In brief:

  • New Moon = Time to set an intention
  • Full Moon = Time to enjoy where your intentions have reached!
  • December 12th 2023 & the last new moon in the calendar year … AND the one which takes the moon month through the solstice …

Do you know the phase of the moon?

Not a ‘catch you out’ question at all!   At a new moon there is the faintest, most beautiful sliver of silver light in the sky and the promise of more light to come. And when the Moon is Full the light is full on brilliant from a ball in the sky – visible to our eyes.

  • From New moon to Full we see the light, and so the energy, growing and the phase is waxing.
  • Full Moon to New Moon is the light, and the energy, becoming less and waning.

A new cycle

I’m writing this for the New Moon appearing in the sky and which will herald a new lunar cycle which happens, for this December 2023, to include the Solstice on the 22nd.  The principles I’m setting out here will apply to any lunar cycle however here are specific dates for December 2023:

  • New moon is overnight on the 12th December with both the Sun & Moon in Sagittarius.
  • The Sun will enter Capricorn on the 22nd.
  • Full Moon, in Cancer, will occur on the 27th.
  • Next New Moon, Capricorn, is on the 11th of January.

For this particular cycle I’m recommending choosing a word of intention to expand in understanding of it, and in energy for you, through the waxing moon light and to see it go through the Solstice gateway and on into the earth energy of Capricorn.

Mentioning the elements seems an important part of this particular astrology for us all. Earth, Air, Fire and Water are the building blocks of life and the tools by which we can unblock our beliefs about how we operate in the world of ours!  By acknowledging that the Sun will be moving from a fire sign (Sagittarius) into the earth sign of Capricorn so we have a clue about just how our intention thought/word/action is able to be brought into matter.

Why observe the Moon?

By observing the phase of the moon we can learn so much about our intuition, our emotions and our connection with tour inner language.

Go outside and look at the moon. Watch her through the different phases and then, and this makes me so happy, then you have stepped into the rhythmic cycle of the moon! Our moon!

For more please read ‘Honouring the New Moon’

As always, with love from Alison

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Author – Eight Seasons: Walking In Rhythm With Nature (out January 2024)