your Business + The Universe = EXTRA OOOMPH!

This was from a client who recently launched her membership …

“When I felt the call to open my Circle I wanted to receive Alison’s insights on when to best start … booked the business consultations … and so I got clarity, when to start my circle and what to watch out for. If you plan on starting your business, or simply starting a new course for your business, please book with Alison, you will learn so much from it, and get clarity and insights you would have never thought about and the timing was just perfect, thanks to Alison”

And this from a client who was expanding her business …

“Turning to the planets for clarity with my business and the way I was feeling was something I had not considered before. …   My own birth chart was giving me clues how I was working in my business and how I was feeling in my health, the two felt very interlinked.
Alison helped to contain the way I was working, feeling, being and put some structure into place.
Her knowledge of this realm is wide and vast and as she interprets and guides, she gives clues and tips to help you move forward.”  JH

The Universe offers useful choices & expansion energies to help you move forward beautifully & successfully.

Your birth chart holds the keys to ensure that your business reflects the real you.  

Who am I?

My name is Alison Smith and I’m an astrologer, best selling author of ‘Eight Seasons Walking in Rhythm with Nature and a natural intuitive.

I’ve walked my talk for over 30 years and my clients move forwards fast!  They, very quickly, align with who they really are, find purpose & inspiration to serve others in their own unique way and have the freedom to make great choices.

I focus on helping mid-life women step into their next chapter.  There are specific astrological transits occuring from age 48 onwards to open gateways to our soul passion career. 

Understanding your birth chart will reveal a roadmap forward in the best possible way for you. Unique talents, gifts, shadow sides and how to steer through them, purpose – all are there waiting to be unveiled.

Understanding your business astrology brings an alignment and purpose to everything that you say, do and send out into the world!

Business Magic with Alison Astrology consists of:

Call No. 1 

  • together we delve deeply into the purposeful business part of your birth chart. This helps to make sure you connect/ are still connected with your reason why.  We unwrap your soul career path so that you are able to serve your ideal clients (and yourself!) perfectly.  Consequently, if there are shadow parts in your birth chart around, for example, visibility or money, we will find them!    

In between our sessions – I’ll consult your personal & business astrology, your particular business issue and what potentials are there ready for you to use!

Plus there is messenger & email support available for a month from our first call … MAGIC!

Call No. 2

  • the business of YOUR business.  We discuss how significant planetary transits, and the way they offer extra energies, are useful for you. And clear the energy around your main business issue so you go forwards purposefully.

This is for you if …

  • You’re starting a new business / You need to make an essential choice for your business
  • You want to know the best time to launch a new project or service and crucial dates for maximum visibility
  • You’re on a path to deeper understanding of your business and your business astrology
  • You’re growing your business and need to check that your soul/ core message is reflected in your messaging


Resources you take away …

  • How to use your birth chart as a growth tool
  • Your unique choices to move you and your business forwards 
  • Significant planetary transits (what’s ahead during the next 3 months) to help you use this information moving forwards with your plans
  • a whole month of access via messenger or emails to ask questions related to our conversations.  I’ll do my best to answer as quickly as I can! 

You will know …

  • Incredible dates during the next 3 months of amplified planetary energy for your business
  • How to navigate through your upper-most question about your business
  • How to shape your business around your unique soul driven purpose

One payment of £999

One single consultation is usually £599.  This program gives you 2 calls AND messenger/email support for a month – a very exciting service!  

However, and as this testimonial shows,

Alison only works with people that she is a good fit for and if there is no win-win for both of you then she says no. SL”

I would rather we chatted first to make sure we can work together for your best purpose and to inspire your business. That is incredibly important to me as I want to see as many women business owners making full use of all of the amazing talents and gifts they have to share with the world.

Please book a fifteen minute call with me first if you have any questions about this one month program as there are no refunds and no payment plan!

I, and my magic, begin work as soon as you book in …

More Client Love about business astrology from Alison 

‘Alison shared with me the best times in the next few weeks to launch, which was hugely helpful to me! The original date I wanted to pick was on the darkest day of the moon, so very bad for visibility and promotional activity. If you’re looking to have a deeper insight into the astrology of your business, or even yourself as you are the business, I can’t recommend Alison enough! CE’  

Does your business need more inspiration? 

More creativity?

Are you ready to begin to understand your path better and to absolutely love it?

To fall in love with your purpose and your business?

To move yourself and your business forward?