The Great Age of Aquarius

Have we entered the next astrological Great Age of Aquarius?  I believe we have and I also have a huge clue for you as to what it may mean for us all! It can be argued that we are either leaving, or have left the Age of Pisces, and are now entering, or have arrived, in the Age of Aquarius. This is a subject which has no defined answer however, and I revisit it from time to time, I do believe that we are in the early years of the new Great Age of Aquarius and that we have the exciting task of starting to shape the next Age.

Moving from one great Age into the next is, if we look through history, not about an exact moment in time – after all we are talking about a couple of thousand years per Age!


I wrote another article about this a while ago (available here) and here are a couple of quotes from it:

  1. Astronomers as far back in time as Ancient Egypt (and later the Greek astronomer Hipparchus in approx. 190BC) drew conclusions that our planet Earth’s movement in relation to the constellations had a greater cosmic cycle of around 25,000 years. This cycle is known as the Great Year and each constellation is visited for approximately 2000 years.
  2. Will we remember our roots?  As we move into this new era and age it becomes more crucial, not less, that we remember why we are here. See the evolution and the great expansiveness of our reaching out all around the planet and beyond. And about anchoring ourselves on the Earth by taking care of ourselves in mind, body and spirit.

So what will it be about?

My own deliberations on this new Great Age are that it won’t actually be about technology. Moving from Pisces into Aquarius (Great Age Astrology!) will bring all that we have learned and absorbed from that sign and offer us new ways of expanding humanity and our planet by communications in ways we still have to develop. Left to their own devices there is no sign more joyously perceptive and visionary than Pisces and, as we all have access to that energy in different ways, it truly is a wonderful part of our birth charts to explore. And yet, globally, we can also see the beautiful Pisces energies of using psychic abilities, inspirational imagination and empathy have been dampened down (or maybe had to be) with the injection of organised religion, industrial revolution and the rapid growth of the computer game realm.

All useful advancements in themselves and yet we have so much more that we can explore! Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and also, in the older rulerships, Saturn. And there is a huge clue that the new era will be less reliant on clock time and more on our own rhythm in tune with the earth.


Our Rhythm with the earth

As we enter the new era the emphasis will open up to align with our Earth much more. We are already seeing calls to listen to the climate, the trees, animals and nature.  And here is another major key in that we will still need to be active here on earth.

We have to take energetic action for alignment … it doesn’t ‘just happen’ … and I’ve been witness to some truly amazing magic from our Universe in this lifetime and I would imagine so have you!

I camped outside in nature for the 1999 total solar eclipse where the totality was across Devon. It was incredible. The birds sang their evening song as the eclipse began and then total silence. And, as the eclipse separated, the birds celebrated ‘a new day’ with a dawn chorus. And our drumming joined up with others from across the totality line. Magical.

And then there was the lunar standstill on the Isle of Harris in 2007. Standing in the stone circle at Callanish – no words to describe just how special that was.  The featured photo at the top of this article was taken by Terry Smith whilst we were there!

Do you listen to the whispers from the trees as they offer insights?

And so my thoughts are …

We will be slowly unwrapping the wonderful energy from the Age of Pisces which includes listening to our own unique inner voices and creativity inspired by the imagination. The good stuff to take forwards into the new Age for the generations which follow whilst also remembering our ancestral roots and wisdom too. My own belief is that we ARE in The Great Age of Aquarius and that we have approximately 2,000 years to shift humanity into a collective consciousness of individuality.
True and valuable abilities of our minds unlocked by having pure love for this world of ours. What do you think?
And, perhaps more crucially, do you have ideas of how the new Age will unfold?
And have you begun your journey of exploring intuition using the symbolism of the Tarot?
As always, with love from Alison