December rituals, celebrations & the month where it all changes! 

Nature teaches us so much when we step into the flow of the seasons!

During this month we celebrate Yule / Winter solstice and many other festivals – all designed to bring the Sun and cheer back into our lives!

With coloured lights, decorations, candles, gifts and sharing food we touch on very ancient traditions for bringing abundance and growth into our lives. It may be the very depth of Winter in the Northern hemisphere but, with the Winter Solstice, the days begin to lengthen.

However it is also worth thinking about nature too during December.  The darker and cooler weather brings a sense of wrapping ourselves in layers and looking at our resources we have around us more.  Under the ground the seeds are also being nurtured and getting ready for when they will emerge.

And so here are our keys for this season and please choose which ones resonate!   

  • Be loving of your ‘tribe’ around you – the ones you would have (in days gone by) chosen to spend the Winter with.  And we are so especially blessed to be able to see people face to face and yet also via screens!
  • Be bold in the things you need to be doing.  Take strides in business as if you were opening the door and setting off through deep snow – carefully thought out and prepared for. And that goes for what ever we are setting out to do this month! Which leads to …
  • Be mindful of your physical energy.  Take note from nature and rest when you need to, ground yourself with warming casseroles and find some quiet time.  Plus remember this is a time when our souls want to be with those we feel most at home with!
  • Be beautifully colourful.  It is in our ancestral memories to decorate our homes and to wear the colours of the Sun!

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice is the shortest day and the least amount of natural daylight in our whole year. Soon the daylight begins to return more and more – subtle I know but it does.  I once worked with someone who, the day after the Solstice, would come into the office and announce ‘soon be Summer’!! Well … not quite (!) but we had to admire the sentiment.

And this time resonates deeply with each of us. With the growing light every day so the warmer weather will also follow.  Who doesn’t want that!

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