First New Moon after Solstice and it’s glorious!

First New Moon after Solstice and it’s glorious!

Have you been waiting for something to occur? Have you been watching the sky for a glimmer of the Moon?

Usually on a Tuesday we focus on the Planet Mars – planet of action and drive and fire. However there’s a very spectacular event unfolding in our sky and so we welcome …

A New Moon

It appears as a sliver of silver light. Take a moment to imagine just how our ancestors felt watching the lunar cycle. There was a full moon and then the light dimmed at night. And eventually there was no more moonlight.

Would the Moon appear again?
And then it did.
There it was – that glimpse of light.

And today we have an added power moment of this New Moon being on an eclipse. And … At exactly the same time (8:16PM UK) Mars moves into Leo to get closer to Mercury. At the same moment. This is one amazing Universe that we live in.

The planets will give us clues as to what this means for us whether collectively or as our self. Insights will bubble and brew. New ideas appear. This is a time to imagine and bring new projects into form. This New Moon has extra punch for us.

If you are sensitive to the Moon this will have been a strange few days. You may not have been sleeping. Dreams may have been more intense or, if you often dream, none at all. I’ve had so many ideas that I’ve struggled to keep up with my own thoughts.

You may have been imagining and spending time in the inner world. And that is a good thing. Our imagination is what gives us our curiosity. It makes us human. That and love of course! Or maybe already making use of the Mars/Mercury energy available to us all and finding that your business, career or family requires you to be more active and even more visible.

So what will you do? How will you harness the energy and use it to explore your own horizons?

This is our first New Moon after the Solstice and it’s in Cancer. It’s an opportunity to balance the inner and outer. Over the next few weeks you will see the beginnings of real balance emerging. Balance in how we treat each other and in how we treat the world. The messages are there. The planets are building us up and getting us ready to make those changes. We truly are able to make a difference. And it will require a shift. A glorious shift and we each of us have our parts to play.

At the very least please make sure that you ground yourself and keep in touch with your reality. Touch base with your inner beliefs and values. Take a moment to stand outside and connect with the earth.

And go outside and look at the Moon. Our new Moon. And just take a moment to marvel at this amazing Universe in which we have our home. Do you think it was random?

As always, with love, from Alison

Are you feeling as if there is magic around?

Are you feeling as if there is magic around?

The Moon is in Virgo and opposite Neptune in Pisces.

There is Magic around us if we choose to see it. The Moon in an earth sign and Neptune in his element of a water sign! Dreamtime, imagination, emotions close to home. And magic around.


Do we make our own magic or does magic happen?

This is probably a question that has been asked for millennia. Imagine our ancestors sitting around fire and musing on magic.magic around

There was a time when the very act of creating fire was seen as magic. Dowsing for a water source was seen as a necessary service and then as something magical. Water does not run under the earth’s surface in straight lines and so some way of divining / finding water was needed. Professional water dowsers are still employed to this day although not to the extent as in much earlier times! Have you tried dowsing? It’s great fun and remarkably accurate.


And what about the cycles?

The very act of the Moon becoming Full and then moon light slowly disappearing was once seen as mysterious. And then the first sliver of a new Moon as a cause of celebration. And eclipses were treated as the height of concern. Would the Sun appear again? Magic to watch the cycle of the Sun as it goes through the seasons and through lengthening and shorter days.

magic around

Lightening, the Northern lights, pink sky mornings, moving pictures – all would have been seen as magic. Events causing wonder and amazement. Awe and achievement.


Does or does not magic exist?

The very thought of asking whether magic has an existence seems almost … wrong!

Magic is magic. And there will always be magic. One day the nature of our Universe will be explained in scientific language … maybe. And yet there will still be mysteries.


The Moon is in Virgo and opposite Neptune in Pisces.

Magic around if we choose to use our imagination. And there is the key for today, our Moon magic day. We have been given the gift of imagination and are able to use that to conjure up worlds and dreams. Our curiosity makes us use our imagination to solve questions.

Is the earth flat? Will we fall off the edge if we sail into the distance?magic around

How brave of those explorers to actually be curious enough to go and see! What drove their curiosity?

Astrologically  – what did drive their curiosity?

Was it a strong Aquarius aspect of wanting to enquire? Or Gemini asking questions and looking to connect? Leo wanting new forms of entertainment and to understand different cultures. Aries striving. Pisces questing for new beliefs. Every sign of the zodiac has it’s own angle for wanting to explore.

What are you curious about? Curious enough to use your imagination and come up with different scenarios or solutions. And then are you, would you be, brave enough to try?

Our little blue planet is round and beautifully held in place in the universe.

We have the Sun for warmth and life. We have water and food. Everything that we, as human beings, need is here for our continued existence. Including each other. Mercury is currently in the Sign of Cancer and, as you will know if you have been reading these articles over the last few days, Mercury is giving us all a wake up call message. Right now he is square to Chiron in Aries. Chiron the wounded healer who carries so much information for our evolution through healing. Yes there is much for us to be healing as far as the planet is concerned. However our current crisis is actually much closer to home.magic around

There is an epidemic and it is loneliness. We are social animals and need to have interactions with others. Mercury in Cancer, square to Chiron, is inviting us to care and chat. To have gorgeous, beautiful, short, caring, fun conversations. To reconnect with each other. To be magic with each other.

And there is real magic.

That we are able to connect with each other and enjoy conversations. And love.

We are MAGIC – each and every one of us.

As always, with love, from Alison x



Radiate the Sun today … and every day!

Radiate the Sun today … and every day!

The Sun today offers you radiating light, warmth and heat & the regulating hours for our body clock of ‘day’. The Sun when you were born offers you the point in the zodiac defining your star sign. The Sun is a star in the sky. And you are a star in your sky and the sky of our world.

How will you radiate your stardom today? And how will you help others to radiate their stardom?

The answers to these two questions hold so much information for how your Star sign, the exact position of the Sun in the sky at your birth, flourishes and gives you the light to shine.

You are your own special Star!

As always, with love, from Alison

PS – reach out to someone today and chat. Mercury is in Cancer – show you care by talking.

Enjoy and Inspire – how will you?

Enjoy and Inspire – how will you?

with a Sun opposite Jupiter and Venus moving into Gemini – how will you enjoy and Inspire?

These are strange times indeed and we all have much to be aware of and to be wary of. And yet to find ways of enjoying ourselves too. There’s a lot going on at the moment. There is information and mis-information. There is media ‘talk’ and much going on ‘under the surface’. There are many, many distractions for us all.

Entertainment distracts us. Entertainment fuels us. Entertainment soothes us. And Entertainment inspires us.

Over the next few days especially I would ask you to ground yourself by asking:

Am I distracting myself?

Am I being distracted?

Am I distracting others?

How am I inspired? Really and truly inspired?

And then the entry of Venus into Gemini will show up for all of us in ways that we are able to bring great joy to ourselves, each other and to the planet.

Yes – the message is as big as that.

How are you inspired to step up and give permission for making the world, our world, a place of inspiration and joy.

I was inspired to write this piece on Saturday, Saturn’s day.

What will you do?

As always with love, from Alison


How are you today? Venus in Taurus asks the Moon in Leo

How are you today? Venus in Taurus asks the Moon in Leo

How are you today? Venus in Taurus asks the Moon in Leo!

Friday is Venus day and so the day that we celebrate that planet of beauty, compassion, growth and abundance. The planet is at the end of the sign of Venus and so is preparing to move into Gemini which will alter the energy. However she has not changed sign yet and is still giving us much to think about for time spent in our home, for our self and for each other.

The Moon is in Leo and so we have an opportunity to enjoy ourselves. What make you feel good? It is too easy to recommend ‘self care’ sometimes. For what is caring to the self for one person may well be excruciatingly awkward for another! I usually ask ‘What makes you feel good?’ and then wait for the answer.

We all know what recharges us or rebalances us. And that is our self care. Unique to us.

How are you today? Venus in Taurus asks the Moon in Leo! The energy in the sky is there for us all to ask ourselves how we are and to then have fun, and enjoy, our own particular form of pampering.

As always, with love from Alison

PS – why not book a chat? discovery calls are available!


Are you ready to speak from your heart?

Are you ready to speak from your heart?

Speak from your heart today and your messages will be heard, listened to and seen! Today is Jupiter day (as it’s Thursday) and Jupiter is in Sagittarius opposite the Sun in Gemini. Its an interesting chart today with the emphasis on communication being quite real.

With Moon opposing Saturn & Pluto trining Venus we build up a picture of our words, actions and thoughts truly having meaning. This is quite a week for the emotions being very close to the surface and yet also for us to feel as if this only applies to each of us! Speak from your heart today – especially as it is Jupiter day – with whatever we send out being expanded and made even more ‘so’!

Speak from your heart and be heard. Speak from your heart and allow your heart to be heard. Speak from your heart and hear others.

Be gentle with yourself. Wear something purple today. And delight in the beauty of you, of others and of this amazing Universe in which we live.

As always, with love, from Alison

Do you speak to your neighbour is my question as Mercury moves into Cancer?

Do you speak to your neighbour is my question as Mercury moves into Cancer?

Mercury moves into the caring sign of Cancer today which is already inhabited by the Moon (it’s ruler). This wonderful Mercury & Moon conjunction can be expected to highlight areas of compassion and thoughts of where we should, we really should, be doing more. Maybe the healing is required within the home or outside. Perhaps our compassion is required towards our self or towards each other … or even towards people who we don’t even know!

Or maybe Mercury Moon in Cancer brings us a message of loneliness.

Looking at the chart for today we see that the Moon is square to Chiron and this is another indicator of our messages of healing on a wider scale and wider times. And it also brings the worry to mind of that loneliness.

There is a growing epidemic around us every day. it is an epidemic becoming of epic proportions. Yes, there are the concerns of environment and, quite rightly so, we should be acting more to safeguard our planet. Indeed our oceans need our help. Nature requires our attention. However there is another concerning aspect to our life in the 21st Century.

And that is of loneliness.

It is quite incredible that, in this connected world in which we live, people are lonely. Loneliness is not age related nor anything else related. Loneliness is sweeping through our world neighbour by neighbour and we are losing the ability to recognise it. Loneliness is not a popular term to use. Who wants to admit that, with social networking promoting ‘friends’, they are feeling ‘alone’.

Do you speak to your neighbour?

It was not so long ago that I would wait for the bus to go to work. There were the same faces at the bus stop at that time of the morning. An odd bunch of people who, ordinarily, would not meet up and yet there we were. And we chatted. We got to know each other through the shared purpose of waiting for a bus. It was noted when someone was not there. Now no-one speaks. Look at a bus queue the next time you are near to one. Everyone will be on their phones and either reading or listening to music. No-one speaks.

Are you lonely? Do you feel that sense of being alone and not having anyone to speak to? Are you able to put yourself into those shoes for just a moment? And then magnify it to every day and week …

This is likely to be an emotional day. And yet also an uplifting day if we choose. Mercury messages are often factual and sometimes playful and then again witty or exactly what is needed to be said. We have the choice as to how we deal with Mercury and what we action from his communications! Bearing in mind the proximity to the Moon and those messages will be tinged with emotion and intuition. There will be a depth to our conversations today and a sense of taking those insights forward.

Mercury is a fast moving planet. The messages have a zing and then the planet moves on.

Mercury moves into Cancer today and joins the Moon. There is always something felt at the moment when a planet (or star!) changes signs. Something happens or is seen and an essence of what that planetary aspect ‘is’ becomes apparent. Often it is subtle and yet, when we are aware, we see it unfold. I am asked about when a planet is at the very end of a sign or at the beginning of another and whether this is ‘on the cusp’.  In all trueness there cannot ever be a ‘cusp’ as a planetary body will either be in one sign of the zodiac or another. And the energy changes accordingly.

We urgently need to home in on loneliness. Do you speak to your neighbour within your home? Do you smile at your neighbour sitting on the bus? Do you ask how someone is and then listen to the answer?

Mercury in Cancer offers us all the opportunity to consider our connections with each other. And the Moon brings in a gentle kind of love.

As always, with love, from Alison x

PS – do you know where Mercury is in your chart and how helpful that can be for your own connections?  I have chart chats available now to find your hidden treasures.



Why? Why would you want to know more about you?

Why? Why would you want to know more about you?

Why? Why would you want to know more about … you? How could it possibly be of help to know how others see you? Or, indeed, how you relate to others – your language if you like.

Would it be useful to understand your deeper purpose? I was recently asked whether astrology has the answer to our soul purpose. And yes. By looking at where certain stars were at the moment of birth so much is unlocked for ‘why’s and ‘hows’ and ‘deep purposes’.

Why would you want to look at your birth chart? What’s so special about the day, month. year, time and place of your birth? Well for one thing … it’s absolutely unique to you! Even twins (with an accurate time/s of birth) will have subtly differing birth charts.

I’m guessing you know your Sun (star) sign? Most people do and newspaper sun sign astrology is still very popular having been started in the 50s. And, when done well, has much to offer.

However a full astrological chart has so much more to give you.

At the moment of your birth all of the planets and stars were around the planet Earth and they were occupying signs of the zodiac. And so you may well have been born with the Sun in (for example) Pisces however you have access to so much more planetary energy. The Moon will have been somewhere … and all the other planets too!

Already we can see that your birth day shows us where the planets and stars were in the sky. And then … and this is where it gets exciting! … your time & place of birth gives us a placing for the horizon. So we know whether the Sun & Moon (and other planets) were above or below the horizon at the time of birth. For instance a Noon birth will have the sun high in the sky, visible to all. A midnight birth would be the opposite.

And when we plot the positions of the stars, planets, signs of the zodiac as a map we get to that amazingly wonderful uniqueness of you as a human being. The chart is divided into 12 segments (houses) each containing a sign of the zodiac and relating to an area of you. Your character, wealth, career for instance. Any planets or stars falling into that house will give us more information.

And then, as if that wasn’t already enough, we add into the ‘mix’ the whereabouts of planets and stars right now. And that is when we can begin to understand ourselves and the choices, potentials and possibilities that the Universe offers to us in this brilliant lifetime.

You may have gathered by now that I absolutely know, with every little bit of stardust that makes me, that we are all truly empowered when we listen to our charts, the rhythm of the universe and the symbols we meet along the way.

And I know you too can listen to, and experience, exactly the same information at all times. Information from your own inner landscape. Information from the stars and the planets. Information gleaned from the messages and symbols that our eyes and ears become aware of.

Just take a moment to consider how much richer your life would be by receiving the unique information that the Universe wants you to hear.

And, as the Universe is constantly on the move, so the effects of the planets and stars toward our birth chart is unique for each of us. By understanding our charts and what is happening now so we can listen to the rhythm of the Universe for our own personal story.  The Universe wants the absolute best for us and sends us planetary energy of help!

I have chart chats available at an introductory price of £97 for a full half hour of delving into your stars.


Energy building, moonlight growing and time to act

Energy building, moonlight growing and time to act

Energy building, moonlight growing and time to act. Quite a bit to accomplish today then! With yesterday’s New Moon in Gemini, and today’s focus on the planet Mars, it truly is a day when we can all actually GET something beautiful and gorgeous DONE!  Does that seem a little ‘not quite Alison’ to put some words into big letters? As if I might be raising my voice?

I have struggled over the years (and which I have written about previously) with certain aspects of my own astrological chart.  Read here more about what having a twelfth house Sun has meant! However I also have Mars in Libra and not in the most ‘active’ part of my chart. Working with my progressed Mars has been both a challenge and a delight however more of that in a future blog.

Mars is not the most energetic red planet of action for me personally. And so I know to use my Mars energy in other ways. For instance Mars gives me the ability to speak my truth and to walk my walk. When I know that an action is necessary to help me serve better, Mars is there helping me. Mars also gives me the ability to always earn money in some way – I roll up my sleeves and get on with the job I am tasked to do. Now there are other planets and parts of my chart that also assist with that but Mars is the main player. Does this resonate with you?

Today is Tuesday and so the day we honour and celebrate Mars energy in all of his beauty and actions – whichever way we each of us experience this!  It is also a day of energy building, moonlight growing and time to act.

And so I use big letters to say … What  ONE  action will you TAKE TODAY to stay on purpose with … you?

And, in view of the current astrological patterns that the stars are making in the sky, make it a loving action towards yourself and/or others!

As always, with love, from Alison

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New Moon in Gemini and choosing our words carefully!

New Moon in Gemini and choosing our words carefully!

New Moon in Gemini and choosing our words carefully!

First though I will explain about the picture. Not the usual Monday is Moonday photo! I am tucked away in a hotel writing and creating great content for you. I love to get away from distractions when I have blogs and articles to write. And (yes – I can remember ‘way back when’!) these days hotels have WiFi and hot chocolate and places where I can plug my laptop in and just create! And hot chocolate. Has to be done!

Today has the New Moon in Gemini which is, amongst many things, the sign of communication and people. And yet there are aspects of the chart that lead me to say …

a) choose your words well.  Great, kind, thoughtful, considered words will beam out around the world and connect you to your neighbours.

b) choose your words well.  Great, kind, thoughtful, considered words will beam out around the world and connect you to your neighbours.

get the picture? It’s a day to love your words and choose compassionate kindness. There is more on this subject tomorrow however … for now …

New Moon is a time to vision and begin new thoughts – especially as the Moon is in Gemini which is ruled by the Planet Mercury! A Gemini Moon is also a Moon of receiving as well as giving and so you may well find that your own insights and intuitive messages are increasing. Be gentle with yourself.

I send you love. As always!

From Alison


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