Is astrology a stand alone system?


In the 21st Century!

Have you wondered about how useful astrology is for you … and then you get distracted by how to make sense of it all and wonder why we stick with astrology as a stand alone system after all these years?  Why, how, it survives? After all there are shinier and new systems around which, seemingly, will tell us what we want to hear? Maybe you’ve seen these type of ‘quick fixes’ which appear easily understandable and yet a bit  like a take-away dinner. Satisfies the short term hunger but leaves longer term undernourished!

Using the energies of the stars and the Moon is as well known to each of us as … well … the Sun and the Moon!  And so let’s consider just why using the ways that have been used for hundreds (or so) of years may well be better for the long term!


Astrology as a stand-alone system because:


1)  It’s been in successful use for hundreds, probably thousands, of years …


Why would people take such great notice of the celestial map? And then why record the movements of the planets and stars and pay great attention to, for instance, eclipses?

Astrology has always been considered an art and a craft with a never ending unfolding of patterns of energy to be read and interpreted. And we know that the stars were watched as far back as the Ancient Egyptians. Indeed very ancient cave art has been uncovered depicting the Sun and Moon.

Kings and Queens have used the stars to choose battle days and coronation times.  It is well documented that Queen Elizabeth 1st asked her advisor, John Dee, for appropriate planetary information when making decisions and it is believed he was instrumental in the eventual date for her coronation.

Every moment the stars and the planets are making different patterns of energy available to us here on planet earth. The magic is that we get to choose which energies we want to use and how we use it. And, by watching the stars, we too can begin to make great decisions for ourselves.

Take the time to watch the Moon. Find out how both the Sun and the Moon offer you choices of influences that are useful. I’m practical in my astrology and want my clients to have the best. And that best is to focus on a system that has had successes and provided solid information as far back as we know and continues to do so.


Astrology can answer questions such as:

How do you value money?

Are you a behind the scenes advocate for a political cause?

Maybe you want to know when to step out on that stage and let your own star shine?? 

All questions which have answers within your own personal astrology and, once the birth chart is understood, easily deciphered.


Astrology as a stand-alone system because:


2) It’s a huge system in its own right


It is a huge system with very many different branches to it giving detailed information for say: politics; relationships; visibility and so much more.

Consider the size of the Universe. And the way that we are all moving through space and time glued onto our blue planet by gravity. At every moment we are bombarded with energies from the Sun, Moon and planets.  And the Moon, our moon no less, affects gravity and the tides. High and low tides are caused by the Moon. Our bodies are approximately 50% water. It isn’t a great leap of logic to join the dots that the phases of the Moon affect us too.  The Sun and Moon are basic building blocks of life and give us heat, daylight, gravity, water tables and our calendars – so maybe other planets do?!

There are so many different systems and ways of using the information contained within each planetary energy and the patterns made with other stars and with us. All of it adding to the rich depth of knowledge we understand of how the Universe, and astrology, works FOR us!

Those ‘why’s’!

You want to know why there is a sudden urge to travel and visit somewhere new. A step away from a relationship or a job is going to lead you to making new paths for yourself and yet you’re unsure what doors are opening in the best of ways for you. One question I’m asked probably more than others (and I have now read the charts of hundreds of people) is “what is my purpose”.

And yes.  A system that has been around for thousands of years and works with the vastness of a, largely unknown by us, Universe has answers for us. Astrology works with the relationship of your moment of birth with the stars and the planets of now and future. It unveils secrets of your soul purpose and gives you opportunities to walk forwards with confidence.

Are you interested now in the one system of astrology? Your moment of birth which shows you the path of your soul?


Astrology as a stand-alone system because:


3) As soon as something else is added in everything gets diluted


As soon as something else is added in everything gets diluted.  I see a lot of blended subjects doing the rounds which really only serve to confuse. Have you seen them?  Astrology added with other systems giving sometimes great info but often quick fix answers?

I have studied tarot, mythology, cabala, meditation, earth energies and attuned to Reiki/Seichem master level. Everything with a rich and deep history and knowledge and which feeds into every single astrological consultation that I offer. Layers of understanding of esoteric knowledge.

However none are blended together into a new system. I will offer mandala work around a planetary symbol. Or perhaps a meditation on a planet. However the primary focus is always astrology and how we can best use the star energy here on earth.

Earth – us – universal energies = keys to Our Self.

Adding two, or more, modalities together to make a third system will water down the focus. It has to.

Use astrology to uncover your lessons here on Earth or to plan for a big move or even to understand your relationships.

And then use a different system (if you’re so inclined!) for a different perspective.

Be careful and wary though of adding two systems together to make a third unless you are sure that there will be the depth there that you require for your purpose.

Astrology as a stand-alone system because:


4) I don’t cherry pick …


I will never pick out only the best aspects, transits, parts of your chart – I offer those that truly are the best for you moving forwards even if it may take a long while to work with. For example, in a recent session, I offered a client indications of a big change occurring in 8 months time with the opportunities to create something magical by working towards it.

Planetary energies are available to us for practical uses!  And for that to happen we need information. That is my role. To give information to the best of my ability so that you have best choices. And those best choices may well involve time needed.


So how does it work then?


An astrological chart is a map of the stars at a given moment and is unique. Each birth chart is unique. Already the planets have moved on since you began reading this post and have formed different patterns with each other throughout!

The chart shows how planetary/ zodiac energy is expressed. This is where we unveil our soul pathway, gifts & talents, how our star can shine.

And the magical and exciting part comes when we apply the stars of now to your birth chart.

What is unfolding? When will you begin to write that book and see it published? Will you travel or move house?

How to make the best pathway through that Saturn return (if you know about that particular return already then please tell me you’re working through, and towards, the pot of gold that is afterwards!)

I won’t pick out what I think you want to hear in a consultation. I’ll answer your questions in the best of ways and offer you your choices to make. Rarely do I have yes / no answers as the decisions are for you to make.

I offer information based on my 30+ years of experience and studies. I’ve walked my talk and given chart consultations and workshops all over the UK.

Read more here about what a real astrology chart consultation is! 


Astrology as a stand-alone system because:

From the drawings painted on walls, to records kept on papyrus, notes in books and journals, privately printed manuscripts, square charts used in medieval times through to our charts we draw up today with all of the benefits of seeing more planets than before and even, if we decide to use it, computer calculations – all of that has given astrology continued evolution. A vast system with sound and tested information of use for each of us when we look.  And choices. There are choices best suited to you and gifted from your birth.

Love to hear what you think!

As always, with love from Alison x

Author of ‘Eight Seasons: Walking In Rhythm With Nature’ (out January 2024)

PS – I originally published this as a series of posts on social media and have updated for this, longer, article!