Are horoscopes useful?

Yes!  Well … two answers!

A true horoscope, based on your unique birth chart, will give you indications of the upcoming planetary energies. This is so very useful for making great choices as you move forwards.

The word ‘horoscope’ translates to map of the hour.  And so when we use the phrase natal or birth chart (for the map of the stars at the moment of birth) our ancestors would have called it a Horoscope.

Now we tend to see a horoscope more as reading our stars in the newspaper! .

Sun/Star sign horoscopes

The thing about about Sun/Star sign horoscopes is it makes us wonder if all Aries are the same and all Virgos are the same and all Leos (well let’s not go there as that’s my own Sun sign!). However we are all so much more when we look at the whole birth chart and what it shows us. 

The sign the Sun was in will say a lot about the essence of you and how you show up in the world … 

Your Moon sign offers a start to recognise how you feel, imagine, love …

Your Mars sign makes certain things happen …

We are so much more when we look at our whole universe of the birth chart and yet also …


The Sun as the beginning of the story of you!

Please do begin with the Sun and really immerse yourself in the unique messages from the star for you. Read your horoscopes in the newspapers as there will be a tinge of something in there for you while remembering … 

  • You have access to the whole universe of energies to choose from at every moment
  • Your birth chart shows the signs that the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Chiron were in –  giving you huge amounts of personal information
  • No-one else has the same birth chart as you and neither do they see the world in the same way as you  

and always the choices will be yours to make. 

Love Alison 

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