What has happened & why the significance of Mercury in Aries?

It is March 2024 (and keep reading on whenever you’ve arrived at this page as the significance of these extraordinary planetary events will reverberate for quite some time!) and Mercury has entered Aries at the same time as the New Moon occurring in Pisces.

Very useful for us all for:

  • establishing our truths
  • considering our investments of money, time, energy
  • receiving insights specifically tailored to our inner guidance and so much more!

Mercury will be in Aries for 66 days and this has significance as, due to going retrograde, he will be in this one sign for much longer than we would expect! Well worth looking at to see just how useful this could be …

Who is Mercury?

Mercury is a fast moving planet and, astronomically, between us and the Sun. His mythological history stretches back much further than we, as mere mortals, can remember however something that is held deep in our memories about Mercury is that of his role as Messenger.  Mercury carries messages from the gods to mortals and vice-versa. He is quick-silver and portrayed as sparkly grey.  I see him as having a translucent sheen and able to travel between worlds, and time, easily.

His glyph is wonderful – take a look

See the use of an equal armed cross + un-broken circle + semi circle

His glyph has all of the components used by the planets and stars for their glyphs … although they may not use them all … Mercury has got everything going on!!

And this glyph shows us even more about the significance of Mercury in that he so much wisdom to share with us.  If we look at the Magician tarot card as representing Mercury (and his glyph is often depicted somewhere within a design for the magician card whatever deck you use) then we can see how there is great wisdom from all of the four elements, from magic and alchemy, from offering practical ways to help (you probably know by now what a fan of his I am!).

And there is another role for this speedy planetary energy. Mercury deals with trade and commerce and, more specifically, that of the business of money.

Let me repeat that as this directly has to do with how Mercury will move through Aries.  Mercury brings new energy into our business of money, the ways we could focus our gifts, the offers we inspire or are inspired by the decisions we will make over the next year.

What is Aries

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and begins the whole astrological cycle anew.  Interesting to think of the first sign in conjunction with thoughts of the previous sign of Pisces having completed the cycle. And so when a planetary body moves into Aries it will have just completed a cycle through all of the previous 12 signs.  Bringing wisdom with it. Contains information gleaned from the previous cycle. Knows A LOT!

But Mercury goes retrograde …

Some useful data:

Mercury entered Aries on the 10th March and moves almost all the way through the sign …

At 27º Aries, and on the 1st/2nd April, he will station and then turn his energy retrograde.  If you’re here in my world then you know how much regard we give to retrograde planetary energy and just the magic that is offered.  Here is an article I wrote about the relationship between retrogrades and time

My recommendation during this particular Mercury retrograde will be to immerse yourself in some form of mindset exercises as the energy abounding will expand and help direct any shift that is truly required.  Mercurial transformation through rewiring is an exceptional use should you wish to accept the mission! Look at your birth chart to see in which area of life this would be of most benefit.  I can help as I have a subscription Members club designed to help you understand your birth chart – Astrology & Tarot members Club

As he retrogrades Mercury will go back through the sign of Aries until he reaches 15º on the 25th April when he will, again, station and the turn direct.

And this time he motors through Aries and reaches the sign of Taurus on the 16th May.


And when he goes into Taurus?

This is when the insights brought forwards during the time Mercury was in Aries will begin to ground and take root.  That’s not to say that there will be no action during his time in Aries – I’m expecting lots of actions and intentional non-actions.  However the ingress of Mercury into the next sign of Taurus will offer a sense of just where our amazing insights will begin to truly unfold.  Especially if the messages and developments have centered around a better way of allowing your gifts and talents to shine on out there!

As always with love from Alison

Author of Eight Seasons Walking in Rhythm with Nature – available from Amazon & Waterstones