What is a mindset and, more crucially really, how IS yours?

Or … alternatively … how does having a mindset relate to our growth, success and joy in life or do we have to work out what it is first?

Surely we have total access to our consciousness at every moment in order to grow, evolve and love our lives …

Please make a cup of something beautiful and settle down to explore …

a mindset


Consider the brain as a receiver, processor, memory store & translator. The neurons, cells, make our brains into the supreme connecting device of all connectors and the shape is an architectural marvel.  It’s absolutely fascinating to think about just how amazing our brains truly are.

From the moment of birth our brain begins to process, and learn, how to best help us survive and grow throughout our lifetime.  Whether there is a memory store from previous lifetimes is also worth a ponder as we wonder just how much information a brain has access to.

Our brain will translate whatever we need to know, or want to know, into language for our understanding. And, in the manner of the good computer that it is, will go to our most frequently searched for information first.

There’s a logic in this.  It is safe for our brain to point us to thoughts, knowledge and experiences that have been recently stored and accessed.

  • A sum of money is deposited into our bank account on a certain day of the month.  Throughout the previous weeks we have budgeted and taken note of the amount of money stored in the account.  And, a few days before the next deposit, a marker in our brain nudges us to look at our bank account to check it is still holding enough for x-y-z.   And, of course, the ‘enough’ amount is different for each of us.
  • At the beginning of a week we write down all of the tasks required for the smooth running of business or home.  And then break the tasks down into manageable chunks of activity for each day whilst taking note of appointments and regular occurrences.  And our brain will help us recall that the list exists.

Both examples are great ways of being and have an anchor in our realty of life in the 21st century and designed to keep us safely living.


By learning and pushing the boundaries of ‘that which we already know’ we grow and evolve.  It shows up as an expansion of some sort whether by the words that we use, the money we earn, new groups of people we resonate with or new choices that we make.

Whether we are open to growth is neither here or there. While our brain will keep us to safe pathways, and to use information already stored, our body ages and automatically requires us to look at life differently as that process occurs. So there is a part of our brain which is very much wired up for change and to deliver new pathways related to growth as required.

Stepping outside of the ‘as required’ or rather … once our mind is set or made up it takes a big energy to shake it.

  • One of the most common mind set issues in this world of ours seems to be around visibility and being seen. When you really think about it what an odd one it is. We are human beings in appearance, completely unique and different – yet we worry about how we look and how we are perceived by others.
  • Another is that of being, or doing something, perfectly.  What a different world it would be if the word ‘perfect’ didn’t exist however it does and prevents so much from being said or done.

So what is the big energy that could shake up a mindset and can we do this for ourselves?

Big energetic shake up

We do have access to such energy at every moment.  It’s called our intuition and it is an extra sense that, in actual fact, kept our ancestors safe.  Rather than reacting to circumstances ‘as required’ our intuition steps outside of that and offers us actions to take so that reactions are less necessary.

Of course there are still actions to take due to living our 21st century life however we’re so much more in control when we begin to open our brain up for more.

The Astrological Birth Chart

When born we are under a unique map of stars which, when drawn up as a chart or map, offers a detailed road map of best talents, potentials, choices and routes forwards through the lifetime.  At different times further activations are available as we tune our star map into the patterns of energy from the Universe always from our place here on earth.

Please note that I’ve carefully used words of encouragement as, from my experience, the stars of our birth charts and at any moment in the sky are for potential of growth and expansion.  Where we are able to find more ‘visibility’ and a ‘knowing of when something is not perfect but ready’ it shows up in our birth chart as potentials to explore.  We are able to open those new mind pathways through being aware of their energetic principles – the nudge to ‘do’ rather than wait for … well … something!

Energy flows through us at all times and it is by our conscious choice we can choose to use it.  Conscious choice to act or not act is, I believe, one of the most fundamental thought processes that we have and there is one big energetic way of reaching those choices …

The energy of Intuition


For a moment play with the next two examples and then answer the question that follows!

  • Words – I am more than I am
  • Image – Picture a spiral

The question –  Which one caused that little ‘zing’ in your mind?

There is no right or wrong here – just a demonstration that our minds love a symbol just as much as words! So perhaps a mindset works well with symbolism …


Our brain computes symbols and stores them away just as much as it does words.  The difference is that we can use symbols as a jump start to interpretation in a very different way to words on a page.  Words on a page, even if they are phrases we have constructed for ourselves, have a meaning already in place.  A symbol will not.   Even if we consider the symbol for, say, Venus  ♀︎  it will open up a myriad thoughts and definitions.

So mix up words and symbols and see which best access your deep intuition.   Switch your mindset to different frequencies by changing words around.  See how your mind rewards with new steps to take and new visions.

And … Most crucially, have fun.


I believe we are here on this planet at this time in order to enjoy our lives as we grow and evolve.  And, I suspect, if you’ve read this article then so do you!

And so I’ll offer to you that a mindset is enjoyment.  Begin every morning with the curiosity of …

How will I enjoy today?

And be open to the amazing nudges from your higher mind and see how your own creative energy brings on a new mindset or two! 

I have a great course available to kickstart your intuition by learning the symbolism in Tarot – it also has a module for using a pendulum too!

Let me know how your perception of a mindset shifts when you set a morning routine in place to enjoy the day!

As always with love from Alison

Click the sunflower for more about the course!

a mindset