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Moving forwards

Are you planning a transformation?


Enjoy living your true purpose, 

And love being the real you! 



Note from me (Alison!)

I have appointments available for my half-hour power-time sessions!

This is very exciting as it has come out of my own retreat into the deep avenues of change which the Universe is offering to all of us at this time.

Priced at £49 for these power-full calls you will choose what is of most use to you!

You may wish to ponder on the following questions however …

   What’s stopping you moving forward? Why?

   How do you listen to your own voice when there is so much noise from others?

My mission is to help you to be inspired and motivated to live your best version of you! For you to make those amazing great choices … or even the smaller ones!

 Take your thoughts and would you:

Astro-chat – let’s chat around your chart. Not a consultation but useful if you want to explore one aspect of your chart or of the astrology of now! And, of course if you would like to make sure that a full consultation would be helpful!!

Or spend a half hour with me learning:

how to dowse using a pendulum;

developing your intuition;

Creating a meditative mandala using cards or drawing techniques.

PS – you can book as many of these sessions as you wish (one person used the facility to have a 1-1 tarot course with me by booking 5 sessions – discount available for that so contact me!)

Book your session and enjoy delving into your own sense of who you are and inner growing towards self. Click to Book here!


Gift Vouchers are available!

Contact us for more details of how to purchase that special gift!

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