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have you had your Birth Chart explained?

Or … have you downloaded it from the internet only to wonder

a) is it really me?


b) fine – but what does it mean?

And then it ends up in a drawer … but …

Do you want to know about the story of you?


my birth time

This is me by the way giving Chart Chats at a festival! What’s a chart chat? It’s where we sit together and talk about your birth chart. Just the basic chart – no transits or looking ahead. We chat about your personal birth chart – your Sun sign and your Moon sign. Where Venus was and Mercury.

And how you can use your chart to be more …

And so ‘book an hour with Alison‘ has a history through years of sitting down with many different people and reading charts.

Looking at your birth chart (for the moment you were born) offers you:

Your Moon sign – where emotions and imagination unfolds for you

And the signs of the zodiac that the other planets were in gives you even more information about … you!!

How to make sense of, for instance, your talents (the Venus and Mercury effects!) or your money story

The moment of your birth is unique to you and the pattern the stars made at that time is a special star map made by the Universe … just for you!

This is nothing magic – just a personal hot line you have with the stars given to you at birth and waiting for you to hear more!


You belong on planet Earth right now and your purpose is being activated

Begin here and join me in conversation about your birth chart. Together we will bring it to life!

One hour:

10 mins getting to know you
40 mins unveiling the unique pattern of stars in the sky for the moment of your birth to give you information to help you make sense of your astrological chart
10 mins to summarise and I will send you the recording and your birth chart suitable for you to print!

And maybe … just maybe … you will fall in love with your journey here on planet Earth all over again … anchored in who you really are …

You belong here right now.


Who am I?

Here’s a part of my story … In 1999, a total eclipse year you may remember (!) a good friend offered me a working ticket to a festival to join up with a group of astrologers.

I borrowed a tent and went. I gave chart readings.

I had a moment of absolute ‘knowing’ that I was doing the work my soul called out to do.

And that pathway has continued for me 30+ years on – my professional career as an astrologer is my soul calling.

What’s your soul calling?

As always, with love from Alison x


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