The turning wheel of the year reaches the end of October &

Samhain/Halloween in the Northern hemisphere

The season changes

Samhain / All hallows eve / halloween … the 31st October is the festival of moving into resting times. The darkest of time at this point in the turning wheel of the year and, perhaps, the coldest. Maybe you remember how this festival marked the last time of the year that ancestors could safely travel before closing doors to keep warm and dry.



It is traditional to place a lit candle in the window for travellers to see and to know that a warm welcome will be waiting.
Now-a-days a lit pumpkin in a window will offer that warm welcome to trick or treaters.
Symbolism and deeply held memories are ready to be activated. Light candle (safely!) to bring in a remembering of loving friends and families uniting.

Another tradition for this time is to lay an extra place at the dinner table. Again this is a part of the warm welcome given to travellers seeking refuge and a remembering of those in the spirit world.

And this brings me to the phrase ‘the veil is at its thinnest at this time of the year’.

Insights and messages.

Seeing beyond the real.

Working with the imagination.

As we are encouraged to be indoors and ‘inside’ so the inner world and all that we have within beckons to be heard.


Scrying – possibly one of the most ancient and beautiful ways of giving the imagination permission to roam. Whether you light a fire or a candle, the art of scrying is one of those ‘remembering’ parts of who we are.

Is there a part of your self that would love to create something? Or nurture and nourish your self?

As we move through the ‘inner’ part of the year there are opportunities to be who we really are. Especially when we allow time for the deep changes that are coming to really unfold in their magical and beautiful manner.

I’m reminded of a card I have on my shelf from St Julian’s Church in Norwich with the words of the Anchoress Lady Julian

‘All Shall be Well.’ 


thank you for reading and for being here alongside me on our journey together. I would love to hear from you – keep well, safe, warm, and go gently walking forward.

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As always, with love from Alison x


PS – ask someone how they are twice … the first time we always answer automatically ❤️