Your Personal Astrology Consultation


Enjoy living your true purpose, 

heal your past (life) wounds,

and make solid business decisions

based on knowing your best choices. 


Astrology - Your conscious change!

What’s stopping you moving forward? Why?

How do you listen to your own voice when there is so much noise from others?

Your birth chart will show us your absolute best potentials and talents. And we can look at what’s giving you great planetary influence for direction, purpose and decisions.

I know that you are ready for change because you’ve told me this – you’re ready to make a change and just need to know that you’re heading in the best direction for you. Let’s work together to make sure that the change you make is the best one for you and see you shine and walk forward with confidence.

Chiron in your chart indicates where in life you will be offering help to others and also where you are striving for growth yourself – soul purpose.

When you book, and I have your information, the process of interpreting and understanding your chart ready for our meeting begins. This usually takes me a good few hours to immerse myself in your personal map of the stars.

Your personal consultation is a deep dive into your own unique astrology and brings with it much to help bring amazing transformation for you and for your business.

At time of booking you will be asked for your birth details as your chart, or map of the stars, is based on the moment and location of your arrival here on planet Earth … and that makes it especially unique for you.

And we will look at current and upcoming planetary movements and how they give influence to you – offering you great potentials for planning next steps.

Warning triangle! Knowing your chart, and living with that knowledge, will make a difference.

Your consultation is recorded for you and I send your birth chart by email in advance of our meeting.

£195.00 – your consultation is one hour.

Booking your astrology consultation is a very special moment in time. Whether you already know your chart, or are newly looking at your personal astrology, there is a wealth of information to be uncovered for you! 

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Are you ready to be inspired and to marvel at this amazing Universe in which we live. Are you willing to begin to understand your path? And why you are drawn to certain choices?

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