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Do you wonder whether to make those changes. Scared in case you get it wrong. And you’ve seen that amazing opportunity for the perfect job, the one you’ve been waiting for and you feel it’s the right time … but you fear you won’t get it so what’s the point in trying?

Life can feel like a challenge as we grow into our wisdom age. Freedom begins to open up during our 40s and an incredibly powerful time of inspiration at age 50. There are a sea of opportunities now that you have more time on your hands … you have more freedom after all … but what to do, see, feel?

When you know your absolute best potentials, talents and your shadow sides, then you will follow the path you were born to follow. From your birth chart we can look at what’s giving you great planetary influence for direction, purpose and decisions.

You’re ready to make a change and just need to know that you’re heading in the best direction for you. Let’s work together to make sure that the change you make is the best one for you and let’s see you shine and walk forward with confidence.

Will you join me on your path and unlock the magic of your unique astrology that the Universe prepared for you at your birth! Although it is called a consultation we will really be having a conversation about you using the blue-print given to you by the Universe – how cool is that!

This is what your astrological conversation looks like:

  • I would need your date, time and place of birth in oder to create your birth chart accurately. It is a map of the stars for that moment you first took breathe on this planet
  • We will have an hour of conversation from our hearts to talk about this amazing and unique blueprint that the Universe has prepared for you

What you get:

  • Your birth chart as your road map to give you the potentials and insights for those great decisions
  • Unique talents, gifts, shadow sides and how to navigate them as you walk forwards with real purpose

What you take away:

  • Your birth chart for display as a download ready for you to print
  • A recording of our conversation
  • Two or three significant planetary transits (what’s ahead) to help you use this information moving forwards in your plans of what to do and when!

Currently priced at £149 this is a one hour beautiful session for you to start your astrological conversation of understanding! 

*** Please note that there will be a price increase on the 21st June so book before then to seal the price for your consultation at the lower price. Only 5 spaces left in June!  ***

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