A full Moon is an amazing achievement for our journey through time and space.

Think about it for a moment … the Moon has travelled halfway around our Earth and is now directly opposite the Sun. This means that whatever zodiac sign the Sun is so the Moon is in the opposite. A balance of inner and outer energy across a zodiac axis.

Plus the Moon is now reflecting as much light as she possibly can from the Sun! Full beam headlights on clarity …

I get asked many questions at this time and they usually break down to:

1) What is the message

2) What do we do

3) Does a full moon really affect us

The messages abounding at the time will vary according to how the Moon affects you however, and after so many years of watching this phenomena occur, I can put my hand on my heart and say that there will be insights … we just need to listen!

The following video explains, in just a few minutes, how to ground, align and enjoy the energy!


As to whether the full moon affects us – I believe that we are all more aware of the lunar energy than, perhaps, we realise. And, when we open ourselves to the thoughts and experiences at this time, so we begin to sense just how amazing all of the planetary energy can be!

As always, with love from Alison x

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