In Rhythm with Imbolc & Little Spring

As the wheel of the year turns the very first festival to appear in our new calendar year is Imbolc which falls at the beginning of February and heralds the beginning of ‘little Spring’. The first lambs are born. Snowdrops push up out of the ground. We become aware of, subtle I know, longer hours of daylight. It’s a time of excitement as warmth shows stirrings under the earth.

“Both physically & spiritually, this season recognises the bridge between the cold & dark and the warm & light. The ground becomes softer through February and into March, and we can begin to plant seeds but very carefully. Not all of the frosts are over, and we still cannot plan to do much outside. But the tendrils of plants are beginning to show themselves, and so, too, are our dreams for the coming year.”

(excerpt from the chapter ‘Little Spring’ in “Eight Seasons: walking in rhythm with nature” by myself – Alison Smith – (available from Amazon and good booksellers – click here for more details))


Our ancestors celebrated this most magical of time. The beginning of light returning and the ability to start to turn the earth over in order to plant. It may still snow and yet the earth is slowly warming and waking.

By allowing yourself the gift of celebrating, of walking in the rhythm of Imbolc, you are immersing yourself in a consciousness that has existed for thousands of years (or longer!). Light a candle for the symbolism of the light returning. Let go of anything out dated or which you no longer require. Growth now begins in earnest and so consider what you will bring to blossom as spring progresses!

This is a festival to celebrate and have fun. Dance and enjoy the light returning.

As always with love from Alison x

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