In Rhythm with Beltane

The turning wheel of the year marks eight festivals with each of them heralding our entry into a different season. Observing the eight has a deep resonance with the ways our ancestors, and indeed nature, welcomed the energy of the Sun and Moon for the main purpose of providing food.

The season of Spring is moving on and, at the beginning of May, we celebrate Beltane and the start of Summer. When we walk in rhythm with Beltane it is to tread the pathways of our ancestors and to key into an energy created by them for celebration of nature. This new season will last until the Summer Solstice in mid-June and there is much work to do during this time.


How Beltane ‘fits’ into the cycle of nature and our psyche

The birds are really active and, during May and June, will be feeding their young and getting them ready to fly the nests.  The earth begins to provide early crops and nature feels quite abundant. We are encouraged to go outside more, to mix with others and to delight in the bounty around.  By the end of May the days will be warmer (hopefully!) and our lives become more outward than inward.

It is interesting to ponder for a moment that whilst it is Beltane in the Northern hemisphere so it is Samhain in the Southern. Just as we are welcoming the first stirrings of Summer so, on the opposite side of the world it is nudging into Winter. And there is that wonderful balancing act of nature again.

However, for May, the fields will be busy with crops and still there is planting to be done.  Our homes are treated to spring cleaning and windows open allowing fresh air to circulate into all of the corners, nooks and crannies bringing in a sense of newness and inspiration.

And there is a rich symbolism at this time.  Consider the bees transferring pollen and the fresh air circulating.  All devoted to new life and the next turn of evolution.




May day dances are still to be found around and have their roots in magic and alchemy!  Consider the maypole and the weaving of ribbons where two colours create a third in the pattern.  A May Queen chooses her King.  This is a popular time for traditional hand-fastings and weddings.  Two become, transform, into a third.

Make a picnic of good food and take it outside.  Enjoy the connection with Earth and use the moments to really feel into nature at this time.




Our planet is an amazing feat and do you wonder about the sheer generosity of our Earth to support us?

And, for your own deliberation … perhaps with homemade bread and a glass of something gorgeous to drink, perhaps this is worthy to ponder upon at this time:


Are we here by chance, design or purpose?


Enjoy being in rhythm with Beltane and love the transformations we see all around at this time!

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and, of course, in my book ‘Eight Seasons Walking in Rhythm with Nature’ available from Amazon

As always with love from Alison