Are you making full use of the planetary energies available to you at significant ages times?

In our consideration of the significant ages, within our personal astrology, it is useful to look at the planetary orbits first of all.  A significant age is when a major planetary energy returns, or makes a particular aspect, to the same position as at our birth – the same degree inside the same sign of the zodiac.  Certain significant ages offer us quite a clue as to our purpose and movement forwards though our life journey.

Planetary orbits

These are approximate as our Universe does not move to our calendars however it’s useful to be aware of when a planetary body will return to the same place in the sky!

  • Mercury = 88 days
  • Venus = 225 days
  • Mars = 687 days
  • Jupiter = 12 years
  • Saturn = 28 years
  • Uranus = 84 years
  • Neptune = 165 years
  • Pluto = 248 years


Planetary wise

We have potentials offered to us by the universe of extra energies towards our birth chart moment of birth, our star chart, all of the time. There are certain times, our significant ages, when an awareness of being at a significant point in our life journey is very useful.  We have opportunities to raise ourselves up a vibration or a level, or to choose not to, but it’s not an exact science.

Remember though that our birth charts are individual. We are unique individuals. And our universe, this amazing place in which we live has all of the planets and the Zodiac constellations that form the map of stars, but they’re moving at different times at different rates. That’s what makes their patterns at every moment so unique. So we have our unique birth chart and then we have unique patterns of stars in the sky.

However, we can begin to understand so much more about ourselves when we look at both the small aspects and the bigger aspects.

Our voyage of discovery – Sun & Moon

With the Sun taking just over 365 days to be in the same position, and the Moon month slightly less than our calendar month, should we be paying attention to when these stella bodies return?  I’d say yes.  We have a Moon return – into the same zodiac sign as at birth every 28/29 nights and offers us a gentle and subtle nudge as to how to use, as one thought, our great imagination coupled with emotion.  Some people really do feel the power of a full moon affecting sleep for instance and so also we can ‘feel’ more when the moon aspects our natal moon too.

As for the Sun … well, we celebrate our birthdays every year and, indeed, the Sun will be in a similar place to where it was at our birth – degree and same sign of the zodiac.

As the Sun in our birth charts represents our vitality this, our day of birth, offers us opportunities to reassess how we shine in the world.

Our voyage of discovery – Jupiter

Jupiter takes approximately 12 years to return to the same position, in the sign of the zodiac, it was at our birth.  And so this means that every 12 years (or so) we have a Jupiter return. So what does that mean? It means if we look at the energy of the planet Jupiter, it’s big energy planet, we can see where expansion is.

Where is Jupiter in your birth chart? There is the potential to use that return, at significant ages of 12, 24. 36 (etc)  for an expansion of that part of the birth chart.  And that’s what a return really is all about – looking at the way we have potential to use that energy at a slightly higher level of vibration.

Our voyage of discovery – Saturn

So much is written about Saturn returns and I’m here to say that this is where the real alchemical gold is – if we choose to accept our mission of course!  Saturn has an approximate 28 year cycle (give or take the odd retrograde phase) and is so very well worth considering.

Our first Saturn square is at age seven and the opposition at age 14.  Square again at age 21 and then the return at age 28. Now the second Saturn Return is really the one where we have the opportunity to make the big life purpose change if we wish to – at around about age 56.  This Saturn Return offers an opportunity to make some form of change, often in the world in the realm of work or spiritual guidance – and this is where there is a real nudge towards looking at the house/area of your birth chart that he was in at birth!

An indication for how we might be invited to make a change can be found 14 years earlier, at around about age 42, when Saturn is in opposition to our natal Saturn for the second time.

And of course the third Saturn Return would be at age 84 … which leads us beautifully to Uranus!

Our voyage of discovery – Uranus

Uranus is a slow moving planet (orbit of 84 years in fact) and is a really interesting one.  More and more people now are able to very actively make changes when they have their Uranus return in their 80s by studying, moving house, travelling, etc. A sign of our times that this is all so much more possible now than a generation or two ago.

Uranus is our planet of independence, inspiration and inventiveness.  Our first Uranus Square occurs at around about age 21 and the opposition at around about age 42.

Our voyage of discovery – Chiron

I would like to now talk about Chiron because Chiron energy is very much to do with our spiritual purpose. Whereas Saturn can sometimes be to do with the spiritual teacher, Chiron can be the purpose and Chiron has a roughly 50 year cycle.

Now what’s so interesting about Chiron is that at around about 50 years, the return to the same place as that asteroid was at your birth represents an awakening of some sort. It’s a hugely significant feminine energy, particularly feminine healing energy, and often inspires those who are giving in roles of helping others to be more.

When I talk about feminine energy, or feminine qualities, of course we all have both masculine and feminine within ourselves. And again, we can look at the birth chart to see where that feminine energy is being expressed. Where Chiron energy is being expressed.  And in what part of the chart, area and zodiac sign. It’s always a crucial part of working out how the journey is unfolding, to be to look at the signs of the zodiac and the houses.

Our voyage of discovery – Neptune & Pluto

As (extremely) slow moving planets we are unlikely to experience our returns however it is still useful to watch the first square of both of these at significant age of 42 and 62 respectively. Again the position of these planets in the natal (birth) chart will be paramount to understanding what the squaring energy offer to us however, and as a general thought, there are likely to be waves of new insights into the area of life highlighted.


Our voyage of discovery – Significant planetary bodies

You may wonder why I’ve left certain planets out. The quick moving planets of Mercury, Venus and Mars, which have in turn 88 days, 225 days and 687 days of return / orbit are useful to look at in relation to the transits for our natal planets but in a different way. Their transits to our birth charts are more for our daily / weekly / monthly inspirations and some thing to add into our choices of using planetary energy in the gentle observations of choice.

However, for the bigger life purpose moments, we really need to be looking at the slower more purposeful energies of the larger planets and giving those transits the respect of consideration.

Our voyage of discovery – Fate

Nothing is fated. There is no one destiny. It is all our choice about how we use the extra energies available to give our purpose more light and shine our way forwards in the way that we were born here to do!

By being aware of when for instance, our Saturn opposition, which may well coincide with a Uranus opposition AND a Neptune square, we have more choices and those so very well designed for us as unique individuals!  I’ll just emphasise the significant age highlighted here – our Saturn opposition may well coincide with our Uranus opposition.  At around age 42 there may well be quite a phase of navigating through some form of independent, and inspirational, thought processes!

There will be a  good indication that there’s something there for us to sit with, to look at, to use and to really delve into the inner guidance of how to use it.

I would love to know how you are using your significant ages – are you making changes or choosing not to?  And the key there is that we do, as amazing human beings, have those  conscious choices.

I can help you pin down where those significant points in your Zodiac, your personal astrology calendar, are – just take a look at my astrological consultation page.

As always, with love from Alison 

Author – Eight Seasons: Walking In Rhythm With Nature (out January 2024)