Walking in Rhythm with Nature is an earth based way of understanding our self and the world around us and may exist with our spiritual path, alongside, inside … or not!

You may have noticed that I have written another book, soon to be released!  It is entitled  Eight Seasons: Walking In Rhythm With Nature    And the question of what is, or isn’t, a spiritual practice has arisen – not for the first time in my employment history as astrologer and intuitive.

At the moment of your birth, onto earth, the Universe formed a unique pattern of stars, planets & asteroids. That pattern will never be seen again … ever!  It is yours and it is your birth chart.  Your map of unfolding potentials especially designed for you and from your own unique perspective of living on earth.

We are here on earth to evolve and grow … in an earth based way!

The stars offer us best possible choices of energies to use as we move forwards.  They have information for how we can evolve and grow our ‘self’ – holistically. Growth for our whole self including the spiritual and also every other part of us.  And so the experiences we live, people we meet, family roots – all of our life time of learnings also offer us opportunities for growth.

In my opinion, and even more crucial, are our connections with nature and earth energies.  We are born ONTO earth and so our purpose to live on earth is first and foremost.

Our ancestors followed the passage of the Sun and Moon through the seasons & cycles in order to plan for growing food.  They also recognised that there were times when the ground needed to rest.

And so it is with us too.

We need seasons of growth and also of rest.

To process and allow new growth to percolate.

Please take a moment to attune with the season of the year, and maybe the phase of the Moon.  This is not only to dwell on the inner language, which has insights, but also to realise where we are in terms of the cycle of life itself.  Is it Summer or Winter?  Are you growing food or resting the land?

In my book I have offered wonderful ways of physically acknowledging and celebrating each season as well as insights from the ancestors.  This keeps us connected to a rhythm so ancient and yet so human too.

It is my most strongly held belief that we are here to be human beings on earth and to live in rhythm and in tune with our home planet.  And then we look to the stars for perspective, our calendars, potentials to be so much more … just as our ancestors did and our descendants will.

Start this evening by going outside and let your feet connect with the earth.  And then look at the moon whilst you do so!

As always, with love from Alison

Author – Eight Seasons: Walking In Rhythm With Nature (available 15th January 2024)