When are we most creative?

OR rather …  something to ponder on when sitting in front of a blank piece of paper … are you more creative first thing in the morning or the evening?  Does inspiration fly out of nowhere?  Or do you have a routine that calls to the muse at a certain time of day or night?

Could it even be a ‘star-based’ notification system organised before you were born …

With my astrologer hat on I see our birth charts as offering so much extra self information – completely unique for each of us.  Birth data of location, date and time are used to plot our map of the stars (birth chart) for the moment of … well … birth!

It’s a very special time when we arrive here on earth.  The stars in the Universe align with a different pattern for each of us.  And, because I am completely fascinated by the creative process, I’ve been quietly looking at the ‘when’ of being inspired and of being most creative.

Were you born in the morning and find that time of day most inspiring? Or perhaps you were born in the evening and, at least if allowed by our earth based activities of work, home, etc, do you find your mind full of inspiration just as you’re nodding off to sleep?

The Planets

And so now we go to the very core of our self and our birth chart.  It holds the beating heart of all of our potentials, talents & characteristics.  Think of the map of the stars for any moment in time as being from each of our perspective given the location from which we are ‘viewing’ the Universe.

An amazing way to ensure we ground ourselves is to feel, by awareness, the earth beneath our feet.  Then imagine the very centre, the molten pulse, of the earth. That establishes our position, our place, in a moment of time.  And then we open up to the incredible Universe above us and all around us – potentials into the infinite.

And so I offer the planets which, amongst many different energies they will offer us at every moment, have wonderful associations with creativity:

Saturn – for research and wisdom

Mercury – for attention to details

Venus – for the romance and beauty of every word

Uranus – for electric inspirations

Actually every single planet will have something for us to inspire and create.  And, if you’re aware of certain planetary transits making waves of energetic inspiration to your birth chart then a great way to use them/it is to ask …

“what will I create today?”


Our personal energetic rhythm for our creative sparks, continued inspiration and the sheer discipline often needed for our writing can be activated during each cycle of the Moon.  You can read more about that here:  How do I know about the cycle of the Moon

To conclude our brief look at when are you most creative

And I’ll ask you!

When do you feel most creative?

Let me know as I’d love to continue my research and also to hear from you!


As always, with love from Alison

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