“But I don’t know my birth time so I can’t have an astrology reading”

my birth timeOne of the questions that occasionally comes up. This is especially when I’m out and about and someone wants an astrology reading in the spur of the moment!

You absolutely can!

And it is almost always, 99.99% possible, to give you a very sound, solid and accurate reading.

The Science bit

A birth chart, horoscope, is drawn up using the place, date and time of birth. This information gives you your position when you were born – the chart is a map of the stars at any given moment. 

Your birth chart is shown with the horizon going from right to left across the centre. This is the ascendant/descendant axis and shows which planets were above the horizon at the time of the birth and which below. The chart is divided into 12 segments, or houses, and each one represents a different area where the planetary energy is expressed.

The signs of the zodiac show us how to use the energy and the houses show where. Planets and stars give the extra special information you need as an individual in order to practically use all of the gifts & talents you were born with.

All of the information helps unveil your soul pathway.


My Birth time is missing

There can be several reasons for this. Maybe parents are no longer around or disagree about the time – or perhaps an adoption is involved. Some countries (for example Scotland) record the time of birth on the birth certificate but many don’t. It’s getting better though and you may well find that there are more birth time information available now.

The birth time is important as, in the case of twins, the chart will be different when a number of minutes have passed. Thinking of twins and the differences in their charts (obviously the place of birth is the same!) the planets and stars are constantly moving.  And so the moon will be at a different degree as well as the pattern of the houses – subtle differences.

However it is mostly fine if we know the time of birth within 15/30 mins either side as it gives a great chart to work with.  There will be enough information for life lessons and soul pathway to be available for our work here on planet earth. It is just more accurate the closer we can get to birth time!  Or …

What we can do if the time really isn’t available!

There are certain ways that we can get to a more defined chart reading though even if the time is still not known.  I have three main systems to turn to!

my birth timeAsk family again if you are in contact with them. Sometimes questions which relate to times of day trigger memories … for instance had Mum just had breakfast or was it before evening meal.  Had dad just left for work or on his way home. I have seen astonishing results by using questions such as those. Even had one client told me her mother realised the birth was twilight rather than dawn!


The process of rectification –  This is where we work backwards by plotting out life events and then looking at the charts which would have given the opportunities for those changes. For instance a wedding, significant job or career promotion, house move etc. There is a lot of depth to the process and would require several sessions with quite intense work but comes up with a good chart to really work forwards with.


My MAIN recommendation if the time just isn’t available

To use the Sun-rise. I use sun-rise charts for many purposes and always where we really cannot establish a time of birth. I consider the sun-rise to hold all of the potential for the day ahead and have had great results with using those charts for horoscopes.

The moment of sunrise is magical and gives us so much information to connect in with ancestral memories. You’re possibly thinking that it is at odds with most of what I’ve said already. However that magical potential opens up more doors and gateways than you would think!

And the chart gives us the unique patterns created by the planets and stars within the signs of the zodiac for you! And so this is the option I would most likely recommend especially for soul pathway work.

It’s all natural knowledge

By watching the cycles of the moon & the stars you’re tuning into what our ancestors have done for aeons. There is so much information available even without setting a precise chart in place.

Observe the rhythms and cycles of our seasons and you are in the planetary flow that is living on planet earth!

Let me know how this resonates with you!  Each and every interaction I have with another being is special to me.

As always with love from Alison

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