Bringing connections between the stars, our selves and earth …

Allow your imagination to take you to a field in North Norfolk and a campsite waking up.  I’d gone with friends to watch the 2015 Virgo new moon (and the following sunrise).  Having just moved away from a county I love to somewhere unknown I was wondering how to move forwards.

As usual the universe provided me with some answers and my choices! 

“How do we talk about astrology more easily?”

And my way of bringing astrology to the wider world emerged.

After that time, my own understanding evolved even more about how we use those energetic connections between our selves, earth and the stars.

And now

I love giving talks and helping people understand their birth charts.  However it has to be practical and of use! If it wasn’t useful what would be the point … and it always has been for me – useful I mean.

The turning wheel of the year, watching the patterns of energy that the stars make, connections with the earth and her amazing energy – all of this offers us choices and helps us make sense of the choices others make! It really does … as long as we listen.

Our ancestors used the planetary energies to plant and grow crops for food. They welcomed the changing seasons for agriculture and celebrated as the Sun & Moon moved through the zodiac signs. They watched the stars before telescopes were available and would only spend the time doing that, especially when there was so much to do for survival, if there were practical uses for insights gained!

It’s not always straightforwards to plot backwards to the when of something beginning. If I go further back to the 90s then I would tell you all about dowsing earth energies at stone circles.

Bringing connections forward into the ‘now’ and all has come together for the new book ‘Eight Seasons: Walking In Rhythm With Nature’ and which will be published in January 2024.

Love Alison x

PS – more here about whether stars hold the answer to the why we are here!