Do you wonder the ‘why’ of why are we here?

The beginning

Shall we start from the beginning? Not the beginning of life itself – although our evolvement into the human body we inhabit at the moment is an interesting story in itself.  No, we’ll start at the time of our beginning to wonder, question and look ‘out there’ with curiosity … our ‘why’ in the why are we here?

Perhaps our ancestors began with questioning why they were geographically in a certain place and it may well have been along the lines of “there are people on the other side of that hill and why are they there and we are here?”  Quickly this would become a curiosity and lead to travelling, trade and recognising that the Earth is round – all following on from that one observation and question!

myths around particular datesAnd then the observation that all people relied on the Sun and the Moon for warmth and light.  So the question around why our home planet is perfectly positioned with the Sun and the Moon for light, heat and gravity is a logical one to follow.
Astronomy, some form of writing and then mathematics to the rescue and questions answered with more questions!  Our questioning never stops does it!
✨ ✨ ✨

 It must be more than that though!

There is the deeper question of why we, as human beings, search for understanding on a soul level. Why are we here with purpose.  Should we even have a purpose?
If we accept that the Moon, with her gravity, affects the tides and waters of our planet then it isn’t such a big jump to realise that we are also affected by the Moon. Our bodies are, after all, around 60% water and around 70% of the Earth is covered by water.  And then logic allows the idea that other planets & stars also have an affect for us to tap into.
✨ ✨ ✨
my birth timeAs human beings we have free choice and free will.  Our brains are wired to be curious and to question – to invent, improve and to learn.  Perhaps that is the ‘why are we here’. To learn and evolve and bring the energy of evolution to the Universe.
Stars and planets are already on their own mission to provide energy and the only way that energy ever is different is by the patterns of energies the planets and stars make with each other at every moment in time.
Our planet earth evolves.  She changes with the seasons of the year. While some parts of her may erode, or even disappear, so other parts grow and develop.
✨ ✨ ✨
And our position on Earth determines just what energies we have access to whether Earth energy or planetary energies. Our choice of how, when, to use the potentials available!
The more I study, learn, experience myself and with everyone I work with, so the more I really believe our ‘why are we here’ is to enjoy being ourselves. That is Our Why in the ‘why are we here’ question.
And, to my mind, our birth charts are one of the biggest keys we have for that!

How do we do it then!

  • By watching nature and the way our planet is balanced around the cycles of seasons so we align ourselves with our natural rhythms.
  • By listening to our intuition we fully access our own inner landscape and detach from outside influences.
  • By uncovering the insights from the map of the stars at the moment of our birth we understand more about how we show up in the world and our purpose.
  • By adding in our reactions to the movement of the planets and stars so we can choose best ways forwards towards the ‘why’ in Why we are here.
  • By laughing and smiling and finding the joy before anything else.
And then we find the magic of our ‘why are we here’ …
Love Alison