Beltane - Maytime Fire festival over. Next festival - Summer Solstice! Join the mailing list for details!

Are you feeling detached from yourself?

Do you want to feel that sense of movement from Spring towards Summer?

Now, more than ever, we need to connect with our ancestors to hear their gentle wisdom.

Beltane as fire festival weaving together the sky with the earth and giving us time to indulge our joy of life on planet Earth.

Bel – The Sun God

Tane – Fire

Heralding Summer andBeltane fire festival the seasons blending and growing into the next.

May 1st …

In this online masterclass you will:

* celebrate time to make space for abundance to grow – April moves into May!

*  explore the use of symbolism to unlock your own joyous dance into Summer

* hear about the current astrology and how we can use it right now!

Why is Alison offering this?

I’m Alison Smith and I’ve watched the stars, the rhythm of nature and our planet, the turning wheel of the year for over 20 years.

My mission is for us all to see the wonder of the stars above and to bring that sense of joy-full-ness down from above to us here below on planet earth and to walk together with the rhythm of the Earth. To be connected with each other and our amazing planet.

Will you join us for Beltane – Maytime Fire festival


Friday 1st May 3pm-4pm (UK time)  

The masterclass is online using Zoom, recorded and has space for a Q&A around this Beltane for those who attend live.