Is Astrology Spiritual? Does astrology tell the Future?

These questions came up in conversation recently when I was asked whether astrology is a spiritual development practice. Interesting eh!

It’s almost a ‘no no no’ and yet also a ‘yes yes yes’!

I am tending towards steering away from the term spiritual development these days as it seems to be used in a very ‘cosmic / out there’ way and that isn’t what I believe we are here to do … at least not solely.

At the moment of our birth, onto earth, the Universe formed a unique pattern of stars, planets & asteroids. That pattern will never be seen again … ever! It is yours. It is your birth chart and the map of unfolding potentials especially designed for you from your own unique perspective of living on earth.

We are here on earth to evolve and grow … in an earth based way!

And the stars offer us best possible choices of energies to use as we move forwards.

And so I see astrology as giving us information for evolving and growing our ‘self’ – holistically. The whole self which includes the spiritual and also every part of us.

And you can unlock this easily … just start by going outside and looking at the moon.  What phase is she in? New Moon = inspiration perhaps.  Full Moon = lighting something up for you …

Watch the Moon through all of her phases and there will be some insights or thoughts that appear in your imagination. And then you are in the flow of living on earth and in the Universe. Human and knowing the stars.

As always with love from Alison

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