Most of us know our Star sign, the sign of the zodiac that the sun was in at our birth, but it’s only a recent way of looking at the stars!

Some history …

Star sign/ Sun sign horoscopes have only been around for the last 80 years or so. A newspaper published the horoscope for the birth of Princess Margaret in 1930 and, just after that, a star sign column was introduced as entertainment. Even today horoscope columns are usually to be found in a tea break section of a newspaper or the back of a magazine and are regarded as light and entertaining. And so the recognition of Sun sign astrology has become mainstream, sometimes fun, and I whole-heatedly think this is a good thing! After all most of us know our Star sign, or rather the sign of the zodiac that the sun was in when we were born, and so any extra information that we can glean from that knowledge can only be of interest … as long, of course, that the information we read and absorb is solid and helpful!  

Is it Useful?

By segmenting everyone into 12 signs of the zodiac it does give an ease to publishing advice and guidance based on what the stars in the sky offer day by day to each person. However it is only the smallest percentage imaginable of the wealth of help and energy available from the Universe.

Do the number of different sun sign horoscopes available diminish our appreciation of astrology? It may well do but I’m here to remind you of the usefulness and uniqueness of looking at an individual birth chart! 

A birth chart is a map of the stars and planets for the moment in time of that birth. By casting a chart for the time, date and place we have a unique and very special snapshot of the astrological universe at that moment.  And all of the stars and planets blend together the different energies to give an individual their characteristics, loves, values, history and potential for growth. 

What does a birth chart offer?

Where the Sun was at the moment of birth offers so much for showing character and the creative energy available and is a very worthy first point of introduction to your own personal astrology. 

The position, and phase, of the Moon at the moment of birth also tells a story about emotion, imagination, deeply held beliefs, triggers … 

Chiron, an asteroid, has an energy to remind us of our soul journey and the tasks we are here to do. 

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto also have their parts to play in the story of our arrival onto planet earth. And the positions of places such as the Nodes of the Moon and Lilith. 

So what use is it to know more about our birth charts?

There are so many different uses that would take a universe to tell. However how about just three?

  1. What field of work or career am I best suited to?
  2. How do I work through an issue which comes up time and time again around money?
  3. Do I have a soul purpose?

And so …

And in conclusion I would say begin with your Sun sign. Read about it. Watch the newspaper horoscopes for general trends of what may be being offered to you by the stars above. Take control of your moment of birth by looking at where the other planets were at that moment. Consider the aspects they made with each other to give you your uniqueness. And then see what is going on in the sky above right now at this moment … and apply it to your chart to see just what choices and potentials are there for you!

As always with love from Alison

PS – access to a short video explaining that there is no such thing as a cusp!