Myths around particular dates are created with interesting reasons and outcomes.

You will have seen dates such as 02/02/2022 receive a lot of attention! Do a quick search and the date is shown as: a portal; numerological; an energetic date etc.

22/02/2022 will, no doubt, be treated in a similar way.

If you read this after that date I’d love to know how you think 13/02/2031 will be heralded? There are, perhaps, good reasons for these particular dates standing out as the numbers have a certain symmetry. Other dates are similarly highlighted though! Let’s just consider this subject of ‘myths around particular dates’ for a moment or two!

Astrology & Numerology


MoonI’m an astrologer and watching the ways that stars move and behave offers so much information for practical use that it seems, on the whole, odd to create extra ‘dates of energy’!

Think of our Universe as having a natural rhythm. It  offers us moments when stars and planets move into different signs of the zodiac and make aspects with each other. Spectacular patterns of energy are created and all of it new and different. And so we have the option to use it, or not, in our choices!

Watch the stars and you touch base with one of our ancient arts and yet also something we have done since the birth of time!  Applying the information to use on Earth requires our attention to the movement of the energy. Look at the connection between Earth and the Stars in our Universe and astrology remains one of the most useful tools to better understand, use and make sense of, the ‘here and now’. Myths around particular dates

Will you go outside on the next clear night to stand and marvel at the moon and the stars? You will see the sheer beauty of infinity as it stretches out and remember that we are a part of that? If we make it a regular practice then being aware of the natural rhythm of our universe becomes … well … natural!

Numerology is another ancient art containing a great deal of wisdom. There is a great depth to the subject of and is far more than ‘just’ the addition of numbers.However, if we see the date of 02 (etc) as giving us a ‘1’ or a ‘2’ number, then the creative energy is to be welcomed.

Intentions & History

It is amazing when large groups of people focus great positive energy towards an intention. The Eurovision Song Contest is a case in point where large numbers of people are united in song and the world feels like a happier place. Can you think of other times? New Year’s Eve perhaps with the sense of hope …

We have a history, on our planet, of creating different calendars inSun order to make sense of our days. Although we do need to make appointments and to have a structure for our weeks and months. A diary system allows for interaction with each other and for planning. Our current Gregorian Calendar is modern but we can go way back in time to find records of the Mayans and the Aztecs also using their own calendars al-be-it in different ways.

Most calendar systems are based on a 365 day year.  And an adjustment is made every 4 years to allow for the Sun not conforming to the rule of a 24 hour day? Records go back to the Mayans adjusting their calendars. And the Moon makes no apologies for having an approximate 27/28 night cycle …

However this isn’t a debate about whether calendars are appropriate! In our life we need to bring a weekly structure into place and to know when to do certain things required of us.

Although it isn’t very far back in our ancestral memories that the phase of the moon together with the angle of the Sun were all important for our crop growing!


Question when you see so much written about different portals opening up, and closing, at specific times during a year. Where do these ‘portals’ originate and how many are there?

We’re touching on subjects to which there are no real answers and we can never know. Except if we listen to history, and to our ancestors, then we see the significant times that have been celebrated and used throughout the years.

Nature & her Wheel of the Year

My work focusses on the turning wheel of the year with the ever changing rhythms of seasons andWheel of the Year the stars. Astrology is about the maps of the stars for a moment of birth (person or event) together with what is happening in the sky now. What happens above affects below!

The eight seasons of the year (Solstices, Equinoxes and the four cross quarters) are both astrological & agricultural – they hold ancestral memories for us all. Follow the seasons and immediately we are in a natural rhythm and grace of the cycle of nature herself.

You can read more here about the Wheel of the Year.

There is special energy available to us all at a Solstice time especially the Winter Solstice. It is a profound and deeply transformational time. And we can choose to work towards the solstice through the year or through many years. This is at the heart of why I launched Shine your Magic Club membership for women preparing for, or going through, their Uranus opposition, Chiron return and/or second Saturn returns. We work with cycles and rhythms, not a series of calendar made portals, which seems to make more natural sense!

Perhaps there’s a reason though …

If a particular date or a ‘portal’ resonates with you then use it as a way of strengthening your soul purpose or your creativity. The connectionbirth may actually be a planetary aspect being activated between you and your stars.

Here is a key (!) to this subject.  We are all unique and born under a special map of the stars with numerous pathways to choose from. And we have extra-ordinary brains of which we only really understand a small amount. We’re human beings here to live our lives and to evolve as we do.

And that, really, is the magic of the one giant portal that we are already in!

As always, with love from Alison

PS – does this resonate with you?