When we start to know more about Venus we see not only that Venus shines brightly in the sky, and often can be seen quite visibly even in daylight, but so much about the planet offers us keys to understanding more of what helps us shine.  Venus rules both Taurus (April into May) and Libra (September into October) which offers clues as to her influence for both growth and harvest. Venus loves abundance and to encourage more. However there is so much more to know about Venus!



In the mythology surrounding Venus, named for the Roman Goddess, it is said that she gave birth to Cupid who would fire his arrows and cause love between two human beings.

Her Greek equivalent is Aphrodite and both have stories of love, beauty and passion.  This image is from the birth of Venus as symbolised by Botticelli and it is stunning in the depth of symbolism and colour.  I mention colour as the colours of pink and green symbolise Venus energy.

And so, If we think about how Venus shines brightly in the sky, we also then apply it to our birth charts to see where, or how, we expect to shine in the world. She will show us what we love and how we approach art and music. And, if setting up a business chart I would also look to see how best to use the Venus energy to make sure your business shines too!  Especially as Venus also symbolises the growth of money as well as the beauty, love, abundance, greenery, growth and harvest. Think how much that helps us all as we move through our lives! And then consider your business as at the heart of a union with … you.

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Venus rules the Friday in our ‘days of the week’ and it is interesting to see her influence. That Friday feeling of catching up with friends, planning a great meal, enjoying the prospect of a weekend ahead – all of those (and more) put us into a space of feeling inspired or happy.


And so, as you go about your day, whether Friday or another day, look at where your attention falls for the beauty in life. Nature is truly abundant and has much to teach us. And watch the stars for a sense of just how close their starlight is to us.

As always, with love from Alison x

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