Hello – I’m Alison Smith

  And I’ve helped 100s of women


🔥 earn more 🔥

🔥 feel secure 🔥

🔥 stride forwards 🔥

by using their birth data

Purpose = confidence

Confidence = your voice is heard


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Step forwards into the real you.     

Bring a sense of flow into your life …

Unlock Your Potentials & Say Hello to THE REAL MAGIC of YOU!

Your Moon sign

 Venus & Mercury

Chiron – your Soul Pathway


The moment of your birth is unique to you and the pattern the stars made at that time is a special star map made by the Universe … just for you!

Where am I heading?

What is my purpose?

Why do I feel as if something is about to happen?

Is there a cosmic fate?

What Is Astrology & What’s in it for me?

Astrology may seem complicated but it is, actually, a way of understanding your language based on the pattern of the stars for the moment of your birth.

It is your blue-print, given to you by the Universe, and provides a menu of opportunities to choose from – all great potentials especially designed for you!

I offer astrology in practical ways, based on 3 decades of experience and study, for you to be able to use it to forge your way forwards …

The crucial part of this is YOU!

Astrology isn’t a magic pill of ‘do this and xyz happens’ …

It absolutely can help you to plan your way forwards – you are in your own driving seat!

I will draw up your birth chart & analyse it for you

Don’t worry if you don’t know your birth time as I have ways of still being able to get you great information!

You have an opportunity to ask questions on the booking form!

When we chat about your birth chart there will be many different aspects to look at and so, if you have something particular buzzing in your mind, please ask!

Beginner or experienced?

 Suitable for both beginners and more experienced we will keep to the current impactful planetary energies!

This is a conversation for you! Bringing clarity to your birth chart

Together we will look at the different aspects, trends and ways you have of walking forwards confidently. whilst making the best of choices!

And we will look at the planets and stars in the sky RIGHT NOW!

You will be able to choose whether, and when, you get visible, push forwards or even take a step back in order to recharge and reset!

Take control and USE the planetary energy

You get to use the planetary energy. IMPORTANT – the planets are there for the best possible use!

Use the cycles of the Moon

I will show you HOW to use information readily available so that you can use the cycles of the moon to step into a natural rhythm!

About Me

Meet me, Alison Smith, astrologer, author, intuitive and planetary wanderer.

I’m a practical astrologer of more than 30 years and have made it my quest to make sure that we go through our transition into the new frequencies as seamlessly and gracefully as possible.

To unveil our true and deep purpose and then to use it!


Alison is an insightful, perceptive and accurate astrologer … My readings not only helped me to see the bigger picture of what is happening within the universe, but also helped me to understand myself much better, why past events have occurred and importantly how to make the right future choices..”

It was exciting and great to look at my birth chart from a whole new perspective. It gives me great clarity and confidence to know that my chart can give guidance and supports me to know that I am on track with things or make a few tweaks to get even more focus!”

“… to understand what this year will mean to me and my business has been invaluable. The opportunities that have come my way have truly been wonderful – but Alison showed me that I do not have to accept them all – only the ones which, after exploration, fit with me & my purpose.”

Live the life you meant to live!!