If you are new to my world you may be wondering  ‘Why Astrology & Why Alison?’!   And so I’d like to take the opportunity to begin to introduce myself and let you know how I happened to be offering astrology to you in the various ways that I do!


Who I am

I’m Alison Smith and, growing up, I didn’t believe that astrology could possibly work.  In fact I probably didn’t even give the word ‘astrology’ any thought!  If I went anywhere near horoscopes it would be as a last thing to read in a magazine or newspaper 🤣

I was born in August and that makes me a Leo … but a quieter, more shy, pupil at school you wouldn’t have seen.  I bore the brunt of others who were louder or stronger yet it didn’t put me off being curious about history or geography – I loved learning and still do!

“But you’re a Leo you should be out on stage” – I lost count of the number of times I heard that (probably in efforts to encourage me ‘out there’) and it sent me into panic mode. 

I tried!  Even joining a drama group at one point and loving the roles of wardrobe … prompt … make-up – anything but out on stage.  I did have a go at playing a main character in Aladdin but it’s a dim memory! 

Then, when I was in my twenties, I had my astrological chart drawn up and read for me by an astrologer.  My word! the picture she painted was me! Clouds parted and I have never looked back.

Where Leo is in my chart gives me, amongst other things, the gift to help others out on to the stage of their lives and to shine.  And I continue to uncover the nuances of my own chart as I work with others to help them understand their own.


Why Astrology

Our birth charts are maps of the stars based on place, time and date of birth.  And it is unique to each of us! Imagine – a magical roadmap constructed by the Universe for each individual born on earth.  Showing us our gifts, talents, challenges, characteristics and behaviour modes!  And continually unfolding in advice for us to choose whether we listen or not!

This all made so much sense that I have spent the last 3 decades working with birth charts, teaching and holding workshops and deciphering the stars for hundreds of people.

Astrology may seem complicated but it is, actually, a way of understanding your own language based on the pattern of the stars for the moment of your birth!  And then great potentials and opportunities open up for you to choose from!

I offer astrology in practical ways based on 3 decades of experience and study for you to be able to use it!   And so the “Why Astrology?” is all about gaining more information for yourself and about yourself!

Let’s get started!  Each day of the week has a planet associated with it and energy that we can make use of.

Download your copy of 7 days & 7 Ways here and begin to align yourself with each planet each day! 

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Love Alison