Festival of Lammas – What is it?

Festival of Lammas – What is it?

The Festival of Lammas

This festival of Lammas (also known as Lughnasad) is celebrated at the beginning of August when we see the colours of ripening crops and fruit. Everything’s getting ready for harvest. Flowers are abundant, nature is blossoming and our hedges are so full of wildlife. The passion and joy is just what this agricultural festival is all about!

It’s known as the festival of Lammas in Anglo-Saxon as it relates to the first loaf made from the first crops.

It is also known as Lughnasad after the Celtic Feast of the sun god Lu. Lu was the god of the sun and his spirit was said to be held in the corn.

What is the Wheel of the Year?

It has always made so much sense to me to be in touch with the ever changing way that our Earth, Gaia, interacts with the Universe. By observing the stars and the planets we learn so much. And the Sun, as we observe it through each zodiac sign, brings a rhythm and a cycle Wheel of the Yearto our days, months and years.

By watching this rhythm unfold we find ourselves in tune with the natural cycles, the agricultural year and the turning points within the year celebrated by our ancestors. Ancestral memories are buried deep inside every one of us and, by raising them up into our awareness, so we are connected to the whole in a very real way. We see time moving on, but not in minutes and hours and days necessarily, more in the cycle of life and death and rebirth.

Life, a spiral of life.

What can we do for the festival of Lammas?

A tradition, at this time, is to make a corn dolly from the first corn that’s harvested. The dolly is kept in the home as the seed for next year’s sowing. So there we have the cycle again and an attunement with nature.

We give thanks as we watch the crops ripen and begin the harvest. It’s probably a time to keep tidy or clear so that we can see what’s there.

It’s all around seeing what is coming to fruition at this time of the year. Bread being baked. Berries and juices. Celebrating all of that is nature’s bounty. And your own of course!

And the wonder, because there’s a mystical side as well. There’s a symbolic side to every single Festival, and we will light fires in the evening to celebrate, to enjoy, to extend our day. It’s also a time, August when we tend to see crop circles appear.

What can you vision?

What’s come to fruition for you this year?

What will you truly be taking forward to Harvest Festival in September in acknowledgement of your gifts?

Would you make your own corn dolly or perhaps paint a stone?

In some small way find something to take this energy, this amazing abundant sun filled passionate, joyful energy, forwards.

As always, with love from Alison.

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Festival of Lammas – What is it?

Cycles & Rhythms in Astrology

Cycles & Rhythms

Our ancestors watched the seasons, the cycles & rhythms, of the year with great interest. It was with the knowledge that the basic building blocks of life itself depended on the elements brought in by each season. Food, warmth & shelter all depended on the Sun and Moon giving the different energies to the abundance of crops. Light and warmth from the Sun & Moon made travel and socialising possible at different times of the year. Time was measured and plans made by these most natural of calendars.  I’m concentrating on the Sun and the Moon for this article yet it is worth remembering that the other planets have their own cycles and rhythms.  All adding into the curious and amazing blend of energy available to us all from living in this Universe!

The Sunsolar system

The Sun is our star.  It is by the position of the earth in relation to the Sun that we know the time of day and the season of the year.

And so if we consider this celestial body for a moment, and appreciate that the Sun is a star that constantly burns in the sky, then it follows that it sends us light and heat in order for our planet earth to have life.

Our planet Earth orbits the Sun. However it takes more than the 365 days of our Gregorian calendar (only in use since approx. 1582) year. We add a leap day every four years to make the calendar ‘fit’ with the rate of orbit. And so we need to consult an ephemeris for a particular year in order to be certain of the exact day/time that the Sun will appear in the next zodiac sign. The Sun entering a constellation (from our perspective) may be from the 19th through to the 23rd of a month.

There is no such thing as a planet being on a cusp. A star/planet will always be in one sign or another and this will vary from year to year. By consulting an ephemeris we find the exact day/time. Are you ‘on the cusp’ and unsure about your zodiac sign? A reputable astrologer will be able to work it out given your date of birth and year!


The Moon

And now we consider the cycle & rhythm of the moon. From the sliver of light that is the New Moon, through the growing towards fullness.  Then the diminishing of energy to the darkest of the cycle before the next new moon. The Moon has no light and reflects light from the Sun. The amount of moonlight that we ‘see’ shows us the phase of the moon.

New Moon = astrologically in the same sign of the zodiac as the Sun as it occupies the same part of the sky. We only see a very small amount of light growing as the Moon separates away from the Sun.

Full Moon =  astrologically in the opposite sign of the zodiac as the Sun as these two celestial bodies are opposite each other. And the light is at the fullest, maximum beam, as the Moon reflects the full amount of light available to it from the Sun!


Symbolically we can look at this cycle as:

New Moon = new beginnings, inspirations, joy of the light returning

Growing / waxing = light & energy. What has been planted at the new moon grows and expands.

Full Moon = appreciation of growth, celebration. This is a time of maximum light and vibrant energy.

Lessening / waning = time for the energy to be grounded, embedded and thought about.

Dark of the Moon = no moonlight and a time for inner reflection.



There is a power and usefulness in observing the cycles & rhythms of the earth, and our universe, for the key to how we ‘fit’ in!  And even more information to our belonging in this Universal system of ours is the observance of the 8 seasons of the year.  Here is a link to an article about the cycle of the Wheel of the Year through the astrological & agricultural seasons – just click the image:Wheel of the Year

I have a special offer right now for your ‘Summer Solstice Star Map 1-1’ consultation <<link here>> 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about some of the Cycles & Rhythms in astrology. There are many more as, just like our home universe, the information and potentials are ever-unfolding.

As always, with love from Alison x

PS – Here is a link to the Encyclopaedia Britannica and some information about the Gregorian calendar which you may find interesting! <<Gregorian Calendar>>




Is this the Age of Aquarius?

Is this the Age of Aquarius?

Are we in the Age of Aquarius?

Consulting our history books shows us that astronomers as far back in time as Ancient Egypt recorded that planet Earth’s movement, in relation to the constellations, had a greater cosmic cycle of around 26,000 years. And this cycle became known as the Great Year with each constellation visited for approximately 2000 years.

The astronomy of the ‘Precession of the Vernal Equinoxes’ is complicated, fascinating and would require at least an ‘age’ of its own to fully explain. Are we leaving or have left the Age of Pisces? And are we now entering or arrived at the Age of Aquarius? You probably already think that I made a mistake by saying we have moved from Pisces into Aquarius – please bear with me!

You see the Great Year is based on the Equinox pointers to constellations and moves the opposite way to the Sun’s path through the zodiac. The Sun/moon gravitational pull is unequal. The result is that we know the Universe certainly does not move to the tune of the calendar in use by humans!

We may not be able to say the exact time of entry (!) but it is safe to say that we are in the Aquarius arrivals hall.  I work on the premise that there is no cusp.  A planet is either in one constellation or another and we are planet Earth and so (imo) now IN Aquarius!

So what is Aquarius?Aquarius

Aquarius is depicted as the water bearer however is actually an air sign. Now ruled by Uranus the ‘older’ rulership was by Saturn. Putting those two planets together can sometimes seem at odds with each other. And yet, when we delve deeper, there is an energy blend that gives so much great potential for newly built structures and quite brilliant systems. And, of course, a need for awareness of boundaries in the online world. We may see an incredible creativity about to emerge or emerging. There is no way of knowing just what the next two thousand years will mean for us however maybe new technologies, new ways of communicating and contacting life beyond our known Universe!

What will/does this mean for us?

Do a quick search and you will see many ways to look at this however I’m going to concentrate on just a particular thought process.

Humans create Technology … Technology leads to Connections …
Connections with Humanity … Humanity creates stunning Creativity …

Will we remember our roots?

As we move into this new era and age it becomes more crucial, not less, that we remember why we are here. See the evolution and the great expansiveness of our reaching out all around the planet and beyond. And about anchoring ourselves on the Earth by taking care of ourselves in mind, body and spirit.

Is this the Age of Aquarius? ‘YES’!  And our brilliant, helpful, inspirational Universe shows us new ways of connecting and evolving. Perhaps one challenge, and we have had an introduction to this throughout 2020, will be to reach out to each other as much as is possible. Don’t forget to smile and chat in real life!


Please delve into your ancestral roots and memories to hear the gentle whispers from times gone by. There are many forms of communication and that, also, will become much more apparent as we move into this new Great Age!



I have business and personal appointments available if you’d like to know how your own astrology ‘fits’!

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As always, with love from Alison x







Know more about Venus!

Know more about Venus!

When we start to know more about Venus we see not only that Venus shines brightly in the sky, and often can be seen quite visibly even in daylight, but so much about the planet offers us keys to understanding more of what helps us shine.  Venus rules both Taurus (April into May) and Libra (September into October) which offers clues as to her influence for both growth and harvest. Venus loves abundance and to encourage more. However there is so much more to know about Venus!



In the mythology surrounding Venus, named for the Roman Goddess, it is said that she gave birth to Cupid who would fire his arrows and cause love between two human beings.

Her Greek equivalent is Aphrodite and both have stories of love, beauty and passion.  This image is from the birth of Venus as symbolised by Botticelli and it is stunning in the depth of symbolism and colour.  I mention colour as the colours of pink and green symbolise Venus energy.

And so, If we think about how Venus shines brightly in the sky, we also then apply it to our birth charts to see where, or how, we expect to shine in the world. She will show us what we love and how we approach art and music. And, if setting up a business chart I would also look to see how best to use the Venus energy to make sure your business shines too!  Especially as Venus also symbolises the growth of money as well as the beauty, love, abundance, greenery, growth and harvest. Think how much that helps us all as we move through our lives! And then consider your business as at the heart of a union with … you.

Know more about Venus



Venus rules the Friday in our ‘days of the week’ and it is interesting to see her influence. That Friday feeling of catching up with friends, planning a great meal, enjoying the prospect of a weekend ahead – all of those (and more) put us into a space of feeling inspired or happy.  Venus as Friday <<read more here>> and a day of self care.


And so, as you go about your day, whether Friday or another day, look at where your attention falls for the beauty in life. Nature is truly abundant and has much to teach us. And watch the stars for a sense of just how close their starlight is to us.

As always, with love from Alison x

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How I work! A glimpse behind the scenes

How I work! A glimpse behind the scenes

How I work may not be as another astrologer would or, indeed, may not be how you would if you are an astrologer. However it is how I work and have done for many years and  this article may, I hope, give you an understanding of how you can approach your own astrological journey and give you a thought that there may be more to astrology!

Whether you have had your chart prepared for you, or have an interest sparked by reading your horoscope, you will very quickly see that there are more books, and texts, about astrology than you and I could possibly read in our lifetimes.


Behind the scenes

This is me in consultation at a Mind, Body & Spirit Fair and I so look forward to when we can do this again!


My history

I was born in August and this gives me a Leo Sun. I never felt like a Leo Lion was supposed to though. No roaring for me and you would usually find me in a corner of the playground hoping break time would be over quickly and that I wouldn’t have to speak to anyone. And as for going out on stage … well I tried … but I was much happier in the wardrobe department or even prompting!

And then, a lot of years later, I learnt how to read the symbolism of tarot and decided to give astrology a chance. What a life changing decision. My chart was duly drawn up and read for me by a leading astrologer.

light bulb

Light bulb moment!

So much suddenly made sense.  My Leo Sun is in a particular position in the sky inspiring me to help others shine. And as to all of my other planets – it was as if someone had suddenly given me a manual to understand me!

And, ever since then, my respect for astrology has grown along with reading, writing and experiencing it!


The Craft of Astrology

I learnt how to set up an astrology chart before computer programs were the norm. Drawing up a chart is an amazing thing to do and, even though I use a computer for the basic birth chart calculations now, I find so many more insights when I sit and draw it by hand. So I will often copy a chart from my screen and draw the planets, stars, asteroids and planetary movements. It becomes a work of art, my craft, and truly fitting for the honour of interpreting a chart for someone.

astrology chart reading

The best advice I give to anyone who really wants to understand astrology (a life long process I can tell you!) is to watch it unfold. After initially learning I very quickly began reading charts 1-1, at camps and at festivals all over the country. I have given workshops and talks over the years and added in learning from talking to people. Curiosity is probably one of the best traits to have as an astrologer!

A computer will, very quickly, give you a chart and even offer generic interpretations but it is up to the astrologer to:

a) check a chart is correct

b) look at it as a whole and not just individual planets as a chart tells a whole story

c) offer interpretations – remember that nothing is fate as we all have choices all of the time!

d) apply planetary transits from the past to begin to make sense for the now and future trends.


Our Universe

The stars, planets, our earth and the Universe are constantly moving around and changing their patterns. And so a unique pattern of the stars in the sky is available for every birth. It may be that you wish to know more about the birth of yourself, the start of a business, a purchase you are about to make or the launch of a book or course. All of those ‘births’ will have a chart available for the moment. And that natal chart will remain the same. It is the blue-print and map of all potentials and possibilities and we can choose whether to be in flow with those energies … or not!

solar system

Your/the birth chart remains the same. But the planetary energies and influences change giving more opportunities for growth and … well … those choices!

And, as if looking at planetary transits (the patterns made) isn’t a big enough deal, we can learn so much about ourselves by seeing what happened during a previous and similar pattern made and so be prepared for what is to come.


What I use

Behind the scenes and my ‘tools of trade’ are:

almost 30 years of reading charts, studying, giving talks and workshops, working professionally AND of course using astrology daily for myself!

my own daily practices of watching the stars unfold their amazing stories;

100 year + 50 year + individual yearly ephemeris;

pens and pencils for writing my notes down and re-creating the charts;

an excellent computer program called Time Passages from astrograph.com which has basic through to professional packages and has brilliant customer service.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse behind the scenes of how I work. I love talking astrology so please do look at my website for more blogs and how to work with me!

As always, with love, from Alison x

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Welcome to some 2021 Spring Equinox energy!

Welcome to some 2021 Spring Equinox energy!

Are you feeling the 2021 Spring Equinox energy is very different as we enter the end of March and onwards through this year? There is a real shift and we can use this change of pace in great ways for ourselves and for those we are connected, or connecting, with.

An overall astrology for the year gives us a trend, or theme, of innovation and transformation. This Spring Equinox, which is a very, very strong and powerful pivot time within the Wheel of the Year, gives an extra push towards invention or re-invention. Look at your birth chart to see where change is being prompted!  Click HERE if you don’t have yours but would love to have it prepared for you professionally.

Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox is an astrological festival because it’s when the Sun moves into the sign of Aries – the first sign of the zodiac.

Equinox = Equal light and dark / day and night

For 2021 this Spring Equinox is Saturday 20th.
I love the thought that when it’s Spring Equinox for us it is Autumn Equinox on the other side of the planet. And for me, that completely relates to the balance.
With the Spring Equinox the Sun is moving into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and it’s a real big push of energy. Plus, because it’s a waxing moon, its a very definite time of growth!  The planet is  always turning and we are already moving through Spring and towards the heat of Summer. Loving this Spring Equinox energy!
What do you want to grow?
And, crucially, what do you want to do to keep your balance?
How will you be creative?
And, crucially, how will you relax and recharge your batteries?
Let me know your replies – I love to hear from you!
One final note about the Spring Equinox. Spring cleaning brushes away the cobwebs to allow the new energy to arrive. Nature fills a void and so, I dare you (!), create an empty space / open a new notebook / sit still and quiet to clear your mind …

Celebration time 🌟

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thank you for reading and be gentle with yourself.

As always, with love from Alison x

Myths about Astrology

Myths about Astrology

There are many myths about astrology that have built up over the years …

Do you ever hear questions such as “will astrology tell my future for me …” or “how can something up in the sky possibly be of use to me”?harvest


Years ago (and perhaps still now?) astrology would have been practised by Kings & Queens, by warriors, by philosophers & teachers and, of course, by farmers who needed to know the best time for planting crops or to harvest. They would have been more interested in ‘favourable’ times of the month or year rather than paying heed to myths about astrology.


Daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes based on Sun sign astrology is a very new activity as far as astrology history is concerned – 1930s for the first newspaper horoscope article and during the 1950s for sun/star sign based horoscopes.


And so I’d like to ‘bust’ some myths about astrology!



Astro Myth #1

Q. “Can you tell my Future?”

A. You have many! All brilliantly tailored for you…

Astrology does not have just one clearly defined destination for any of us. What the stars do offer, however, are best possible choices for us as we move forwards.

At the moment of our birth into time and space the Universe offers a unique pattern of stars, planets & asteroids. That pattern will never be seen again … ever! It is yours – a birth chart and map of unfolding potentials especially for you.

Then look at what the stars are doing right now, and will do ahead, and map them onto your birth chart. And that gives you excellent choices and routes forward … all entirely suited to your birth blue-print!

You are unique and special and have choices!


Astro Myth #2

Q. “ But it’s a retrograde! Everything is going wrong …”

A. Our Universe constantly, and wondrously, moves forwards. All the planets and stars are moving, as are we of course (!), although all at different rates. This is how our stars continue to unfold into beautiful, and new patterns, both around us and including us.

Sometimes the stars appear to be moving backwards – in part due to our Earthly orbit and also due to their change in ‘pace’. This alters the energy available in a subtle way.

And there is our key to busting the myth of ‘retrogrades cause x y z’ …! 

Planetary energy offers us opportunities and potentials for us to choose how we use it. And sometimes we are asked to look back in order to move forwards.

Perhaps during a Mercury retrograde you become aware of a piece of machinery needing a service or of paperwork needing attention. Maybe during a Venus retrograde you decide to plan a new garden space. And then, because those planets are offering great ‘re-think’ energy, making appointments or sitting with a planner becomes a great way to use the energy to your advantage!

Retrograde = time to re-imagine or re-do …


Astro Myth #3

Q. “I had my chart read years ago so nothing has changed …”

A. At every moment of time and space the planets are changing their patterns and this gives us infinite potentials and opportunities. And we can use that information to see where the best possible choices are for us as unique beings and as we walk along our path here on Earth.

Your original chart interpretation gives you the start and then the choice of great destinations opens up! An astrologer will look at your birth map and then apply the current and future star patterns. And also Remember that your birth chart gives you an amazing key to understanding yourself and the world around you!


Astro Myth #4

Q. “I read my stars every day – what’s the point of having my chart drawn up?”

A. The daily stars, or weekly/monthly, in your magazine will focus on your star/Sun sign. This is the sign of the zodiac that the Sun was in at the time of your birth. And most of us will know that!

However we are so much more!

At the time of birth you arrived with all of the planets making a pattern around the place where you were born. The day, time and place gives you a unique moment of arrival on this planet Earth and, when we map out the stars around you, we see every sign of the zodiac, the twelve constellations,  as well. This begins to tell the story of you. From how you see the world to how you are seen. From the type of work best suited to your relationship with travel. And much more. All of the wonderful potentials. Here is a link to an article about what an astrology chart reading is <<read more>>

Please do read your daily stars as they will have a flavour for you of the day/week.month ahead. However your unique horoscope will tell you so much more!


Astro Myth #5

Q. “Anyone can look at the stars … what’s so special?”

A. I would love everyone to go outside, look at the moon and see the wealth and enormity of our amazing Universe.

Then observe your own unique relationship with Moon energy through the phases from New to Full and then to New again. It demonstrates our sensitivity to the Moon.

And then the next logical steps are to work with the other planets as well – and for this you may need to consult an astrologer.   


I’ve spent over 20 years studying, and working with, the astrology around us. From the technicalities of chart preparation (for the moment of birth) through to being on the ground and reading the charts for people from all walks of life. And it is wonderful to see just how helpful knowing more about ourselves, and how we ‘fit’ into this Universe of ours, is.

Before each client consultation I will have spent several hours in preparation by immersing myself in their unique birth chart and looking at the planetary trends that have happened, and will happen, in relation to that individual chart. And then, when we meet, we can see just where the best possible choices are.  Book a call to chat to me here <<book a call here>>


But … for now … to begin … go outside tonight and look at the moon!  Wheel of the Year


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of the myths about astrology!

As always, with love, from Alison

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Know more about Mercury!

Know more about Mercury!

When we set out to know more about the Planet Mercury it is to delve deeply into how each of us communicates with each other and with the world in which we live. Mercury

Thought becomes form and there is a Mercurial key!

So who, what, why, where and how does Mercury energy have such an effect?

Where is Mercury?

The Planet Mercury is the closest to the Sun and is also the smallest planet. Mercury gets extremely hot during the day and very cold at night due to the lack of atmosphere – he cannot hold onto his heat … or his messages! Cold, cold, cold, and hot, hot, hot! Very mercurial.

Mercury is the fastest moving planet and takes around 88 days to orbit the Sun. However, from an astrological point of view, we usually find Mercury in the same sign of the zodiac as the Sun. I say ‘usually’ as Mercury timings can be a little, shall we say, erratic due to a retrograde motion three or four times in a calendar year. – more about that change in energy later! Mostly we can know that Mercury is very close to the Sun and so in the same ‘star sign’.


Who is Mercury?

There are so many clues to the nature and layers of Mercury symbolism/resonance in astrology already in the information mentioned. Even more unfold when we look at the Glyph.    Know more about Mercury
Starting at the bottom the cross is symbolic of the connection between body and mind.

Next the unbroken circle represents Spirit and life force.

And finally the half circle resting at the top is in receptive mode and open to the Universe.

Mercury as the Messenger

When we see an image of Mercury he is sometimes depicted as having wings on his feet. This symbolises the fleeting nature of his journey around the Universe and he is known as the Quick-silver fast moving messenger mercurywho, in mythology, collected and delivered messages between the earth dwellers and the gods.

This is a useful quick-witted energy for trade and negotiations, aspiring to goals or exploring new ideas. Mercury communicates by broadcasting and is in his element when learning something new. There are no emotions in the Mercury ‘speech’, ‘thought’, ‘ideas’ as it is all about the intellect and imagery.

In the Tarot Mercury is symbolised by the Magician archetype and so we can draw upon the energy of mind-power.


Astrological Insights

Mercury rules Wednesday and, by looking at the old name of Woden day we also unwrap layers of mythology.  Woden was King of the Anglo-Saxon gods / Odin the chief in Norse mythology.

Both Gemini & Virgo are ruled by Mercury and we see very different personalities displayed by Mercurial energy through those signs. In Gemini he will offer the quick wit and fast intellect whilst in Virgo he offers attention to detail and deep thinking.

We all have the planet Mercury somewhere in our birth chart and by considering the sign of the zodiac in which he was at our birth (usually our Sun/Star sign) together with the placement in the chart (the house) we are able to ascertain the nature of Mercury for us as an individual. 


Do you know where Mercury was at the moment of your birth?

How we use Mercury is determined by that placing and, by really delving deeply into understanding this, we establish our own unique ways of communicating and of learning. And how we negotiate in business … and our money mindset … and just about every other Mercurial trait you could think of! Of course we also use the Mercury energy by seeing where the planet is astrologically at a particular time and the patterns made with other stars/planets.

Our universe continually giving us energies to choose from to use for our purpose on a daily (or moment by moment) basis!


Know more about Mercury going retrograde!

Mercury Retrograde usually only happens three times in a year. And it’s for less than three weeks each time, but the amount of press that messenger planet gets is far out of proportion to the amount of time, he is spending in retrograde! It is useful to know more about Mercury retrograde as it is a very, very significant planetary energy, and one that we can really enjoy using.

Let’s dispel a myth straight away! A Mercury retrograde will not cause your computer to crash or washing machine to break down. However you may become more aware of problems that need addressing during this period of time! It’s all about tweaking, refining, considering, editing, looking at dotting the i’s and crossing the T’s.

Nothing in our universe goes backwards as our universe moves forwards, all of the time. The planets ,the stars, asteroids are all constantly moving at different paces creating unique patterns in the sky and in the universe around us. However every now and again it appears as if Mercury is going backwards from our perspective here on planet Earth. The energy will have changed. It’s a subtle shift in energy but oh my word, it truly is so very useful.

Absolutely useful.

Where do you need to take a step back and revisit or RE DO or edit or reconsider or give it that final polish before you release your message or material to the world. Or what will you receive during this time? Or learn?


Remember everything about the universe is about offering choices and potentials for us to make, or be, the best version of ourselves.

We have free choice and free will. You choose the what, where, how …!

<<Read more>> here about the nature of time and retrograde planets.


And don’t forget we are of the stars.

We live here on planet Earth.

As always, with love, from Alison xx

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It’s all about the frequency for 2021!

It’s all about the frequency for 2021!

Are you sensing the change in frequency?

Days become brighter.  Seasons moving on….

How are you? I’d like to take a moment to offer my love to everyone as we go through these particular times – challenging in different ways for each of us.

However time, and the planets, do move on and I wonder if you are feeling the new energy beginning to emerge? Or are you wondering whether, and how, anything will ever budge again.

January is one of those months where so much happens and yet so little. The snowdrops begin to raise their flowers out of the ground and we have put away the decorations from the festive season as, already, we see that the light is returning. We are alternately shivering in the cold and delighting in the frost and snow. The frost and ice will conjure beautiful patterns especially on glass. Nature being magical!

New Year, New Me? Or …

January is not a month to make firm plans for the rest of the year. And yet our calendars and diaries all begin with January …
Our Gregorian calendar, with 365 days in a year and 12 months in a year, was only introduced in 1582 which isn’t very long ago as far as our history on this planet is concerned. And we see the introduction of a leap year day every four years to correct the fact that the Universe really doesn’t conform to a strict 24 hour day.

Read more <<here>> for my latest blog about listening to our own rhythm of waking and sleeping patterns!

February energy is much more suited to the beginning of dreams waiting to become plans and so I invite you, over the next few days, to start dreaming!

To tune yourself into the change of frequency becoming available. And please do not worry if your rhythm is not quite in the 2021 ‘groove’ as yet – in fact it is probably key to acknowledge the feeling of ‘waiting for the new frequency to unfold’ rather than expecting too much of ourselves.

Full Moon & Imbolc

Thursday January 28th 2021 sees the vibrant full moon in Leo. With the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo we can expect some creative noise.  Better to use the energy abounding to spend time pondering your own inner language. Listen to your own frequency and make the decision to be creative – designing and drawing. Crystallization of insights gathered over the Winter season!

The chart for the moment of Full Moon (January 28 2021 at 19:16 GMT London) has a couple of very interesting aspects. Firstly that Mercury, in Aquarius, is about to station before changing frequency and going retrograde on the 30th. And the Moon, Leo, reflecting on Saturn, Sun & Jupiter in Aquarius.
An opportunity, and great potential, for finding that balance of the inner and outer worlds. For the crystallization of dreams.

Imbolc, one of the eight turning wheel of the year festivals, is celebrated on the 1st February and resonates deeply with our ancestral memories of welcoming the first stirrings of green growth. Alternative names for Imbolc are ‘Little Spring’ or ‘Snowdrop Festival’.


What seeds would you like to see grow into a strong plant this year?

Q.  How do I use all this information?
A.  Go safely and warmly outside and stand under the moon. Be open to the amazing sense of infinity, potentials and possibilities!

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A big thank you for reading and for being here alongside me on our journey together. I would love to hear from you – keep well, safe, warm, and be gentle with yourself.

As always, with love from Alison x

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Are you waking and sleeping differently? Maybe this is why …

Are you waking and sleeping differently? Maybe this is why …

Have you noticed a change in the way you are waking and sleeping recently?

Why, maybe you are wondering, is Alison asking me about this … how does it fit in with astrology … ???

Two of the most popular questions I am noticing are:

1) “I’m dreaming a lot right now – is there a reason for that?”  &

2) “Is it normal to be sleeping later and later?”


Maybe this is why…

Whilst the cycles of the Moon nearly always have an impact on our dreaming patterns it is fair to say that these are very unusual planetary times and so I looked deeper into the ‘why’s’.

And I noticed how our daily patterns have shifted and changed with restrictions being introduced, then lifted, then reintroduced and offices, shops and buildings closed.

As human beings, we are so very spiraladaptable and stoic in the face of what we need to do to survive. To survive is the purpose of our ego and we will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure continued existence!

We are amazing humans and history constantly shows us just how much we not only choose to live but we strive to evolve and grow as well.

And so a situation calls for us to alter our standard patterns of waking and sleeping behaviour and we absolutely step up to the mark and try to do our best …

We have had generations, and years, of society calling us up to a clock based waking, and working, day.

Suddenly the six o’clock train to catch a tube to walk to an office for an eight o’clock meeting has disappeared. And that 8am meeting is suddenly an 8pm online conference call. A hurried sandwich lunch at a desk becomes preparing lunch for family. Our complete structure of a ‘day in the life of …’ has changed!


The Sleep/Wake Rhythm

Your sleep/awake schedule may well have shifted and altered beyond all recognition! waking

“It feels so normal to start work in the afternoon”
“I can’t switch off at night now as I have meetings in the evening.”
“I’m getting up later in the morning … am I lazy?”

These are all comments seen over the last few weeks from various platforms and, I’m sure, you have your own to add.

We all have our own ‘sleep/awake’ clocks that usually need no thought given. An alarm clock will make sure that we get up in time for the bus or train. And then our day is pretty regulated for lunch time and evening meal. Waking and sleeping to suit our day.

But things are different now. With more and more of us working from home, together with partners, we may be sharing coffee tables for lap tops and kitchen plug sockets for chargers. And then there is also, of course, home schooling, or the ‘noise’ of others in the household.


Deep Remembering

There is a saying that will resonate with our ancestral memories which may well be of help here!

“Up with the lark”

Or “wake at dawn and bed at dusk”.

It is only a few years ago (relatively speaking!) that we would have been, quite naturally, waking as the sun rose and making sure that our tasks were completed in daylight. And then evenings, that time as the sun went down, for the more indoors tasks or story telling. Our bodies, and minds, really do remember a time when our cycles and rhythms were much more in tune with those of our planet earth and the Universe.

It is at the deep of Winter that we yearn for the sun and for light (and warmth!) to return.                    sunrise

Read more <<here>> about why it resonates for us all to light up our homes at that time of the year!



Rhythms and cycles. Our own body clocks.

Sleeping and dreaming. Doing and being.

Listening to our inner self becomes even more crucial as we move into these new planetary energies. We are being given an opportunity to ground ourselves with the earth. To learn a new way of being in tune with our bodies, our families, our neighbours and find those different (may I offer the word ‘better’ here?) ways of working.


Top Tip!


By understanding ourselves (and knowing your birth chart is one way of delving into the magical being that is you!) we can choose how we structure our day.

Choose what filters to apply to media and listen to what your body says. Switch to a cycle and rhythm that suits you and your family. And if you find negotiations are needed know that you are giving yourself choices.

Choice is powerful.  Listening to our own cycles and rhythms is a very powerful and liberating way of being.

And make time for you!

As always, with love from Alison x

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