Astrology & Tarot

Members Club

You are not separate – you are connected

You are not alone – you belong

You are not lost – you are already home

Beauty, wonder & magic are here in plain sight

This members club is designed to help you USE your birth chart AND the energies from the stars!

Together, month by month, we will explore your personal  astrology AND the language of symbolism …

for life, business, dreams … 

to unlock your abundance & creativity …

Are you ready to listen to your own magic this month?

You are uniquely connected to the Universe through being on this planet Earth – magical!

Our Universe creates new patterns of star energies at every moment!

Your birth chart is a map … totally unique for you … of the stars at the moment you arrived here on Earth.

By joining you will have access to:

  •  Unlock the mysteries of earth and stars
  •  Unveil history and listen to your ancestors
  •  Explore symbolism & the rich language of the tarot

2 x one-hour group sessions each month

A mix of masterclasses and work-a-longs with your chart.  Conversations and community discussions feature massively in the Members Club.  With dedicated Q&A threads plus an occasional guest speaker too!

Plus there is a Members Club room, separate from facebook, where videos are stored and conversations can take place.

The group sessions are on Zoom and only some parts are recorded – usually the masterclass part!  

Bonus Facebook Group

Extra Q&A threads plus the opportunity to interact with Alison and with other members!

Star info!

Significant Star information which is useful for planning ahead!


Using the symbolism contained in tarot we listen to our inner language and intuition for guidance and clarity.

We will explore history as passed down by our ancestors to find the golden usefulness of allowing symbols to offer different perspectives.

Everything I teach is designed to offer choice and recognition of our unique pathways through life!

Abundance, Astrology & Tarot

The bonus facebook group will be a place for you to chill out, chat to other members and catch up with the latest star information!

Whether you are working through some big life changes or wondering what the next stage is … this is a place of gentleness and harmony for you to rest a while and ponder.

Oh and, of course, permission for light heartedness and a tinge of spiritual fun!


We are born under a unique map of the stars (our birth chart) which offers us potentials, choices and our best direction as we navigate life.

Nothing is fated or destiny! By getting to know the birth chart we can begin to see best choices.

Together we will explore lunar cycles and the 8 Celtic festivals – the wheel of the year.

By aligning ourselves with natural rhythms so we can also expand and flow gracefully through our days!

Alison Smith

Astrologer, Author, Tarot explorer

Queen of Earth energies helping women re-design best new futures using astrology, tarot & the wisdom of nature

I’m a professional astrologer, intuitive, tarot reader & earth energies explorer of more than 30 years. I’m known for my practical interpretations and the ‘how can we use this’ approach to our life in this Universe!

After giving thousands of readings plus dozens of workshops, courses and talks all over the UK – I am passionate to bring this information out in accessible ways to you!

I currently live in North Wales and love to camp at festivals listening to live music. Oh yes … And I like cake!

And I’m writing a book which will be published, and available at all good book shops, at the end of this year!

Join the Astrology & Tarot Members Club today

Leave any time – no refunds

All questions to be asked during the calls or inside the bonus facebook group



Who is this for?


It’s a connection for women who are making changes, creating spaces for others and raising their own vibration whilst helping others do so.

It’s about keeping one foot planted firmly in the real world whilst exploring how to ‘be’.

It’s about unlocking ancestral memories around the wheel of the year and finding rhythm to centre and earth ourselves.

It’s waking up the language of symbolism contained in earth energies and the tarot to better understand intuition and the role celebration has for each of us.

It’s taking time to unveil the map of the stars in order to … you’ve guessed it 🤣 … to actually USE it.  

It’s using normal words to explore the extra-ordinary and love the lives we lead …

This is support for you, inside a gentle place, to reconnect with who you are and to learn and explore more of your personal connection with the Earth. And I’m there to help guide!


You are not separate – you are connected

You are not alone – you belong

You are not lost – you are already home

Beauty, wonder & magic are here in plain sight


And I wish for you:

clarity in confusion,

calm in chaos,

harmony from the skies,

empowerment from the earth


As always, with love from Alison x