‘why’ put lights on the festive tree?

‘why’ put lights on the festive tree?

Why put lights on the festive tree?

Or indeed in our gardens, on houses, draped around windows …

lights on the festive tree

Lights appear in many different religious festivals in November, December and January. And it is definitely not a coincidence that those months are, in our Northern hemisphere, the darkest times of our year.

Light symbolises light returning – it is both as simple, and yet as deeply profound, as that!

At Samhain (Halloween) a candle is lit in windows to help travellers find their way to warmth and shelter by going towards family and to rest safely during the winter months. The lit candles also expand our channels of communication with loved ones in Spirit and so we are able to gain insights and messages as well as actual news from those family members travelling to spend the coming months under our roof!

And then, at Winter Solstice, we witness the shortest day of the year … and the longest night. After that time so the Sun begins to climb in the sky and our days lengthen.

Light returns …

Warmth returns …

Green returns …

and hope.

And so the lighting of lights in the darkest of time speaks to the deepest hopes that we all have … that the light will return and we will feel warm and safe again.

Full Moon

When you next light a candle take a moment to feel the connection, and the long history that each and every one of us have through our ancestors, to welcoming in the light.


As always, with love from Alison

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Are you ready for a spectacular Full Moon?

Are you ready for a spectacular Full Moon?

Are you ready for a spectacular full moon on Monday to begin setting our scene for Winter Solstice and the gateway which will appear?

You are unique … With your own story to tell … A Pathway to walk in many dimensions … Choices just for you arranged, with love, by the Universe and to unfold gradually in cosmic flow from the moment of your birth …



This spectacular full moon on Monday is the last one before our Winter Solstice. And so it gives us a space to consider just what we wish to take through that gateway which appears on December 21st when the Sun moves into Capricorn.
For now the Sun has entered into Sagittarius asking us all to sharpen our arrows and look at just where we would like them to land. It’s a fire sign and so has a vibrant energy for actions.

And we must look at the wondrous brilliance of this Full Moon in Gemini on Monday (09:30 GMT) to offer us a very inspiring chart of the sky at that moment.
Astrology is so exciting and this Full Moon leading towards the Winter Solstice has such potential for us all!

In the sky on Monday … The Sun and Moon are opposite each other through Gemini and Sagittarius, Uranus is opposite Venus and making patterns for the rise of quite feminine energy. Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct making their last aspects of the cosmic dance which has taken much of this year. I’ve included a chart for the Full Moon moment at the bottom of this letter.

This time is all about connections and connecting. Communication with the outer and inner worlds. Remember that the energy for Samhain/Halloween brought us together inside to prepare for the colder weather. And so we begin conversations that have time and space to unfold as we walk along our pathways of the rhythm of this world.

Charge and cleanse crystals by placing them in view of the Moon over the next few nights and their messages will have a clarity.  Write for the sheer enjoyment of pen/pencil on paper.

Ground yourself and feel the strength of roots.

Here for you …

My offers will all be changing after the Solstice however here are the ways in which I can help shine a light for you and your pathway forwards as we all find balance in the rhythm of the Universe.

Power-time half hour for …

Astro-chat – let’s chat around your chart. Not a consultation but useful if you want to explore one aspect of your chart or of the astrology of now! Or if you would like to see whether a full consultation would be useful …

Or spend a half hour with me learning:

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developing your intuition;

Creating a meditative mandala using cards or drawing techniques.

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Your first astrology consultation

If you have never had your chart drawn up and read by me here is the link and be prepared to begin a journey of uncovering your inner and outer worlds with all of the potentials of the Universe!

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Follow-up astrology consultations

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Event, business launch and corporate astrology are bespoke services so please contact me separately if you would like more information.

thank you for reading and for being here alongside me on our journey together. I would love to hear from you – keep well, safe, warm, and go gently through this amazing Full Moon energy.

As always, with love from Alison x

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PS – here’s the chart for the spectacular full moon!


November new moon love letter to you

November new moon love letter to you

This November new moon sets the scene for our month ahead and of nurture and nourish…

We are all still facing outer restrictions in some way or other and yet remember just how many times we, as humans, have been tested and re-covered. And this November new moon has all the possibilities and ‘newness’ for just that. It is so helpful right now to see Uranus retrograde in Taurus giving collective inspiration for re-viewing our way forward especially with finance I suspect!
I’m writing this as news of a vaccine is breaking and a feeling that we have that sense of hope and new vision brewing away.

Mercury in Scorpio … Mars in Aries (retrograde turning direct on the 14th) … Venus is in Libra (will enter Scorpio on the 21st) …

Your love letter:
What makes your heart sing? Is there something that you can do to bring a sense of beautiful peacefulness to your body … or your mind … or your soul?
Maybe a walk in nature followed by quiet dreaming time. Perhaps a home spa with gentle music. Or mad crazy dancing to some seriously loud music!
Writing, doodling, painting and using colour. Bring vibrancy into the home and your world. Move cushions, change the tea you drink or even just give permission to your eyes to watch the sky.

And let me know – I love to hear how you are enjoying moments right now.
And scroll down to the end of this email if you wish to get to something really joy-full from youtube!

My News!

Still not on social media! There are some people and groups that I miss however (!) the space, still-ness, quiet, time for email / letter / calls, quiet (did I say that already!) and … most of all … I feel a gentle balance returning to all of my energetic fields.
I may dip my toe into LinkedIn again very soon but not just yet.

And so my email list and website remains my main focus which is like a breathe of fresh air. And I’m tidying up my website and office in readiness for the new work to enter as we move closer to the Solstice gateway. More about that later as we truly are at a strong planetary shift time which continues into next year.

Planetary News!

New Moon on Sunday in Scorpio (see the theme here!).
Here we go. Moon & Sun both at 23º Scorpio at 05:08 15th November GMT.
An intriguing new moon energy. Especially given (and I’m loving this) Venus is still in Libra and making a square to Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn all in Capricorn. Now some would say that the square brings in a challenge and I say that the challenge is necessary. Test out how to balance those Capricorn energies as we prepare for the Winter Solstice in December. Walk a labyrinth and let gentle love wash over your soul.


How I Lovingly Serve you

Appointments available for:

Power-time half hour for …

Astro-chat – let’s chat around your chart. Not a consultation but useful if you want to explore one aspect of your chart or of the astrology of now! And, of course if you would like to see whether a full consultation would be helpful!!

Or spend a half hour with me learning:

how to dowse using a pendulum;

developing your intuition;

Creating a meditative mandala using cards or drawing techniques.

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PS – you can book as many of these sessions as you wish (one person used the facility to have a 1-1 tarot course with me by booking 5 sessions – discount available for that so contact me!)

Other Resources

This to cheer!!
Dorothy Dandridge with Fayard & Harold Nicholas (the Nicholas Brothers) performing “Chattanooga Choo Choo” in SUN VALLEY SERENADE (1941) dir. H. Bruce Humberstone …


Thank you!

thank you for reading and for being here alongside me on our journey together. I would love to hear from you – keep well, safe, warm, and go gently through this amazing New Moon energy.

As always, with love from Alison xxx

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October 31st Samhain in the turning wheel of the year

October 31st Samhain in the turning wheel of the year

The turning wheel of the year reaches the 31st October and …

a second full moon for this month and Samhain/Halloween as well … are you ready to enjoy, and delve into, the turn of the season?  turning wheel of the year

Samhain / All hallows eve / halloween … the 31st October is the festival of the world sleeping. We are in the darkest of time at this point in the turning wheel of the year and, we know, about to go into the coldest. This festival marked the last time for this year that our ancestors could safely travel before closing doors to keep warm and dry.


It is traditional to place a lit candle in the window for travellers to see and to know that a warm welcome will be waiting.
Now-a-days a lit pumpkin in a window will offer that warm welcome to trick or treaters – although movement around streets is different this year.
However the symbolism and deeply held memories are still there and so a lit candle brings in that sense of loving friends and families uniting.

Another tradition for this time is to lay an extra place at the dinner table. Again this is a part of the warm welcome given to travellers seeking refuge and also an act of remembering those that are now in the spirit world.

And this brings me to the phrase ‘the veil is at its thinnest at this time of the year’. Insights and messages. Seeing beyond the real. Working with the imagination. As we are encouraged to be indoors and ‘inside’ so the inner world and all that we have within beckons to be heard.

Scrying – possibly one of the most ancient and beautiful ways of giving the imagination permission to roam. Whether you light a fire or a candle the art of scrying is one of those ‘remembering’ parts of who we are.

Magical Life – An E-book for living in harmony with the elements is available to purchase via my website and I have put it on sale for Samhain!
Please click here for more details! 


And we’re here at the astrology part!
The Full Moon (31/10/2020 at 14:48 London) at 8º Taurus and conjunct Uranus. The Sun will be at 8ºScorpio and making a special trine with Neptune. Just this aspect creates a wonder-full (and welcome) pattern in the sky for inspiring independent thoughts. Are you dreaming a lot? If so be gentle with them and allow the deeper insights to slowly appear. Draw or doodle away to your hearts content as the imagination offers a light for the path ahead.
In addition (!) Venus opposite Chiron brings an awareness of making sure we consider our ‘self’ from a healing point of view together with the planet. Venus is the goddess of love, beauty and art. Chiron the centaur bringing healing to wounds.

Is there a part of your self that would love to create something? Or nurture and nourish?
And my final ‘snap shot’ insight for this particular chart of the heavens would be that it has a strongly cardinal and earth weight to all of the aspects. Opportunity for us to be who we really are and to allow time for the deep changes that are coming to really unfold in their magical and beautiful manner.
I’m reminded of a card I have on my shelf from St Julian’s Church in Norwich with the words of the Anchoress Lady Julian

‘All Shall be Well.’ 

thank you for reading and for being here alongside me on our journey together. I would love to hear from you – keep well, safe, warm, and go gently walking forward.

As always, with love from Alison x


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PS – ask someone how they are twice … the first time we always answer automatically!


As always, with love, from Alison

The Secret held within your relocation chart!

The Secret held within your relocation chart!


A new astrological chart is created when we make a significant move to another place geographically.  A secret held within the astrology of your relocation chart waiting to be unlocked perhaps!

The first part of what I offer here is to say that ‘you remain the same’ after a change of location. The second part is to say ‘you may be aware of subtle differences, new impulses, different opportunities and maybe a change in language.’

The chart set up for your relocated situation does not replace your birth chart however it will offer you more to look at and consider.  An extra chapter hidden away and waiting to be unlocked and read.

A change of permanent residence is a serious matter and significant. Therefore it follows that the astrology around it becomes a major influencer on the path being travelled.


What changes?

Different parts of a birth chart will unlock and allow something new to emerge – a secret held within your relocation chart!  secret

The birth of a human being on planet earth is a special and momentous occasion. That moment in time and space offers a road map and shows all of the potentials. Choices and chances. Opportunities and traits. How relationships are built. Deeply held purpose. And travel.

By watching a birth chart, and the patterns made to it by planetary energies, we see many things including the different types of travel that appeal. Sometimes travel geographically and then again there is travel within the mind. And always moving forwards, evolving and growing towards the best version of ourselves.

There is a very big difference in looking at the astrology of temporary travel to that of a more permanent change of residence.


Are the planets the same?

The planetary positions remain the same as they are fixed in the Universe for the ‘clock’ time under consideration. For example if Venus was at 18º of the sign of Taurus then that planet would still be in the same place and likewise if the Sun was in Gemini at 16º then it would still be at that position!  the patterns they make


So what does change?

The Latitude & Longitude is determined by the geographical place. And so it follows that, when we make a significant move or journey, the mathematics around where our position or place changes. And then the chart drawn up will give us a new perspective of the Universe around us. We will view the stars and the planets from another angle as the angles of the chart will quite literally alter. Planets may now even appear in different houses – parts of the chart concerning character, career, where we fit in to the world etc. And this will bring chances to evolve and grow into a different pathway created for us. 

In my own chart a change of Country shifted my chart to shine a very different light onto my path. My rising sign became Leo instead of Virgo and that gave me a different view of my path through the whole chart. I began to ask questions again and to re-visit the bigger questions of my relationship with the world from a different perspective. I looked for the secret held within my own relocation chart … Exciting! Especially as the ‘next step’ is to look at planetary movements and so future opportunities!


Would you like to know more about you?

Astrology gives us beautiful choices all uniquely designed for each one of us by the Universe. Free will and choices. The joy of looking at our birth chart is that it becomes our road map. Giving us the best potentials and energies with which to work.

Contact me if you’d like to hear more!  Just click here to book your ‘talk to Alison’ call! 

As always, with love from Alison x


Your Stars for July with inner sparkle!

Your Stars for July with inner sparkle!

July with inner sparkle! And July begins with 5 planets still retrograde: Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. 

By the end of July Mercury will have turned direct bringing us the insights and thoughts, learning and clarity, new arts & crafts …

And, for July with inner sparkle, the beautiful feeling of the world turning and all is moving on for us and we really do not need to rush out there to prosper.  July with inner sparkle

Perhaps the key to our July with inner sparkle is in the retrograde planets plus that Mercury direct and a requirement that we all begin to see how to weave our way forwards again.

Interesting to note that the new Moon this month is also in the sign of Cancer and so will bring the energy from the Solstice forward for illumination. Especially as the third eclipse of this season occurs in July as well!


Making and doing and exploring new energy.

Taking time out to relax and allow the ‘new’ times to gently unfold into what will be-come. 




Oh! And get ready for the meteor showers at the end of the month.

They may be spectacular to see! 

A true July with inner sparkle shining in the sky!



♈️   Aries 

Mars is one of the few planets driving forward in a more usual pattern and, towards the end of the month, forms an inspiring square with Mercury. Push ahead with your dreams and goals this month and doors will begin to open. Perhaps you will be altering how you present yourself, or your work, however there is always room for making improvements and those will evolve quite naturally over the coming months. And so give everything a polish and let the planets help you dance and laugh and move forwards. 


 ♉️  Taurus

Remember last month and making time to dream again? Keep going Taurus as family, or maybe ancestral, needs and wishes will feed into your perception of your months ahead. What does that mean? Well, a combination of listening to family, providing the taxi service that you do so well, making sure all are fed with beautiful food (which you also do so well!) and also hearing the voice of inspiration for yourself. Take some moments to do something creative to help remember your purpose and dreams.


 ♊️  Gemini

There is a great social aspect to your month ahead Gemini … yes really! More than ever your sparkly wit and gentle turn of words will be in demand. New people to meet and different places to go and a balance of on and offline events. And there is also a money story going on as well. And so another side to balance as well. Keep an eye on those books and your bank account and have a longer term view of available funds. You may be making decisions now of just which events and parties you wish to attend. Choices! Gemini you have choices!!


 ♋️  Cancer

Hello Cancerians and last month we talked about balance and seeing the joy (celebration) as the Sun moved into your birth sign. With a second new moon in your sign at the end of July, and Mercury turning direct before the Sun leaves your sign, this is quite an opportunity to really craft your vision. Set a goal for the next month, Cancer, and the energy will assist you. Break it down into imaginative steps and consider each one at dawn and again at dusk. The magic begins!


♌️   Leo

The Sun moves royally into your sign on the 22nd and it is perfectly fine to use the fist part of July to prepare for that celestial event. Self-care and love of body, mind and spirit, plus revitalising parts of home or garden – all are indicated for thought and some actions! Take your favourite jacket out of the wardrobe and look at the seams and pockets. Are repairs required? Or perhaps a new brooch or buttons. Permission to spend time on you especially if a part of your celebration in July is going outside to make a wish on a shooting star.


 ♍️ Virgo

In these horoscopes there is usually at least one sign of the Zodiac that I give particular thanks to. Virgo, this month, it is you! You will be bringing an air of gentle earthiness to the planet which is very well needed. Your style of earth magic ranges from the making, weaving, pottery, cooking amazing meals, planning and preparation. Towards the end of this month please make time for you. Emotions may well become heightened around you and you will, of course, have a tissue at the ready – however you do not have to do it all. Allow that time to step outside and breathe. Stretch your body if you can and visualise that amazing yoga pose of saluting the sun. Time for you.


 ♎️  Libra

Venus in the directors chair gives you options as you navigate business and employment this month. Problems become slowly solved during the weeks and that new project starts to become something to really enjoy. You may find that some things need relinquishing in order to make space for that project and that is fine. Just go at your own pace, quietly forging ahead and remember to make time for new people and/or inspirations which will be emerging as we go into this second half of the year.


♏️   Scorpio

A great gift, Scorpio, is to see the bigger picture in all detail and all layers. You are able to look deeply beneath the surface and see the amazing qualities often hidden. This is a month for you to be delving into those depths whether for yourself or for others. Don’t be surprised to be, at times, very much in demand and then to be completely quiet. Take time to go within and celebrate the insights. And write. Maybe this is the time for that fantasy novel to begin. Or perhaps you take one out of the library to read!


♐️   Sagittarius

Those plans that you began to ponder on during June now require structure. Possibly this is far, far way away from where you really thought you would be in July! And there is your key for this month. Your destination is nearer than you think and, when you release that arrow and send your dreams flying forward, the structure of how to get there comes into view. Think of a bird flying so high and yet so visible. Your plans are fine and will just take time to unfold. One plan. One action. A structure. All is moving forwards.


♑️   Capricorn

With the full moon in your sign on the 5th and at 13º, so almost in the centre, prepare to release some connections with the past long overdue. New territory awaits you Capricorn. And the joy of being in the middle of a significant lunar cycle is that you can take your time over this. What new energy will you welcome as we go through the months towards the Winter solstice and your birth sign? No fast decisions required. A gentle walk forward into new energy. And perhaps a new role at work beckons …


 ♒️  Aquarius

Uranus offers those new opportunities for you this month as well Aquarius. As new structures in workplaces and society are slowly becoming more apparent so, too, are you able to express your versatility. It seems as if your words are no longer hidden in a need to conform!  Indeed your energy is required to spark conversations and bring new ideas to the table. Life is colourful Aquarius and you may find yourself wearing a rainbow of colours.


♓️   Pisces

Neptune is offering you a calm, beautiful and intuitive time as you take those steps out into the world. Mercury will also offer the right words as you emerge into the open. The world wants to hear your message Pisces however please be gentle with yourself as you go. There is likely to be money news for you during the second week and this will empower a decision about work, business or utilities. Keep yourself grounded and yet also have a sparkly laugh of enjoyment too! 


As always, with love and a little bit of July with inner sparkle!   



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A Short Guide to the Wheel of the Year!

A Short Guide to the Wheel of the Year!

The Wheel of the Year

By watching the Wheel of the Year we are acknowledging the ever changing seasons, with all the gifts they offer, and also a rhythm known through time by our ancestors and also those still to come. It is both logic and magic. It gives us time and balance. And connections …

Wheel of the Year

I’m Alison & this is why I use the Wheel of the Year

December 2019 and we moved to a place that had been on the cards for us for many years. The actual house move had been fraught and filled with all of the twists and turns of a great thriller, and our move took place over three days, however the joy of realising those dreams was huge.

And I realised that, amongst many astrological aspects at the time, transiting Mercury was opposite my natal mid-heaven and inspirations and insights ensued!

And so we celebrated Winter Solstice, and the sun rising into Capricorn, in a new land and yet one that we recognised on a deep level.

Wheel of the Year

Sun-rise on the morning of the Solstice.


The key to working with the Wheel of the Year is to fully appreciate the turning of that wheel. That every moment of every season has joyous intent for life moving forwards. Every festival honouring the turn of the seasons holds within it an appreciation of agriculture and of the stars. And also holds within it sustenance on every level – physical, emotional, spiritual and connections with others.

I invite you to watch the wheel of the Year as it turns and turns about.

This is written in the Northern Hemisphere and all is opposite for the Southern hemisphere … absolute balance of our planet!


Winter Solstice – around the 21st of December

The shortest day of the year and the longest night. A time for the earth to begin to waken. And yet it is the darkest and coldest time. Families indoors making do with whatever they stowed away before the weather turned.

This is a festival of the light with candles & fires burning to encourage the Sun to return. And a festival of love as those inside took care of each other and the animals.

Re-birth of the Sun as, astrologically, the Sun moves into Capricorn.



Imbolc – Beginning of February

The Sun is in Aquarius.

Snowdrop festival. The first lambs are born and the first spring growth appears.

A strong agricultural festival as our ancestors celebrate the return of crops growing and light returning – what a special time this is!



Spring Equinox – around the 21st of March

The Sun moves into Aries and the green year shows us Spring in all of her natural glory. Abundance begins.

Day and night are equal and light balanced. Equinox is balance.



Beltane – Beginning of May

The Sun is in Taurus and we celebrate the first day of Summer usually on May 1st.  Flowers of different colours are picked and ribbons attached to trees ready for dancing.

Bees are occupied with spreading pollen and making honey.

Friends & Family.



Summer Solstice  –  around the 21st of June

The longest day of the year and the shortest night. The Sun moves into the sign of Cancer and the Sun is high in the sky.

This is another festival of the light with candles & fires burning to honour the Sun as it will begin to draw back in light.

A joy-full time of warmth and unity.



Lammas – Beginning of August

The Sun is in Leo and it is time to start properly the Harvest. Children are out of school to help and the weather is still warm and usually dry.

The first bread and cakes are baked using newly harvested crops and the celebrations take place often on the first of August.



Autumn Equinox – around the 21st of September

A time of equal night and day in perfect balance. The Sun moves into Libra and nature begins to withdraw back into the earth.

Harvest is at highpoint as the crops need to be brought in safely before the weather turns and stored.

This is the time to honour and celebrate our gifts both actual and symbolically.



Samhain – usually celebrated on October 31st

The Sun is in Scorpio and these will be the last days when travel is easy. Families gather together.

October 31st and the veil between worlds is at the thinnest. A custom is to set an extra place for evening meal and this may be for someone who has passed or for a late-comer to the table.

Ancestors & families gather.



And then a new Winter Solstice …


The ever turning Wheel of the Year.

A rhythm for us to know and to remember that we are a part of nature and have a part to play in the dance of the seasons.

As always, with love, from Alison


Your stars for June horoscopes!

Your stars for June horoscopes!

Summer Solstice Seminar ticket information click here! 

Your stars for June with Grace!

So much to say and only a month of 30 days in which to experience just the energy that lends to your stars for June! 

In a month that sees, amongst much planetary activity, Summer Solstice, six planets in retrograde plus an eclipse (!) we are to be forgiven for the following perhaps happening during your stars for June:

A) wires may be crossed, communications missed, words failing;

And yet …

B) insights will occur which are breathtaking in their simplicity, new friends or companions will arrive, a book is written and published, words arrive at the right moment plus time to catch up with emails and calls from last month!

And there is our key for your stars for June. All to unfold gracefully at the right moment.


Aries ♈️

A fiery Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 5th allows the month to open with a hint of drama, an ounce of inspiration and a full amount of intention. The caution in your stars for June is to take time out during everything else you have going on Aries. Permission to take a break from routine and relax. Some decisions will need to be made, admittedly, however not all will be achieved this month and so be kind to yourself and to others and see the delays as beautiful hints of how better to use time!


Taurus ♉️

Last month there was advice to consider money and make sure that facts and figures were set down and recorded. And so … for your stars for June … take a breathe. Your ruling planet of Venus offers you a love of beauty, joy and all things wonderful. Take the time to pause, reflect, draw, paint, smell the flowers, and create a new vision for yourself. Towards the end of the month Venus turns direct and so you will have opportunities to begin to make those dreams real as we move into July and beyond!


Gemini ♊️

The ancient Greeks probably grew lettuces very similar to those we have today. The Romans may well have taken lettuce seeds with them as they travelled. Mid-month you may find, Gemini, that your messages are not being heard. This very quickly changes and all will become clear. Pack your bag ready for action or continue writing that report ready to deliver. Your ruling planet has moved into the sign of Cancer and this has huge emphasis for you Gemini as your purpose, and the message you have to deliver, will be very much required by others. Thank you.


Cancer ♋️

Cancerians where do we begin! This will be quite a month for you as you hold the keys to ask much planetary activity for us all! The Sun moves into your sign on the 21st and, together with the new moon also in your sign, brings us a Summer Solstice and an eclipse. Sunglasses at the ready. What are you bringing into the world this month? And, on an inner level, where and how are you shining your light? Balance is key as it would be wise to prepare for the limelight and to be able to, finally, talk about those subjects dear to your heart.


Leo ♌️

Can you feel the anticipation Leo? The build up to the Sun moving into Leo as it will next month? However this is your stars for June and, whilst your fiery enthusiasm is a joy to see, there is a sense of reigning it in and being more ‘earth’ based. Mars trines Uranus mid-month which could very well see you invited to a large gathering of new people where ideas flow and energy increases. Use the month for balance of inspiration of mind/ body and remember to align yourself with the Earth!


Virgo ♍️

Are you enjoying the new paths opening up Virgo? As you move forwards so you are also moving away from something. And nature fills the void. If you wish to move into the new creative buzz that will surely be around over the next few weeks it may well be time to let something else go. The final weekend of the month is a great time to clear out that cupboard or spare room and make the space for whatever will emerge. And before then? Take some time to enjoy the planning and dreaming.


Libra ♎️

A more slow start to the month although, when Mars moves into your opposite sign of Aries on the 28th, things do pick up speed for you. This month will feel like learning to drive a car all over again. And also, to keep perspective, there is a joy and a clarity to come in too. Be ready to move quickly when asked to do so and especially if this involves your work. An indication of changes to come will be felt around the 1st and then some form of communication around the 28th. Quite a busy end to the month for you Libra!


Scorpio ♏️

Your heart-felt insights of what is to come have … well … happened. And your loving nature is ready, with Queenly energy, to give signposts for the next chapter to all who are around you. Not everyone will wish to hear your message at the same time though. Delays abound for you regarding paperwork in the first week of the month and yet it is merely the Universe asking you to make sure that, whatever you are applying for, is truly what you want.


Sagittarius ♐️

The Full Moon on the 5th is in your sign and you can own full beam light on your intentions! At a full moon the water table is at the highest and plants at their strongest. With the Moon sending that big light towards your Sun and, over the next few days, a trine of Mars and Saturn giving you determination – the sky is your limit. So pull back that bow and release your arrow of intention out there. Keep your connection with the earth at the same time as reaching out to the stars. What will you plan for next month? 


Capricorn ♑️

As gate-keeper of the Winter Solstice you are more than capable of watching the Summer Solstice unfold in your opposite sign of Cancer. Not only seeing the potentials and possibilities but also welcoming the shift in energy as we move into the second half of the year. The middle of the month could prove quite emotional for you, Capricorn, as you will find people asking you for their help in many different ways. However there is no-one stronger and more able to offer the compassion required right now than you. Thank you Capricorn.


Aquarius ♒️

Mars gave you quite a ‘buzzy’ time during May, Aquarius, and so the universe will be offering a somewhat quieter month in June. Look over any work contracts carefully and take time to understand what will be required of you. And use the same energy to plot out a dream for the months ahead. You may well be expecting some form of move by the end of the year and this is the month to begin the preparations. Not moving? Well, begin preparations for the months ahead as, when life gets busy again, you will want to be out there!


Pisces ♓️

Your stars for June have a subtle imaginative and ethereal quality for you as it begins. And any steps into the outside world should be taken slowly and carefully as if you were walking into a new part of town. And yet you are precisely the right person to help others become more aware and comfortable with new surroundings. You have a very real purpose, Pisces, and be ready to be invited to an event in which you will shine and radiate care for others. Oh and remember to use that amazing imagination to create something ready for next month!


Your stars for June for you to enjoy and as always, with love from Alison

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We all have free will and are free to decide if and when to make relevant choices. Astrology gives a guide and Alison does not offer medical, financial, legal, personal or any other type of professional advice. Information is provided for entertainment purposes only. Thank you. And with love.

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Retrograde Planets & the key to Time!

Retrograde Planets & the key to Time!

Retrograde Planets

Retrograde planets are a fascinating mix of both real and not real! They appear, from our perspective here on planet Earth, to be stationary just before moving backwards.


Backwards as they appear! An illusion. Nothing that we see in our universe can really do anything much other than burn out, collapse or move forwards! In other words … there is always some form of activity with action taken.  However, due to our Earth careering through space at a different speed to other planets and stars (plus our Earth has a wobble on its axis), occasionally it seems as if otherretrograde planets planetary bodies are moving in ‘different to expected’ ways.

Our Universe is wonderful and beautiful and constantly achieves different patterns of energy available to us all at all moments. As each planetary body moves at a different speed, so the way that patterns are created are completely unique and never to be seen again. As you began to read this article the planets had arranged themselves in a certain pattern which already, now, is different and will never occur again! Think of the tide moving and the ocean creating different patterns in the sand with every wave.

All energy is there to be accessed and to give us more information as to our choices and potentials as we, ourselves, move forwards through life. And so it is useful to look at the difference in energy from a planet moving forwards in motion in a normal way to then what happens to that energy when we view the planet in a different way from our Earth. The subtle adjustment (and, to be fair, sometimes not so subtle!) gives us an opportunity to grow in a different way.


To Illustrate!

Mercury has much to offer us all when his orbit changes and he also then becomes the most mis-understood planet of all. During a retrograde Mercury it may well be that out tech issues become apparent and our washing machine breaks down. However those things would have happened in any case. A Mercury retrograde gives us the opportunity to check that things are working correctly.

Contracts arriving during a Saturn retrograde will require all the “i”s dotted and the “t”s crossed. Of course legal work will be around at any time but how useful it is to know that the planets are giving extra emphasis and clarity for just plain re-reading them through at certain times!

And there is one of the main “retrograde” keys within astrology!

During a retrograde energy it is useful in the way of any word beginning with ‘re-…’.  So revisit, re-read, rewind, repair, rethink, recover and receive – and feel free to add your own!

During a Mercury retrograde, which aspected my own Sun & Uranus, I signed up for, and leaned so much from, a crystal healing course.

What will you do the next time you hear a planet is retrograde?


The Key to Time …

retrograde planets

Time only moves forwards. We grow and evolve and choose how to live. And so …

And no apologies for asking you again!

What will you do the next time you hear a planet is retrograde?

What action will you be inspired to consider? And how will you receive the nudges from the Universe and respond?!


As always, with love, from Alison

PS – remember to book your call with me to see how knowing where your birth planets are is helpful when looking at what the planets are doing now!

Horoscopes for May & a sense of Earth Inspiration!

Horoscopes for May & a sense of Earth Inspiration!

A sense of May!

Mercury has joined the Sun and Uranus in the sign of Taurus bringing a much needed sense of earth based inspiration to us all. Never before have these planets (well the Sun is technically our star!) asked the question ‘Well, what is normal?’ and it’s been so apt.

What is it about ‘old normal’ that you wish to inspire more of for the ‘new’ normal? This is a sentiment to be revisited many times this year however Mercury is very fleetingly giving us all a flavour and then, mid-month, moves us into talking about the new way of being. By the end of the month (having travelled through Taurus, Gemini and into Cancer) he will offer us all a sense that we are the best custodians of who we are – our hearts.

The Full Moon on the 7th will add to the messages although, given that it is in the sign of Scorpio, we may have to allow a gentle unfolding of time. The planets are giving us time and, by the New Moon on the 22nd, we will have begun a process of finding balance through taking one step at a time!

The astrology for May (and beyond) takes us through a number of planetary influences bringing in much to reflect on and consider. There are cycles of retrograde planets which will be either challenging or offer opportunities. Learning, growing, evolving and taking those small opportunities, as they present, will work well. There is a big creative push to break free and allow our unique selves to blossom and be more … well … unique!

However let’s continue our sense of May!


Aries ♈️

Be gentle with yourself Aries as the planets are unlocking imagination for you on a big scale. It may well feel emotional and even as if you are being challenged to stand still and let things unfold. Towards mid month check contracts with an eye of looking at the detail. And maybe there is a key for you this month Aries – balance out that amazing imagination currently being sparked with checking the details on any paperwork sent to you!

Be gentle with yourself and know that you do not have all of the answers yet and that is perfectly fine.


Taurus ♉️

Taurus we have a warning triangle for you. Money. There is a saying ‘look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves’ and this is that time. Pay attention to book keeping, accounting, bank statements and the like. Bring your facts and figures to the surface and tick off each direct debit. Do you need to change any passwords? Spend an hour or two on the admin side of things this month. Why?

Next month will bring something delightful forward which you will want to spend time and money on!


Gemini ♊️

Dreams becoming real. Out of all of the signs you really can realise your goals and ambitions. It may well take all of this month, and into next, but you have the energies available to write, do, see and celebrate! What will you decide will manifest over the coming weeks?

The new moon (mid month) is in your sign, Gemini, and that helps you take your message out into the world. However you may also find that there is one part of what you do that feels like a mis-match. With this new moon allow something to end and something else to begin.


Cancer ♋️

Family connections are featured (well always for you Cancerians but a little more so in May!) and you are the one person who brings a group together. It may involve a person not seen nor spoken to for a while – and there is a sense of joyfulness when this happens.

You will not be surprised that this same energy will also allow you to connect with your inner world as well. They say ‘home is where the heart is’ and this is so true for you this month. What is your heart calling you to do? For family? And also for you? Be guided by your dreams and uncover a new sense of purpose along the way!


Leo  ♌️

Please don’t worry that the party has passed you by. It has not. Even without the current situation this would not have been a time for you, Leo, to be socialising. Kings & Queens have to have their time to replenish energy and this is yours.

Establish your own inner authority and stand steadfast for what you believe in. And also listen to your advisors and those you trust.

Enjoy the time for inner calm and stillness, especially at the end of the month, as there will be a time, very soon, when everything gets very noisy!


Virgo ♍️

The month opens with the Moon in your sign and with a growing energy. There is much visibility available for you, Virgo, at the beginning and then a sense of stepping back to allow your message to settle. This is a good time to try photography or film making or even pencil drawings to record your journey.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and you have quite the starring role this month in helping others to establish their new routines or dreams. And, as the month progresses, your own new pathway emerges.


Libra ♎️  

Sociable ventures are very well starred. Yes you did hear that correctly! There is a very sociable element to the stars for you this month. From a career/work point of view new contacts to be made and, from a personal aspect, people asking you for help. Pace yourself with this as things get quieter as we go through May and on into June when things settle down however, for now, allow yourself to go with the flow as those new people coming in have good ideas and choices. Allow the doors to open and then take time to choose.


Scorpio ♏️

The Full Moon is in your sign and you may well find your sleep patterns disturbed with dreams on full beam. The usual advice of herbal teas, writing or doodling, not worrying about a night of disturbance, knowing that tomorrow is another day all applies. It’s a special full moon for you Scorpio as it heralds leaving behind / greeting a new sense of purpose especially as we move towards that next new moon in Gemini.

Mid-month be careful to assess an opportunity coming from a new contact and dig deep for the details!



Dream big Sagittarians and let that glorious imagination roam as far as it can take you. Inside the day dreams & ‘ponderings’ will be a golden nugget of inspiration for a new book or booklet. Would you make time to sit in silence and brew something special if you knew that the result would be something tangible that you could put your name to? See the month as an arc of creativity and use the Full Moon leading to new moon and then, at the end of the month, take stock and get ready to release your offer to a bigger stage.


Capricorn  ♑️

Capricorn this is your time. You are really coming into your own and being appreciated for your wisdom. As structures change you have been so instrumental in helping others see their way forward. Career wise this is a month where your endeavours are mixed with stop, start, stop and then start again. However every time this happens you will be further along with your plans than you realise.

Use the New Moon energy around the 22nd to take stock of all that you have achieved this year so far. And then let the new ideas gently permeate through.


Aquarius  ♒️

Mars sets your creative energy buzzing this month. Aquarius, let those ideas and creations flow as there could very well be a new career for you beckoning as an additional source of income. These are exciting developments in the world of work for you over the next few weeks. And people. Oh yes … people. Have you been waiting for someone new, or a new group of people, to enter? As doors open so there is new energy for new dates in your diary and choices to make as to where you go next! Let laughter and fun commence and you will brighten up the world around.


Pisces  ♓️

May begins for you with a delightful Neptune opposite the Moon bringing that imagination to the forefront. You have much to offer this month to all of the other signs of the zodiac in the form of inspiration. Deepest dreams, mysteries to uncover, odd thoughts and even sweeping away the cobwebs. Use the time just before the new moon to give cupboards and drawers a spring clean and see what you find. Coins, memories or unfinished projects are waiting for the new Summer light. And enjoy the change of energy as we move from Spring into Summer!


I hope you enjoy your star sign observations!

As always, with love from Alison


We all have free will and are free to decide if and when to make relevant choices. Astrology gives a guide and Alison does not offer medical, financial, legal, personal or any other type of professional advice. Information is provided for entertainment purposes only. Thank you. And with love.



T&Cs available at https://www.alisontheastrologer.com/terms-of-use-policies/

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