When drawing up a birth chart we need to know three things:

Date of birth, time of birth and location of birth.

Not everyone always knows this information and I cover ‘I Don’t know my Birth time’ here.  However all three pieces of information (date, time, place) hold keys to so much around our arrival here on planet earth – the potentials we arrive with and those which will unfold for us!  Our birth, with the unique pattern of energy created by the stars & planets for that moment, holds a richness and a wealth of our potentials that drawing up the birth chart can show.


Where were you born?

There is so much more to the location of ‘the where’ of our birth than the geographical point.  The place we are born gives us the hemisphere, time zone, culture, weather, opportunities, education and certain aspects relating to our physical growth even before we decide what we will do with our talents, gifts and potentials.  Information about our roots is contained in the birth chart in the section beneath the horizon and understanding that releases so much in a sense of our ability to fly ourselves further than, perhaps, our culture or family ties realises is possible.

Displacing Space

And then there is another concept around our arrival & our location of birth – that of our displacement of space.  Our body takes up space and so it follows that we create a wave of displacement energy as we are born.  If we consider, just for a moment, that we are energy ourselves then so the energy of the space we occupy becomes different. We affect the space of the location into which we are born.


And then there are the family (blood family) roots into which we land.  The fourth house (each of the 12 segments of a birth chart relates to a different area of our lives) directly relates to our birth roots and how we interact or are interacted with.  Unlocking this becomes a major part of understanding our early years growth.  Later in life we can access this information to bring to light why certain beliefs are held and either celebrate them or move on from them. This is how helpful analysis of the birth chart can be!

Ancestral memories

I mentioned Ancestral memories in the title of this article as they are as useful as beliefs from our childhood.  We bring with us a wealth of information, not all of it to be used in one lifetime, and which helps us make choices in our movement forwards.

Imagine for a moment talking to your ancestors about their lives and how they made decisions.  I cover the usefulness of this in my book ‘Eight Seasons – Walking in rhythm with nature’.  By acknowledging where we are in the cycle of nature, we have opportunities offered to plan when we plant seeds, grow, rest and harvest.  The symbolism of this process holds great gold for each and everyone of us!  Consider your own rhythm of planting, growing, resting and harvesting …

Would you?

Take a moment today to consider your place and your location …

Where are you right now …

Take that moment to really establish a connection with the earth beneath your feet.  Breathe and then glance around you.  Be aware of any gentle nudges from the universe around you … you may just hear a voice from your ancestors!

As always, with love from Alison