How do we really know when we are ‘in balance’ and, perhaps more to the point, are we ever?  Or is it more about the striving for balance that creates our own equilibrium?

Having, literally, lost my balance (along with a driving headache and a tiredness demanding hours of extra sleep) the subject of balance has really been on my mind over the past couple of weeks. The significance of this time, astrologically, with all planets now direct in energy hasn’t been lost on me!  I always suspected this would be a time of noticeable energetic shifting and it has proven so. And so I was ready, prepared and still knocked off-balance. Balance of online and offline.  Spending hours in front of a computer screen has never worked for me and so, as I’m writing another book at the moment, a new routine was called for to keep my self in balance.


The Stars

Balance of inner and outer.  The New Moon in Aquarius (21st January 2023) coincided, energetically, with the Sun moving into the same sign. And then, just a few days later, with Uranus in Taurus going direct.  All planets are now direct (yes I’m repeating this but it really is worthy of the repetition!) they are all direct. And this marks quite a shift in energy for us all … in different ways though. Remember we are all unique and so any energetic changes and flows will offer different opportunities and potentials for each of us.

For example the Uranus direct energy is proving dramatic (all planets are direct as I write this!) with a shift in consciousness available if we wish it!

There are also major potentials possible due to the particular cycle of new moons already begun and which will continue throughout the first half of this year.

And the Full Moon in Leo (5th February 2023) also brings with it the full force energy of our celebrations for the Festival of Imbolc – also known as the Little Spring for our northern hemisphere. Or perhaps, on the opposite side of the world, you are getting ready for the beginnings of harvest. It’s a busy time both on the earth for growing or harvesting and also with planetary energy being offered to us.



I mentioned Uranus earlier and there is something to recognise about that planet in all of this. Uranus is in Taurus and, due to the length of time he will be in that sign, has the potential to transform our values amongst other things.  And so there are certain questions that we can ask ourselves over the coming days, weeks and months …

How do we value our time? Is it balanced with our needs?

Do we give enough moments during our day to allow the freedom for inspirations to bubble up and begin to make themselves known?

And rest.  Our bodies need rest as much as, at times, the ground in which we grow our crops does!

Is rest silent?



I’m an astrologer and proud to say the following:

  1. Astrology has been in use for thousands of years and develops gradually.  People have watched the Sun and the Moon for agriculture, warmth, turn of seasons, the rhythm of understanding our connection with nature, the Universe and our selves.
  2. Your personal astrology is unique to you and doesn’t categorise.  Each and every one of us has a completely individual map of the stars for the moment of our birth.  And, therefore, how we relate to planetary movements (or not … remember choice!) is completely independent and part of our own life journeys.

As always, with love from Alison

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