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Moving forwards into Soul purpose

Personal Astrology

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You feel at ‘home’ when we put the puzzle pieces together and begin to see your bigger picture.

This is just the beginning. The planets are always moving and offering great potentials for you belonging in this Universe!

Not just one lifetime but many.

Not just one family but people we are here to learn from and teach.

Do you wonder whether to make those changes. Scared in case you get it wrong. And you’ve seen that amazing opportunity for the perfect next step, the one you’ve been waiting for and you feel it’s the right time … but you fear … something …


Being visible?

Finding your voice?

Being you?

Hearing your Soul purpose?

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When you begin to unlock your absolute best potentials, talents and your shadow sides, then you will follow the path you were born to follow. From your birth chart we can look at what’s giving you great planetary influence for direction and decisions. Your Soul Purpose!

Unlock the magic of your unique astrology that the Universe prepared for you at your birth.

The planets and stars were all arranged in a pattern unique for the moment of your arrival here on Earth. The Moon has her own sign of the zodiac and so does Venus, Mars, Saturn and all …

Chiron, the wounded healer in mythology, an asteroid in our sky giving a particular energy to our soul career path. Lilith, holder of feminine mysteries, a point in the lunar orbit furthest away from Earth with insights of how we become whole. And there is so much more to be explored. 

All with amazing potential to help you move forwards.

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This is what your astrological conversation looks like:

  • your date, time and place of birth creates your birth chart. It is a map of the stars for the moment you first took breathe on this planet, your arrival (!) and is our starting point.          (if you don’t have the time of birth book the free call with me to discuss further )
  • I then do the prep work in the background so your personal astrological information is ready for you
  • We will have our conversation from my heart to yours and unlock the keys held within the amazing and unique blueprint that the Universe has prepared for you

What you get:

  • Your birth chart (your road map) conversation to give you the potentials and insights
  • Insights into your unique talents, gifts, shadow sides and how to navigate them as you walk forwards with real Soul purpose
  • Significant transits and planetary aspects ahead!

What you take away:

  • Your birth chart for display as a download ready for you to print
  • A recording of our conversation
  • Two or three significant planetary transits (what’s ahead) to help you use this information moving forwards in your plans of what to do and when!

Please bear in mind that this session is only the beginning to unlocking your true journey of possibilities here on planet Earth … and we go deep!

Your 90 minute session is priced at £369 – your astrological conversation of understanding your own map of the stars and your Soul Purpose!

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If you’re at all unsure please book a free call with me using the link in book here! I want to make sure that, by knowing more about your personal astrology, it will help you move forwards and that our conversations will flow!

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