Your stars

The daily stars, or weekly/monthly, in your magazine will focus on your star/Sun sign – the sign of the zodiac that the Sun was in at the time of your birth. And most of us will know that! 

However this way of presenting our horoscopes has only been in mainstream media since the 1930s. And, even then, was due to a newspaper wanting to sell more in their entertainment section and looking for something new! And so Sun sign astrology was brought into the reach of everyone and, with that, came the notion of horoscopes only being about the 12 signs of the zodiac.

However we are so much more! 

So what is a horoscope really?

To properly plot an astrological chart for a moment in time (such as a birth) we need to know time, datestars and place. This gives us all of the information we need to be able to draw up a map of the stars and the planets and show which of the constellations they were in at that moment!

Think of it as if you are looking out at the Universe right now (which, of course we are!) and are able to map out exactly what is where even if it is below the horizon.

And so, at the time of birth, you arrived with all of the planets making a pattern around you. And the Sun will have been in one sign of the zodiac but we will need to plot out the birth chart in order to see which sign the other planets were in. It is just as significant to look at where the Moon was as it is to look at starsMars, Mercury and so on! All of the planets and stars making a blend of energy especially for you!

This begins to tell the story of you. From how you see the world to how you are seen. From the type of work best suited to your relationship with travel. And so much more. All of the wonderful potentials.

Please do read your daily stars as they will have a flavour for you of the day/week/month ahead. And also know that you are so much more!

Love Alison x

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