What does astrology mean … for you?

Imagine reading that ‘Mercury is going retrograde’ or ‘the Moon is full’ and immediately knowing

  1. what it means 
  2. what to do 
  3. how to make the best use of the energy for your own personal astrology 

Please don’t think that you’re on your own with thinking that a Mercury retrograde will automatically cause your tech to crash!

Without even knowing the sign of the zodiac Mercury is in


the sign Mercury was in at your birth

I can tell you: 

  1. Mercury loves attention to detail whether direct OR retrograde
  2. When retrograde he will prompt inner work rather than outer
  3. A good tip is to question inner messages received … during a retrograde phase you’re likely to hear/see/feel from nature more deeply!

You know when you see adverts such as ‘learn all about your birth chart in 15 minutes’ OR ‘I will explain your horoscope and tell you what to do’ OR ‘Mercury retrograde and YOUR chart …  do you hide under your duvet and wait for 30 days’??

OR …

well I think you get the picture as we all have lives to lead and, actually, the Universe really does offer us helpful extra energies for us to use!


You have choices ALWAYS

Your birth chart, the heart of you, is a blue print, or road map, with many amazing destinations for you to choose to walk towards.  Planetary energies offer us extra best choices and, when we choose to use them in conjunction with our birth charts and our intuition, the roads become smoother. The Universe offers us choices!
Your birth chart offers ways of listening to the real you and to your inner guidance (how very mercurial 🌟!).
Here is an article I wrote a few years ago describing so much more about why you’re reading this now!
Let me know your thoughts!  

Love Alison x

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PPS – Mercury energy IS direct as I write