Astro News … Saturn changes sign …

Saturn takes around 28-29 years to return to the the exact same place in the sky – that’s his orbit. Sometimes he goes retrograde – planetary movements are rarely in straight lines. But we can rely on him to turn up in the same place in the sky having orbited through the different constellations/signs of the zodiac to get there every 29 years or so!  And, now, Saturn changes sign to move into Pisces. 
Easy calculation to make then that he spends around 2 to 3 years in each zodiac sign and, during that time, he will alter how we see certain things. And so it is big news when he changes sign and he just has.

Saturn has just moved from Aquarius and into Pisces.

Worldwide we will feel a shift and can look back in history at the periods of time he moved through Pisces to get an idea of how he will change things, or offer new choices.  And we may well now see authorities questioned (well that never stops really does it!) but with the results that they have to be changed and that will prove easier, perhaps, than has seemed previously.
Pisces is a water sign and needs flow.  Saturn is a rock that can be in situ for ever or become eroded and altered in it’s form – much like polishing a diamond. It’s a mistake to see Saturn as rigid and informing structures that are in place … he often provides structure so that structures can change! 
And so there is great healing available, and amazing leaps forwards in how we are able to gather together the wisdom of the past few years and use it, to shape things for the better for humanity.  Chiron in Aries, Neptune moving through Pisces and Uranus in Taurus are also helping with that together with Pluto at the end of Capricorn! however that part of the story is for much later … 

“But what about my birth chart astrology?”

I’m known as the Practical Astrologer and I want you to be able to use these planetary energies – if you choose to of course! And especially now as Saturn changes sign giving us all a breathing space to change and flow into something different!  To take a moment and connect with the core of the earth beneath our feet.
And big clues around the area of our life he was in at the time of birth and how Saturn gives you your sense of structure and even reality in work, money, family, love of art.

What do you really want to be doing …

Look at your birth chart for more information on how Saturn offers you potentials. We each of us have 12 areas or houses in our birth chart showing how we can make great use of the zodiac / planetary energies in different parts of our lives!  All twelve signs of the zodiac are represented in our birth charts and so this event, as Saturn changes signs, offers potential for each of us.  And, especially more so, if Saturn was in Pisces at your birth.  
“Alison, having a review of my birth chart in relation to my Saturn Return was very helpful. I have felt a shift for quite some time now, and now know the reason why. I just needed the prompt to realise what it was, to give myself permission to do something about it. B.”
Through-out our lifetimes there are major planetary chances to move us forwards and make big life changes. A Saturn return is one of ‘those’ times in our lives that offer incredible opportunities to get us back on track and/or into a new groove.
At age 28-29 and then again at age 56-58 the planet Saturn returns to the same place in the sky as at birth. And this heralds opportunities for the very core of ‘you’.
And it is always my pleasure and honour to work with clients such as B through their big life changes.
Do you know where Saturn was when you were born? And how that energy helps define your life themes?

Saturn changes sign to move into Pisces

And what system or structure are you questioning right now??
And how are you in flow with the rhythm of your life??
As always, with love from Alison x
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