The cycle of the Moon

Knowing about the cycle of the Moon is a useful cycle to observe just as our ancestors did!

Starting with the Dark of the Moon

Just before a New Moon dawns there is very little light in the sky. The energy is quiet and we can retreat into our deepest inner realms in order to ponder on what the next lunar cycle will unveil for us. It’s an important time for setting the stage ready for a new cycle. I’ve found that, certainly when working with groups of women during this time, the energy is both gentle yet powerful for having a intention for moving forwards. There is a sense of being grounded and in tune with the natural rhythm of the earth.

What is a New Moon?

The Sun and Moon occupy the same place in the sky at this time and so, astrologically, will be in the same sign of the zodiac. So, for instance, if the Sun is in Gemini then the Moon will also be in Gemini. And we notice the faintest of light in the sky.

As the Moon begins to move away from the Sun so the light, and the energy, increases and grows. The Moon is then in her waxing phase and that which we plant … grows!

What is a Full Moon?

This is where the Sun and the Moon are opposite each other and so the signs of the zodiac will be opposite. Taking our New Gemini moon as an example – the full moon is when the Moon is in Sagittarius (the sign opposite Gemini). The light from the Moon (reflected from the Sun) is full on brilliant maximum and so the energy is full on. If you dream a lot at this time, or find sleep patterns are disrupted, the Full Moon may well have insights for you!

After Full Moon the light, and the lunar energy, lessens/wanes as the Moon begins her journey back towards the sun again.

The lunar cycle and what to do !

When the Moon is new and the energy only just beginning to grow try to go outside and watch the sky. There is something very magical about the Universe and the connections we can make. My Grandad always turned over the coins in his pocket at a new Moon. I remember he said it was to make his money grow and this makes me smile now! A more down to earth man you would never meet … he certainly wouldn’t have known that he was working with the Laws of Attraction. Mind he was a gardener and grew vegetables for food all through the year so probably knew about bio-dynamics. (Bio-dynamics is gardening by the Moon and well worth looking for more information!)

On a Full Moon the energy is best suited to celebration of something accomplished/finished. What have you finished and will now polish and enjoy!

Love Alison

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